GTA 5 Online Mods Ruining PC Rockstar Banning Players Using Hacks

GTA 5 Online Mods Ruining PC Rockstar Banning Players Using Hacks

GTA 5 Online Mods Ruining PC Banning Players Using Hacks

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we found another session that be sure my nuts we can hate can't get reported okay because this again okay okay it's like Isis good thing i'm recording this i'm going to send it to the CIA so they can hunt you down it's no matter hey what happens when you press one more inch dick not funny Oh somebody ball I I did record that that's I've got that shit okay man it seems like the hackers just hitting you in the water hose I'm is just much mac or as you are hey whoever the hackers in this lobby instead of doing the shit you're doing yeah I just give me Deb or or how about you go eat some glass pray we have a modder that's screwing with us right now sf1 whatever you see shit going on press f1 and fucking done this shits on your hard drive you submit that shit the rock star that has going to get banned it's awesome dude I have like 13 fucking emails for rocks are like thank you for your submission we have to view this

50 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Mods Ruining PC Rockstar Banning Players Using Hacks

  1. there should be seperate lobbys for modders they shouldnt be allowed in public lobbys i know its harsh but its the bad modders going round blowing people up deranking them and putting people in bad sports lobbys that have totally ruined this game

  2. Too bad Rockstar doesn't allow you to send them an email to ban people anymore. Since they stopped doing that I have seen 10 times as many hackers.

  3. Honestly i dont mind fun modders and they take responsibility in there actions. its like watching the chronicles that movie answers this kinda predicament in GTA 5. But some modders can be the most obnoxious cunts in the whole world. I mean the MOST obnoxious. They are fun to have if they don't sting you like a bee for no reason.

  4. I hope Rockstar bans all you disgusting script kiddies. Actually they have a BIG surprise coming tomorrow with the lowrider update! It already was posted about on a certain forum but you'll find out soon.

  5. i just get banned after i used the mod menu for money and rp  , but i never exploded others , raped them or shit something like that. i was always polite with the others , gave money if they wanted. i swear the guys who uses this mod and explodes everything in every second, they still not banned. btw ill buy another gta xd

  6. I did hacking once and got banned for 2 weeks, I learn't my lesson and have stopped. Rockstar should just create lobbies for modders that can be accessed by anyone, but the regular lobbies can only be accessed by non-modders. Or someone could do it JC3 style and just make a multiplayer mod.

  7. not all modders are dicks. I use mods. I try to be a nice person, im only a dick to the people that are one to me first.

  8. Rockstar and soon to bring in a tool that take a brief overlook on the files in your directory, if you're found with a mod then you're fucked. Lol still is funny as fuck

  9. Does the new anti cheat system prevent you giving money to yourself or is it like the file scan system where it's only used if you get reported?

  10. yes if , take it goes to use annoy a person , a person plays , GTA , decrease , I [ hair ] takes to keep use do business responsibility only

  11. I got banned and I'm going to get unbanned tomorrow. When i go to my Social Club account to see my GTA Online character i see that it still has the same level and money, will rockstar let those intact? I mean I'm kinda confused because they didnt remove them till now.

  12. I wonder if two modders in a public lobby would work together to fuck with everybody, or try to ruin each other..

  13. this is just the result of rockstar refusing to add controled mod support and private servers
    Besides: there are still a bunch of nice/decent "Hackers" who just want to get their police uniform and taser, or those who perform a few extra emotions
    i dont have anything against hackers to be fair, exceot for those 12 yo richkids,
    and if you get annoyed by them: you can still change the lobby
    however its sad that rockstar let it came this far rather then adding official and therby controlled support on things like the trainer or other mods
    poor rocksta, whos buying your moneypacks now^^

  14. Good, as soon as people get their hands on any type of online trainer they start ruining the game. Its all fun and games if you just spawn yourself money but attaching a UFO to other players and talking all their money? you deserve to be banned if you do that

  15. @Doctor GTA, i will literally send you 50 bucks to your account if you make a new mod after the update which includes a NISSAN SKYLINE R34 in the cars menu 🙂

  16. How can you use the basic trainer online ? Can you link the scripthook you're using ? I'd like to get myself some cosmetics (cop uniform for my female char), I can make this mod run in singleplayer, but this mod does not work with the bypassed scripthook I got.

    If you could link me you're dinput and scripthook I'd be very thankful.

  17. Guys if you want to play with it in online play with it in invite only you all ruining everything for other players in freemode

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