HAY DAY - Hacks, Cheats, Free Diamonds, Bots | The TRUTH!

HAY DAY – Hacks, Cheats, Free Diamonds, Bots | The TRUTH!

In this video I talk about Hay Day Hacks, Hay Day Cheats, Free diamonds, Free coins, Bots, hay day mod, hay day hack 2017, ect – and the TRUTH about Hay Day Hacks!
All of these things are very common in Hay Day, and their are many videos, players and comments promoting these very things. I with to address the issue of them and provide some clarity to help you understand them better. I want the truth to get out amongst the Hay Day community, so everyone can hear this important message. I want every Hay Day player to know exactly what they are dealing with when it comes to the things mentioned above. I want all Hay Day players to have great knowledge of this very crucial topic so that they can tell other Hay Day players about this message. As much as I hope you enjoy the video, I also hope you learn a lot from it so that you can know the truth of hacks, cheats, bots and more.

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Hay Day is an awesome farming game!

The awesome creators of Hay Day!

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what is up everybody this is super sight and welcome back to another video of hay day now this is not a word of course it's always gameplay videos but this is not just gameplay this video has a whole lot of information and I'm going to be talking about the topic of bots hackers and are you know getting like a nein nein nein nein nein nein nein diamonds and coins and unlimited coins and this video is going to be all about those topics as there's much to discuss about them and so I will be going over those issues because of those of you oh I'll do the Wheel of Fortune those of you who watch my our last video I will not all yes I got a jackpot that is awesome those of you who watched my last video will know how is this going to be a second jackpot almost anyway we got there right so are we happy with that are the last video I came across a bot and I got it on record so be sure to check out my last video to see see that the bots it got recording of it and I'm going to be getting more recording of of the bots this video and I'm also going to be talking about our hacking BOTS and the truth behind it all because it's a very interesting topic and there's many people to have many different well but basically these two bots there's the people that say that bots should be loud and a fine and the people that say bots are not allowed and not fine so I'm just going to be going in and talking a little bit about bot also we'll be going over our super selves our fair play policy for heyday so hopefully that's interesting so yeah this video will be a lot about that kind of stuff right so I will start by selling off all this stuff I normally sell off because it is it's still like a regular kind of video I just have stuff that I want to get rid of like so and I'll still have to get all these going and I'll get right and then I'll come over here and I'll get that going like so right and then we'll get the cakes going and how much what sugar do we have we have one right so we are going to need some more white sugar and we'll come over here and we can do some pancakes over here which is good okay getting the pancakes going oh right so missed that there we go so pancakes going there also put some of those on checking over here though right haven't got that okay now we can do the tomatoes right so we got the tomatoes and our next boat has arrived all we got nails that's awesome right so I am going to go with a lot of corner just so I can get everything going in the meantime right so we got that and then we got I will put some bread on we'll get some of these going right so there we go got that going and we got enough of those no and then we have the sheet which we have enough of the sheep feed for to immediately refeed all of these awesome okay they're good and then we're going to need some our cow feed over here to get these ones right actually what I'll do is I'll get these here art right so I'm going to need some more of that oh and then I can check through here see if there's any good things right no not so and I'll come over here now I can sell off sex chart wait no actually I want to get some wheat first right so actually I'll go straight to the bot which I found our last video and sometimes it's been active since so hopefully it's still active in there right so there it goes it's leveled up since last video and right so as you can see it is called v TX z m WG now currently it's got nothing in there and I hope that during this video it will put something in there it's got the wheat think growing it has got right art so it's got the D our bakery going that's a good sign that means it will hopefully be active right and so then we can show I can show you in this video it being active right so are we need because we want to get some chicken feed going right so we're going to need some corn okay I'm just thinking of what we can do okay I actually I'll just go ahead and I'll get I'll get that going like so and then I'll get some of these put that in there because we want to get chicken feed going if possible and then we'll go ahead and we'll get rid of all the stuff we don't need I have upgrade of my barn and silo R since my solo just my barn so I have got some more free space which is really nice to have it's really good having lots of free space and then I I don't want to I want to get our chicken feet going in here right so then I'll just okay so I'll just start talking about the video I have written down are some quotes it's like part of the policy the Fairplay policy which is online are super sell the heyday team has kind of put it up and so I'll put the description well the link in my description so you can go check it out but anyway the thing is in this video is all about bots so bots what a bot bots are like computer programmers that like the like artificial heyday players so it's not a real heyday player it's an automatic while it's a computer program that's automatically playing for the player now I'm not sure how smart the bots are but the mean the most common bot which you'd probably have heard of is the bots that are automatically continuously harvest wheat and then sell