Hardcore Heels Dance Tutorial (Beginner) with Rebecca Zamolo, Rosanna Pansino & the Merrell Twins!

Hardcore Heels Dance Tutorial (Beginner) with Rebecca Zamolo, Rosanna Pansino & the Merrell Twins!

Recently I’ve been taking heels dance classes and I’ve been feeling SOOOO empowered and confident afterwards! Seriously…when you let your inner sassy beast out, you feel so invincible, powerful, and sexy! You don’t have to be a dancer, you just have to like to move your body, which I already know you do!

I wanted to try choreographing my own routine so I invited my friends over so I could teach them…and YOU!! Today I’m going to teach you a beginner’s heels routine to “Do you really wanna be in love” by Frigga.

All you need is a pair of high heels – but make sure they are either boots, caged, or strapped in so you don’t fall. You can totally try this routine barefoot too. In fact, it might be better to try it barefoot before you put on your heels!

I hope you enjoy this routine. Let me know if you like it and want more!

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I got our skeleton leotards and tights from Amazon! They are 2 separate pieces!

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48 thoughts on “Hardcore Heels Dance Tutorial (Beginner) with Rebecca Zamolo, Rosanna Pansino & the Merrell Twins!

  1. I hope you guys enjoy this fun dance tutorial! I've recently found so much confidence in dance and I wanted to share it with you. Dance is a fantastic cardio workout that doesn't even feel like working out. Blogilates has always been about exploring the joy in movement, so I hope you decide to take a chance and make a choice to adventure out of your comfort zone today! Trust me – you will feel like a sassy fire goddess after you finish this video. It is amazing!!! ENJOY!!!

  2. You should try pole dancing!! It incorporates this type of dance along with a lot of strength and resistance training from lifting your body weight.

  3. I was REALLY REALLY VERY surprised, because I have never seen y’all, NONE OF YOU ever dance so smexy like this Nahm shain? But all of you did good girls I was just so surprised I was like omg 😱 😳 😆 I was so surprised, but other than that y’all did amazing! Keep up the good work girls yay! 😁

  4. First ever dance tutorial that i haven't followed because i'm enjoying the content too much to do anything. That's our cinnamon roll!!

  5. The fact that all of them are family friendly youtubers and they dance “sexy”. Roni, Nessa, Ro, And Rebecca will still be my favorite youtubers! They always will!

  6. Just tried this for the first time wearing my tennis shoes! Maybe next time I'll work up to wearing my 1/2 inch heeled boots! Lol!!

  7. for me this video might as well be called 'how to fall flat on your face in the name of dance,'. kudos to Cassey for making this video because dancing is a struggle guys!

  8. My knees(too much sport will do this to ya) won't allow me to do half of that, but otherwise would totally try, looks good!

  9. More videos like this one please! I just did it for the first time and I'm feeling more motivated than ever to commit to a fitness routine! Thank you for putting this together!

  10. I llllllllllllooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee it ssssssssoooooooo much i llllllllooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee yyyyyyyyooooouuuuuu

  11. Just finished this workout (barefoot) and it’s so fun, but I look RIDICULOUS because I’m 8 months pregnant! 🤰🏼🤪 LOL Can’t wait to come back post baby and try with the heels 👠

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