Here come the girls - Clique: Episode 1 - BBC Three

Here come the girls – Clique: Episode 1 – BBC Three

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32 thoughts on “Here come the girls – Clique: Episode 1 – BBC Three

  1. And then she refers to Roberto Saviano!!!!
    It is true that British banks became rich by money laundering … but of a German????
    What about Saudi, Columbian, Chinese, Greek and Russian pimps, mafiosis, tax evaders, etc. residing in London???
    And "the professor" didn't have a clue? Seriously????

  2. A lot of beautiful young people. But no common sense.
    – A European (elite) university where students are only interested in sex and clothes.

    – A pseudo-feminist critizes feminism. With what purpose?

    – A professor provides the company of her brother with young women. What for? Is he, in reality, running an Escort Service?
    – Extremely young people can't stop worrying about their "careers" but who ever would let a babyface (without any professional training) run "an account"?
    – A (German) villain (while it does not become clear what actually makes him "the monster". Having a German name? Being thirty years older than the others? Running an international brothel service???

    If this is young Britain, you do not wonder …

  3. I can't wait for Season 2! I miss the girls, and I am so looking forward as to why Holly visited Rachel! Those two delivered a terrific performance on the last episode.

  4. Can some one tell me the name of the song from 20:22 in the 3rd Episode (the club scene) . I read somewhere that it was Borotov – Paco (original mix) but I belive they must be mistaken.

  5. It reminds me of EastEnders Bex and Louise and her new mates and Corrie's Bethany it seems there's a lot of this stuff in drama lately

  6. Running man – Felix Da house cat was on the 2nd Episdoe where Elizabeth explained who the girls in the clique were.

    and Kate Bush – running up that hill was the one in the 3rd Episode.

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