it and continuously plant and harvest wheat getting sorts like continuous wheat in they get loads and loads of tools and then they are just selling it all off so they get up level really quickly and it's really beneficial for them to do that right so this happens to be about here currently it hasn't got stuff for sale hopefully it will start putting stuff up so I can show you and then it will just automatically just keep continuously growing our wheat and selling we just and then making lots of coins now I personally opposed bots or hacking or any kind of that any debt that stuff in general I think is totally wrong and shouldn't be allowed in Haiti or any other game for that matter so like all super cell and super cell does a very good job of trying to prevent it they put in lots of good measures and have a great system of trying to deter it and if people do do it that are great system of like kind of banning the players that do it which i think is very necessary and very good of supercell to do so very spot responsible because then it makes the game a whole lot of fun for the actual players plan so just to prove that our supercell has a very anti hacking and BOTS position I'll read you some of the stuff that I've directly put on the website under the Fairplay policy so I'm reading these and it's quoted right so quote we do not tolerate cheating or fraudulent behavior it is strictly prohibited by supercells Terms of Service okay so that's one of them another quote we consider bot and mod use cheating so like ah so like it's saying bots in mods that they consider that cheating it's because they say we consider and then in quotes bot and and then in quotes in mod use cheating so they're basically saying that BOTS and mods are cheating and that they said that they do not tolerate cheating therefore you're not a cheat they also say quote trying to gain unfair advantage by using prohibited third-party software can lead to permanent ban of any offending accounts so that's saying that if you and third were third party it's like for it's like programming stuff that that you use like it's ads like for example that a program that's not theirs and you're using it on your either computer BlueStacks or just an iOS program that's interfering with the the hayday program or server or whatever and doing stuff so that's third-party software and it's saying that you do not use that if you use that and that they can detect they can detect a lot of if you're using it they can often detect that they say if they catch you using it they're probably going to permanently ban you they can also do things like they don't always go straight to AB and they are sometimes just revoke your coins that you illegally are well against the Terms of Service it's kind of hacked or modded into the game they can give you a temporary ban or they can ban you permanently and so if you get banned permanently they say there's no negotiation you're banned permanently and so you can't discuss that so that is one of the things that they have in place right so another right so third-party software includes I didn't put this in quotes I'm not sure why I've written it down third-party software includes oh yeah number-one hacks which is like other mods which I'm talking about and programs that unfairly alter game functionality right and so then it says but another thing that the third-party software includes is BOTS or game play automatic services or scripts any other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress that saying if you if the bot gets you coins or will get you any unknown progress that is against the Terms of Service and they do not want that happening so you might be asking what so what is it why does it weigh my making a video of it well this is just part of it well part of it is I disagree without using it and I think it should absolutely be stopped it's just like whether the Terms of Service against it or not that's of course that's very part of the point but the thing is you just don't there's just wrong it's like you can't just play hey and expect to just cheat your way through it that's just not how the game works and then it's really unfair on other players in that and so that's one of the things also selling by others and quotes selling buying sharing or giving game accounts to another player is against our Terms of Service and never endorsed by supercell so what that's saying is that you're not allowed to like trade or sell account alive cause Ian sell products in the game that's totally different I'm doing about an account so if I went up to someone on on a whim eBay or something and see it I'll sell you my level 32 account called super site HD YouTube with the player tag of this and then I'll sell it to you you are not allowed to do that now there are a few reasons but one of the main reasons is its well a big reason I'm not saying this is the main reason just I think it's a big reason it's very dangerous selling accounts there are a lot of people if you owe Albine it an account if you buy account of someone you never actually gain full control of it they can do we'll whole heap of bad stuff to you and your account they can keep using the account they can sell it to another person so do do not buy an account it's very dangerous to do that and selling accounts well likewise just you don't want to sell accounts yeah yes whether you stop playing Haiti or not you can't sell your account that is against heydays Terms of Service and it's a lot around the danger thing of like our people then do bad stuff to your account or its gets a whole gets really messy and so it's it's absolutely fair enough that you can't buy and sell account the the buying part is definitely for your protection but so that you don't get burned out from buying account that you never even get control of that is part of the vine thing I would say all right now you might have is that that now there's a very important part of it you might notice that I like in the get comments of YouTube and sometimes even in your game share this is especially true with clash of Clan well for the for the end the chat clash of clans in clash royale have a big problem with this and you often have players coming around and saying get unlimited in flesh your clans elixir or gold and then hey