GT Omega Pro Office Racing Chair - Rated Tech Reviews

GT Omega Pro Office Racing Chair – Rated Tech Reviews

Here is our review of the GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair. We take a look at design, durability, comfort and more. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and subscribe to our channel for future reviews.


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this is rated tech reviews calm taking a look at the GT Omega Pro Racing office chair when purchasing a gaming chair one of the main selling points is build quality and GT Omega have done an excellent job providing a sturdy and comfortable end product with its steel framework construction and it's cold molded foam supports this series of chair remains comfortable and supportive throughout long gaming sessions the high quality finish on the design makes this chair stand out from the crowd for example on the black leather design the red stitching stands out against the black finish giving a subtle but sharp contrast the seat has black angled stitching again giving a great look to the product the chair includes both lumbar and headrest cushions which are adjustable to suit each person lumbar support is extremely important for your general posture giving support between the lumbar spine in the chair over long periods of time you feel much more comfortable in the Omega against a standard office chair the high back on the chair also supports your full height this is excellent for taller people where your neck can get quite sore in a standard chair the headrest cushion is also an excellent addition the cushions also include a nice stitched logo to add to the design the Pro Racing office chair provides an 85 to 160 degrees adjustment on the recliner this adds a large amount of adjustment based on your posture and body type alongside this the arm rests allow for dimensional adjustment front to back sliding lateral sliding clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation and finally height adjustment this allows you to set the perfect height and angle to match your play style and desk height the class 4 piston lifts adds both height adjustment and stability to the overall height of your chair the caster wheels are well built and provide excellent support and maneuverability in terms of build quality we cannot fold this chair at all this model is currently available through the GT Omega store for 100 seventy-nine pound 95 making it chief of the most chairs in its class however this doesn't affect the quality of the product we have used this chair for over a year and have found no deterioration in both the synthetic leather and support mechanisms we would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality gaming chair that provides excellent support and comfort this has been rated set reviews on the GT Omega pro office racing chair it's a rav4 now [Applause] you

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  1. Hi bro, nice video, was thinking about getting the chair but unsure if I'm too tall for it. I'm 6ft 2, how tall are you so I can compare to the 1:15 ? Thanks

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