House Dance Tutorial - Twister

House Dance Tutorial – Twister

Hey there! In the video, this move is labeled as “Kerry Step.” After this video was uploaded, I was approached by a dance elder who informed me that this move already had a name. In Colombian Salsa, it’s called the “Twister.” Kerry told me in the beginning that this move was influenced by Colombian Salsa, so I take full responsibility for naming it “Kerry Step” despite that knowledge. I hope this clears up any confusion. For more videos by Kerry, check out her YouTube channel:

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29 thoughts on “House Dance Tutorial – Twister

  1. Thanks both of you for this video! You both are so good, and I appreciate you calling it the Kerry Step! She clearly OWNS this dance, regardless it’s origin, creator, culture….once I practice, perfect, and own it… I’m gonna call it the “Colombian KJ Step” (for Kerry and Jardy)

  2. It is awesome. I realy love to the way u r teaching ❤❤❤ please please keep uploading this kind of stuff..❤

  3. Can anyone explain to me why her shuffle step looks SO DOPE in the beginning dance before the lesson. Is she tapping the heel? What's going on. I love that smoothness.

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