it's gold or diamonds yet 909 demons or unlimited hack or free diamonds in that these are false do not click on them do not touch them they are very dangerous because that they often there's a whole lot of them advertising saying come get unlimited diamonds I don't I don't know if they work most of them don't work most of them are just people out there to try and get your details and our quote from the supercell all these dudes are trying to trick players into sharing personal data like your email account and password and it's very true I'm not sure if any of them actually do work I've never tried them possibly one or two of them do work I would not know but the vast majority of them are absolutely are just out to catch you and steal your information they'll be like I'll give us your I don't know maybe Facebook password or email or Game Center password or email I'm not sure if the game cinder ones relevant anymore but either way never click on the links all they're going to do is they're going to scam you then going to get away with your details they can lock you out of your okay well I don't know the full surrounding but they can do a lot of damage to you and if you give them other important details never give them personal details or sensitive information they are out there to scam you although it might seem really tempting that you can be like oh if I just click on that then I'll get all this progress in that please do not do what the truth is that they are not genuine like even if they were genuine it's against their our Terms of Service and it's cheating but the fact is most imagine you're and and they're just scammers trying to get your it gets steal your account steal your real money if you give them a bank details you know like to some people like it's just do not do it it's very very important that you don't do it although it sounds tempting and although you just love to just get a holy be stuff for free it's not worth it right so here we go here's the bot right so if I tap this it immediately he immediately continuously if I do this he'll just keep doing that immediately replacing them that last time he didn't but those as you saw from with the other stuff he was just immediately constantly replacing it almost instantly there's no possible way a human could could do it that quickly which means it's obviously a bot but that there was a bot oh all this guy's good sorry I'll just get some stuff okay yep Barry Drew's people love beer juice wait I don't know why I still have him some room why didn't that work okay oh oh yes yes yeah okay right so I checked the apples okay and the apples gone oh oh nevermind so that is a very very important thing and another great thing are that that and heyday was absolutely right and saying this they see well it's true a real super cell employee will never ask for your password and so never give anyone your passwords it's a common scam for the hard scammer to say oh I'm a super cell employee please give me a password I'll fix your account that is not true please totally avoid them they're in you might be saying like why am I making this video first of all it's to warn if to warn you guys all the dangers of these things you might be saying oh well I would never be that silly to click on one well think about it obviously there are people that are doing it because if people weren't doing it then those links wouldn't be there the reason why people continuously post links like she got this unlimited diamonds thing is because people are doing it if no one did it then it wouldn't work so they would stop but obviously some people do it and and it's disastrous consequences and that they might get a count banned they might lose their account there's a ton of dangers out there that you don't want to fall onto so I'm warning you and saying please don't tap on them now I'm sure you've probably seen some of the the bot videos are there they're like bot videos and HEK videos coming out about hay day I find all the time like literally you go on YouTube there's just video upon video coming out I think these videos should be banned I think they are well since they against our supercells Terms of Service I don't think they're allowed to be on YouTube and so you could report them in there I don't have just seen a couple of them but I don't watch them in that it's just there there are lots of videos out there promising that they can hack your account or or they can give your whole butt stuff but you don't want your account hacked you don't want people interfering with you account it just adds bad fit for you you have this big danger of losing a ton of stuff and on top of that even if they did hack your account and give you coins then supercells just going to see that and probably at minimum take away the coins and it worse they'll burn your account and they'll just and then you'll be like how come you bear my account that's so unfair and be like you should have listened to our Terms of Service and I agree with supercell on this and you might be saying oh what's the point of view supersite hey making a video less like hardly anyone watches it and then well there may be true but hopefully in the future are this video gets a gets out to a ton of people that this video doesn't even need to get likes or subscribers the main thing is it gets viewed because this here is it's telling you the dangers and I you all know the dangers of them and of course they're the bots look cool in that but in reality those but you know you might say oh that's so cool it's a bot in reality that's just that that's not good for you having BOTS like this it's not good for you even even having those bots around it's bad for you the selling all the stuff in the market it's hard to compete you just don't want BOTS around they're not good at all and so this video is a lot about BOTS and a lot about robots and hacking in that and all those those players that claim they can hack your account and all those links and the comments with hay day not that many people come round into your actual neighborhood Shatan and give you a link but certainly in the YouTube comments even on my videos well actually I haven't had any on my videos yet but I've definitely seen tons of those links on other players on other hater youtubers videos I'm not an