Hannah Brown Gives Bachelor Peter Weber Advice Ahead of His Premiere (Exclusive)

Hannah Brown Gives Bachelor Peter Weber Advice Ahead of His Premiere (Exclusive)

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with Hannah Brown and her ‘DWTS’ partner Alan Bersten moments after week ten eliminations.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

you guys there's a lot to talk about first of all what a night to be in the ballroom Hannah your face when they announce James was being sent home what's going through you guys is mine because you and James were these two frontrunners from the start I feel like James has just been amazing the whole time he's not just amazing on the dance where he's an amazing human and he's been he was when we met and Good Morning America he came up to me and just I didn't know him yet he just like can I give you a hug because I feel like you need a hug he's like I watched your season for the first time and it was just I don't know I just from then on I just thought of him as like a father figure and this whole thing and he would always just encouraging when I would be my crazy self and so to see him go it was really upsetting because he's been a big part of my journey as well and it was but it was nice to be able to know that I now have a relationship with him to be able to give him that hug that he gave me and so I'm gonna miss him a lot we we spent every day together and which we did show ends healthy and we were permanent homes we just yeah it's there James and I love James that ever have such a good energy that they literally whenever he ever get into a little problem they're like oh you guys are father figure to me that's what I was kind of wondering is if you pictured you two in it together at the end and this has to be shocking I feel like we had our own team name I thought like us for because yeah Allen Allen Bama yeah because we just really connected with each other and each other through the whole thing so yeah I did I thought I thought for sure he was the front-runner three he'd never been in the bottom two yeah by the way though I got to tell you you are now in the finals and you've never been in the bottom we can't even be in the bottom two that's guys that's honestly because of oh my gosh guys seriously I have the best fans and I'm like I need to look in the camera because I anything that I've done I have had so much support so much love and I feel it and I see it and it's just been so incredible that I know I can count on my fans and we've been through a lot together so this is a big celebration not just for me not just for Allen not just for us as a team but for everybody I mean we saw some of that tonight too there were tears there was so much you you came to cariann and you said I want to kind of clarify this why was that important for you it was it seeing the package and then making sure you wanted to be understood properly yeah absolutely I think you only see two minutes and I'm very aware of this like when things get your life kind of gets cut down and I was very emotional that day it was the first time we had done our contemporary contemporary knew the story behind it started allowing those emotions to come into practice in like a real way and it was hard to have cameras and to even take any criticism at that point and I want to get better and I want to improve and it's not the criticism that like upset me it was more just the day and I think it's okay because I'm human she just unfortunately had to come in at the wrong time didn't have to do that and so I just wanted her to know and that her critiques her help is really important for me to get better and better and I appreciate that it's just okay you said a weight had been lifted off you when you did that dance tonight so does it feel like finally those those X's are fully behind you the weight is off yeah I feel like when you kind of put yourself out the way I did so it's really Bo and it gets brought up all the time and you know you want to move forward we want to get past it and I feel like that dance was a way for me to from in my heart and myself to be like this is gone and now it's me and I think moving forward you know I'm always going to be asked about my experience and the men that were there but it's like this was a way for me not just for myself but for the rest of America that's watching my journey to know that like I'm good and I am okay because all that needs to be put behind so that I could become an empowered woman that gets to me my story so yeah you know what I did kind of love Peters first promo came out did you see it the windmills in it like I said I will always be asked to go yeah it's just I guess I'm I don't know that was a memorable moment I think for everyone so I do have to ask you look he's we know he's rapping filming up now what advice would you give him as things wind down what advice would you pass on what questions should he be asking those final women god that's really hard for me to give I think it's just taking those moment to really get to know the person without the cameras and to make sure that you're really vulnerable and honest with each other just because it's the show is in your ended your life is still start starting and to really get to know like what you're you're in and be able to make confident decisions for yourself moving forward too just because the show ends doesn't mean that's the ending you really need to understand what your relationship is and I hope that his is a fairy tale and something that he's always been looking for last question for you guys how will you attack the finals Allen I think you were shirtless all night will you be shirtless next week just shake it up I might put a shirt on who knows might rip it off yeah I'm really excited for the free styles it's gonna be amazing it's like a continuation of a celebration of me yeah it's gonna be a huge celebration to make the finals is honestly a winner so I just want to enjoy this weekend make it as memorable as possible you may be the only person to ever not be in the final two and make the finals it's the worst

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  1. Who cares about peter Webber . He’ll be the most boring bachelor!!! Same old questions Poor Alan I would have walked away.

  2. Hannah can be annoyed all she wants, but she also needs it realize she wouldn’t even be in the ballroom if it wasn’t for that franchise.

  3. I wish they didn’t try to push him & Alexis so hard to be romantic last season. I feel like these two have really good chemistry but can’t really publicly address it because they pushed them having a “fling” last season so people would be skeptical this time around 🙄

  4. I feel bad for Alan, for all the interviews he literally just has to stand there awkwardly while the interviewers only talk to Hannah

  5. The fact that Hannah literally just got done saying she wanted to move past the exs, yet she still kept asking questions about the franchise, is so so annoying.

  6. Not to be rude I LOVE hannah but this is no longer a show about hannah.. this is a team situation.. and lauren, you ignoring Alan completely, was so painful to watch.

  7. The repeat music In the background of this video is so annoying…. also how Alan is so ignored in these interviews!! Good lord … he handles it with dignity but it’s just demoralizing to watch him have to suffer thru the interviews. If you’re going to ignore him why not just interview Hannah solo?

  8. i cant stand hannah! its all about her and she cant have anyone have any attention on them and she is the worst at taking criticism every time . ugh!! shes so entitled!! she was like the only one not crying about james-and she can definitely cry all the time!! and what she said about james of course was all about her! what she went through weve all been through, yet james really went through heartbreak . she cant even see the difference because its not about her . yuck . shes the opposite of lauren alaina, whos totally humble and kind! the perfect song for lauren! and oh my gosh i just finished watching this-of course she takes the attention away from the only time her partner talks and says "its gonna b a celebration of…ME" . shocker!! i can't even anymore!!

  9. I love her but she's so self absorbed in interviews. I really feel for him. I get that she's the celebrity but ugh….so cringe especially when she says it's a celebration of….like….me. Also the pageant answers are getting boring.

  10. I will like to say that the interview was Hannah heavy but she is the "celebrity". And if pass seasons are a picture to his questioning, he rather not being asked about their "connection". Hannah does what she's supposed to do, answer questions. Alan jumps in and that's fine.

  11. Lauren you and Hannah are so great together, and BTW we miss you, your such a big shot now lol, you better still do Roses and Rose.

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