'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's Advice for Student

'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's Advice for Student

“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda visits the Bronx Theater High School on Tuesday to talk about the creative process and answer student questions about writing and performing the Broadway musical. Photo: Steve Remich for The Wall Street Journal

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here's a really weird tradition I've never told anyone there's a part in the opening number where they go he goes scamming for every book he can get his hands on that moment Leslie hands me a book and it's a random it's the same book every night but it's I don't know what the novel is about but I always here's a weird thing I always flip it open and just read a sentence as fast as I can because I'm supposed to be reading there and whatever that sentence is and I flip it to a different page every night that's what I think my show is going to be about which is super super state cuz it's a random book it could have been a dictionary I open it but I remember I'll never forget opening night it was I opened the book every book he can get his hands on and the thing I turned to was a sentence that said going with all the light you can manage try to grab them I was like I will just you wait and then sometimes it's like the Jeep landed in the dirt I know what I can do and we have trouble don't want to give up did you ever feel like that all the time all the time and then you push through it like you push through it because what's the alternative you're going to leave that idea stuck in your head forever that sucks the alternative is you go through life and you had this great idea and nothing came of it because you got tired and yeah sometimes you don't go to the party that all your friends are at because the idea is calling to you in that moment wait for it's a great example of that I was on my way to my friend's birthday party when that lyric showed up when death doesn't discriminate showed up in my head idea came on the a down I started writing it down in the train and lucky Nita of the a train break dancers are dancing I have my headphones on I get out I the whole chorus comes all at once I write it down and I suddenly see the shape of the whole song I was just like the chorus is bur that's who he is I go into my friend's party I go hey what's up man happy birthday I gotta go I get on the L train and I write the rest of the song on the way back home from the L to the a back up – 207 Street you have to do that sometimes you have to say no to your friends to say yes to your work because what are you gonna do like lose that idea because you decide to like have a drink with your friends like it's not worth it your friend will be there

41 thoughts on “'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's Advice for Student

  1. Imagine Aaron Burr’s ghost whispering the chorus of “Wait for it” in Lin’s ear a couple of years ago… actually IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE FEATURED IN THE SHOW COMIMG DOWN FROM HEAVEN ONLY TO HELP LIN WRITE HAMILTON

  2. Before I knew what Hamilton was, I was in English, writing some stuff for class when the words "Death doesn't discriminate" popped into my head. So I wrote it down. My friend next to me pointed at it and said, "That's what Aaron Burr said." Being that we were taking APUSH at the time, I thought she was talking about the ACTUAL Aaron Burr. And so I jokingly said, "Didn't you know? I'm the reincarnate of Aaron Burr." Awkward.

  3. I don't know why but always that I tried to write a musical, this man is my inspiration. Really, I wish be like him when I grow up. Is that weird?

  4. “You’re going to leave that idea stuck in your head forever?”
    Whoa. I think that might be the best piece of advice I’ve ever heard.


  6. Im 14 and im crying rn because i just live in lebanon and i cant travel to america or wherever to meet him…when i grow up I will travel there to meet him becuase lin is my idol and inspiration i love him so much and hamilton is my obsession…wish me luck to meet the best man ever..l hope from all my heart and pray everyday that I can meet him and talk to him….I love you Lin❤️

  7. If Lin-Manuel Miranda came to my school I would be shook. Literally shook. But really happy and freaking out at the same time

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