anywhere suggesting that that's their heyday youtubers fault people just as likely I'll leave those links on my videos as they are other had a youtubers if I see one of those links pop up I will absolutely just get rid of it I will delete that comment and I don't want anyone coming in all my videos these links that are dangerous and as another this just can so many dangers just so so many dangers are that around it like that you can get if you go onto those websites where they trying to get your stuff well get your details so they can give you more coins that on those websites lots of them have viruses lots of them have malware and lots of different dangerous things you just totally want to avoid it and not only because it's bad to do but the fact that it's probably it's going to just no matter what you do it's going to end up bad let's say you found one that wasn't going to give you a virus lid so you finally got those 999 coins which I don't think anyone really does you're just going to get lose the coins and possibly get a banned account anyway and then the worst is that you go on you give away your details though fraud you they'll take your eye they'll get though take your details and all that kind of stuff and they'll do a ton of bad stuff to your account and if you give them important details like bank details or or credit card details that's that's disastrous they cannot just use it Vader they can use it for ton of other stuff but even if you give them the heyday details it's still very bad and will only lead to bad things happening so that is my warning that I really want to get out I really want people to know that the dangers of of that happening it's a very very serious issue because lots of people are coming I don't want any any of you watching this video any person that actually genuinely loves playing hay day to lose your account and so by following the Terms of Service and just being careful and general will save you from from losing your account or coming into troubles which people that people that just get tempted to try and level up quicker well get lots of coins quick and gets lots of diamonds quicker they just fall under big danger and and it is just not good for them and so there is that is like mainly it about what I have to say about it um it will in regards to the bots and their hacking I don't know much about it I just know there's different ways that players do it they they just try different methods more innovative methods that try for them hopefully a go under undetected by supercell but ultimately our supercell is going to find you if you do it and they are going to take away your coins at minimum and possibly ban you from playing heyday and so it's not worth that it's not worth your time and it's not worth your heyday account so I certainly wouldn't recommend doing it and for all of those of you who would never intend and doing that I just wanted to warn you about clicking on those heyday links that claim that they can give you a lot of things I just don't even bother checking them out because that is just as dangerous even going on most of those websites that are advertising it so don't do that and so I am absolutely opposed to hacking and I think it's absolutely great every anti hacking program that had a put Senn I am so happy to see that going I'd love to have it I'd love to have heyday that has absolutely no BOTS absolutely no hackers everyone that's playing is genuine I'd love to see this play a band although it's like whoa I found a bot in reality that is not good at the fact that I'm finding that I'm that I've found a bot that's that's a very bad bad sign although although BOTS seem cool when you let all that so awesome about does it and sure maybe well yeah I would been I'll admit it's quite cool that people were ads clever that people have invented machines that automatically harvest the thing but that the point is not the fact that it's clever but in reality the real thing is it's against Hades terms and services and for all us genuine players as just straight-out unfair that some people would just create computer programs that get them everything they want and then we're just like trying as hard as we can to compete and it's just it's not fair because for example that are that bread that I bought off the bread that I buy off that BOTS and the Exeter at for example now that I've got that bread for one coin because it was selling everything for one coin now it means I actually I'm not going to need a bio brute of someone else so one of you viewers that are trying to sell bread I'll be like I know things I don't want your bread I've already found some and so then you're missing out say it like ways for example I'm sure many of you will end up at some point in the game buying stuff on a bot whether you know it or not and then it will mean that you probably for example if you need a 10 bread and you bought 10 bread off a bot you're not going to go to another farm and another farmer and buy a bread and then that farmer can't sell the bread or can't sell whatever because you and I'm not I'm not saying it's your fault I'm just saying it's really unfair on us on all the genuine players to be competing against these BOTS that are just continuously producing stuff and selling it for like cheaper prices it's not good and just hacking in general in any game is just wrong and it makes it unfair and it makes it unpleasant and supercell was clearly highlighted that they want a comfortable fun fair environment and so I think it's absolutely great that they've created a Fairplay policy sort of some state in that which as I said before I'll be putting in the description good on you super cell for trying to tackle this problem they they absolutely understand the problem of it and I want to be one of those hater youtubers that are absolutely stands with supercell on this issue this is an issue that is very important to me I absolutely want to see a total hack free total bot free heyday in any supercell game for that matter any gaming bit but I I'm big fan of supercell I love the company I love the ideas they have and everything supercell does I read lots of articles about supercell and are there how they work out ideas and how the different teams function and they've got a very different method of doing stuff to that of most gaming companies and so I'm a big fan of supercell and I'm so glad to the commitment to try and stop the hacking and the boshin that is something that's very valued valuable to me as I'm sure you know from me making this video but as well as saying how grateful I am to superself tackling the problem as well as they can I absolutely wanted to warn you of the truth of those hacking those hacking bot things are and all the people putting links and description well as comments and on Facebook you might see a few Commons you even have people come as I said before in to your neighborhood chat don't check out the links and if you see them as comments be bit more than welcome to report those comments don't don't report anything that's not that this isn't wrong I'm just talking about links that are absolutely clear saying get 9999 diamonds are by clicking on this link obvious ones like that I recommend that you report them and if enough of us stand strong on this issue and say we want it resolved mate well since uh I absolutely am so happy with supercell for spending the amount of time they're doing it and so we want to I want to show and I want as many people of you to show support for supercell and say thank you so much we really appreciate you getting rid of these BOTS and hackers and all this unfair stuff happening in heyday and I'm so glad that they are tackling the issue but I also wanted you guys to know the truth about those links they are not genuine and you might say and sort sure people will claim oh yeah look what I got from this and and look how beneficial I am don't believe them probably most probably the line if they say I've got 99999 diamonds or whatever and they're just trying to scam you they're just trying to get your details never give details to those players if they come into your neighborhood chat and never click on those links on YouTube or Facebook or any other where you see those things make sure to report them if you want to if you if you yeah if you don't really care about it don't just don't click on it anyway but that you don't have to report them as just a good thing if lots of people report them right so that is basically it for the information I will go back and check out the bots of course I'm not going to deny I think that what the bots do it's really clever and it's quite cool but that's not the point the point is it's wrong and they're not allowed to do there and it's an unfair advantage and it's against supercells terms and term Terms of Service yeah that's the one and so it's an issue that I really want to tackle and hopefully if enough of us encourage a supercell and I'm not sure how we can completely eradicate the problem I don't know if it will ever be completely eradicated but if enough of us try then we at least have a hope of saying we don't want these BOTS we don't want these hackers and and if enough of us refuse to click on those links or stuff like that then maybe we'll start to see their problems slowly are vanishing and disappearing and getting more minimal because none of us are going to be going and falling for their deceitful tricks to get us to click on those links was just a totally false and bad so yeah that is basically what I had to say on the video in other videos I'm sure if I have more thoughts about the issue I'll be sure to say them but I wanted to make a whole video dedicated to the truth about it and the danger poses and I wanted to let you guys know about how I feel about the issue and also I wanted to warn you about the dangers of those links it's lots of people don't realize it lots of people were very naive about it and a lot of especially since there's lots of young players are often click on those links thing in all that so core will be able to live work quickly and then before they know it they lose their account they lose a whole bit stuff and I really hope that they never give away any credit card details or bank details because that is that's far more disastrous but losing your heyday account is very sad and you certainly wouldn't want to lose it to them and you wouldn't want to bend or anything you don't want a black marks or red marks strike strikes against you you don't want that you want a totally clean account and so you don't want to have anything associated with or train scene trying to do dodgy things supercell can see those things I'm not sure to what level and I'm not sure how smart the bots are getting certain bots are smarter than others but supercell is also getting smarter with their detection methods I'm sure and developing them so they can detect you more and more easily and then it's it's good because then they'll be catching more and more bots in there and it will discourage players from creating BOTS and discourage players from hacking the game because they'll just get banned accounts so there'll be no point anyway so yeah there is basically eight I keep saying that but then I always think of something else cuz it's such an interesting issue ya got a mallet I I think I'm happy I'm starting to get good at talking and the video while I'm playing I had this sort of pause when I read the quotes because I hadn't memorized the quite well quotes like like statements that they had on their website but like with some of the stuff of course I just try and talk now while playing the video and I hope I'm getting better at it I feel like I'm getting better at it and that's good because then I can be playing wow you guys are listening so yeah I'm happy with that right so I'm gonna go cheeky uh the almost them how it is pronounced and they said almost a rather than almost uh it's almost a so almost a I'm at almost dazed farm obviously well they only appear to have wheat sadly sometimes they have other stuff which is good right and then we'll come over here and we're waiting for someone about the corn Alps someone helped me with that thank you actually it's a no thank you I don't really want your filling them alright now think about it I shouldn't be doing those because we were going to help me with those I definitely should be doing the creams because no one really wants to help with the cream or the sugar or the butter or sometimes the cheese once people don't wanna see us sorry when you advertise you want to be advertising ones what I mean by advertise are doing the help thing you want to be asking for help with creams and sugars if possible I never do products so unless of course they've got all products I mean sorry not products I mean anything from the silo anything that is held in the silo don't do help with because most people are more than happy to help with those things do like ones that are hard to get especially cream and butter and brown sugar white sugar things like that syrup cheese people don't want to help with those and so you don't want help you want people to buy up your stuff and so you want their advert to stand right so they know do this I think I'll do a wheat one and so now I've got a wheat one and thus I've got two adverts and it's kind of good kind of bad good in the fact that yeah I've got two one but better than the fact that I got two two and my first thought hadn't sold anyway right and then will come through and we'll start harvesting this lot again and so I'm so looking forward to upgrading my barn again I'm always looking forward to that same with my silo oh and also as I write I'll just okay I want some more wheat oh right there we go in you know get some more weight like so okay so more and more and more wheat and then that that's kind of like full okay so I unlocked my fourth fishing slot i watch am going to be this one here it costs four of each for melet's for microstates and four deeds so that was quite cool because my barn had been upgraded I had lots of space it is so nice to have more space like for the first few minutes after I've upgraded it's like I've got lots of space and then a few minutes later on lat oh wow I'm full again and it says yeah it seems to fill up quite quickly right so I'm always trying to sell off things like that and that all the things I don't need excess bacon excess milk if have got this in production and also that right there okay and then we'll do that and in the yeah okay right yeah people buying stuff awesome thank you pal thank you for buying there there's awesome I love people buy my stuff it's really really useful and then I'll just go and check on that bot once more and see whether at to up to or what the doing at the moment right so there we go we are slowly getting rid of our wheat which is good and then we'll be able to grow some more alright so they did buy the advert but I'm still pretty happy because they bought up all the other stuff as well so that we'll do a big decrease and all the stuff we have right so that's decreased it and then we'll come over here we'll have us that there and then that yeah we got some panels awesome it's awesome to get stuff right and we'll go check out this but once more I will continue following them and see what happens they might end up getting banned they've leveled up since yesterday right so currently they haven't got anything but you did see earlier in the video how I was tapping and it was immediately been replaced I will wait a little bit longer I see an interesting interesting how although it's stopped now don't know what stop but interesting how the bakery continues going and that will be because since its wheat and that only produces wheat only uses wheat then that the bot will be able to do that obviously being programmed to do that but since the bot hasn't been programmed to like buy stuff in the market when it needs it that's why that other stuff isn't producing buttons it's just doing wheat it can continuously keep that going as you can see it hasn't got animals but since it's not probably smart enough to feed animals then there's no point having them but I don't know why they bought all the pins and there anyway but it is interesting I've seen how they function and you learn a bit from how they program I'm sure this is like some really smart ones that do bite well I don't know there would be have to be a very smartly programmed one but I'm sure they exist that do buy this stuff and feed them and all that but I really do hope that this video more than anything are you learn front some stuff from it you you learn about the dangers of those links and how it's fun more dangerous than just I will check it out it's really really bad and so I definitely absolutely advise you to stay away from those links and also how wrong the bots are and the hacks are and how we want to try and do everything we can to try and prevent them and absolutely encourage supercell and congratulate them on doing a good job every time that they stop these bots so actually be happy if that bot that I'm following gets banned that will be absolutely awesome I'll be like yeah that will be very very good and so yes I hope you learn something from this video I've tried my best to make it as interesting as possible I'll just go and through and get those and I hope some of supercells policy statements will make you think about that like well you obviously didn't know their position on it but also you just know about the the risks of it and you'll know about all that kind of stuff that I talked about in the video right so that will do and I'll wrap it up right there I really hope you enjoyed the video please share this video more than anything I want this video to get views because people viewing it is very very important because I want the message to get out this is more than just like well okay he's regressing we this is more than just like a video it's it is just a video but the point is this video has a really important message that I want to get out to as many players as possible so then people won't fall for the trap and they'll also start to understand that the danger is clicking on those links though they'll understand why the bots are really unfair so I hope you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching this has been super sight and remember to make coins faster than honey bees make honey

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  1. Guys what is a hay day gamer tag? And how do I figure out mine? I know my farm name but where would I find my gamer tag…

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  3. If you look up the names of the channels that posted those links, the channels will come up. They must be hacked into and the hacker makes the post.

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