GRWM Everyday Makeup Tutorial

GRWM Everyday Makeup Tutorial

GRWM Everyday Makeup Tutorial! Get ready with me simple makeup tutorial. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Boyfriend does my voice over (on my other channel)

was it bad Sam to show you how to get this look show you how to be a professional beauty guru even though I am NOT a professional beauty guru can fix my hair before it's like this my dues I cannot live without this dry bar detox dry shampoo I was like I've been using this for like three years now see like my hair I don't wash it every day I don't wash it every other day I wash it I never have time to wash it so this shit like saves me spray it everywhere rub it in my hair a bit in real good let's make my hair a little presentable before I start the video so it should look like my gruel what's wrong with her and if you're new here I have a channel called Sniper Wolf this is like my second makeup channel but I haven't uploaded on this channel in like a year so if you're subscribed or you're new here what's up hi I don't usually do makeup I mean you make up a lot but not like in video form I have been using the Anastasia eyebrow thing for I don't know how long but I've been using graphite which is like the darkest once I had black eyebrows and then I got this this is the ebony color so it is the darkest Brown i'ma go from nasty ass and don't even look that bad in person it's like in camera I look like it was recently in my face is missing I feel like just me without makeup on camera looks so much worse than in real life I was brush it's a Wayne Goss eyebrow brush I think I got this for free off Beauty lish I am NOT a professional let's keep this in mind oh god I've been exposed about a real beauty guru let's not push the backdrop I wish I could be like every other beauty guru all my makeup and a little ass now oh I have a fancy ass manner for this hola my boyfriend got me this like three years ago it was like a Lexus Betar Sephora thing oh so fancy yeah I'm just going to do a line right under I didn't even do an intro for this though hi what's up my dudes unflappable today we're doing my everyday makeup look so this is good be very simple what I do every day for videos because I mean I don't leave my house mostly got groceries only realizing my house okay that's better right hopefully with my brushing again and I'm gonna do this side if I'm doing anything wrong feel free to tell me I'm supposed to be the beauty guru I'm the one with the backdrop y'all y'all supposed to be learning for me now that I I acknowledge I'm not in the best or the most professional I just think it's fun and you know that's what YouTube and makeup is all about it's about having fun and being yourself and respecting others and sucking dead wife I'm going to try to be professional and clean it up with another brush being on I don't do that shit I ain't got enough brushes for that so if your brush company sponsor my ass because Sniper Wolf you're only doing this for sponsors by the way before I go oh why she wear eyelashes they're extensions I have extensions of hat extensions for a long-ass time now I ain't got 10 minutes to glue on eyelashes every day damn line to my eyebrow my salon evil okay so next thing we're going to do is cut my Ulster peel and hollow shaft I just got this but it's been working really good at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Beverly Hills and I don't know what's called a BH abh I'm gonna call it a BH it's a lip primer so I mean you can wear lipstick over it or you can just wear it myself and kind of prevent your lips from getting cracks and traps because I feel like chapstick doesn't do it for v4 in care I just got this I know it's like everyday makeup tutorial but home we use this one usually I don't use the primer but I got the YSL one because I thought it looked pretty and everybody like uses it so I'm like okay let me use it too because it's probably good but then I heard about this $200 primer and everyone's talking about a soul I might get that I'm not expecting much it's probably good if you guys hear screaming my boyfriend the spring will we're watching me getting very mad talking so much as people this is the foundation I've been using is IT cosmetics it's the CC cream I feel like foundation has been making me like really break out so I don't use it anymore I've just been using this the CC cream it's color correcting full coverage cream plus anti-aging hydrating serum and I've got a CF so I mean you need us PS so I'm not just like put it on my dirty ass Beauty Blender I feel like Kenneth I feel like Neville makeup thing in my makeup tutorials are going to be like tannaz which is very very unprofessional I am coming out here I mean I'm on professionals love tooth that's why I'm here I mean at least I got a backdrop that's the upgrade I don't I don't need much I just do like less than a pump like half a pump with us and like I have we've been liking the cakey I don't like cakey makeup I don't want them cake you look the only thing I really need to like hide is like the bags under my eyes if you guys see this they're actually really good right now because I just took a nap but you really like I really have I have black lines on my face and it's not like it goes in it's like the vein shows through so I was like you see that line thing right here it's my vein my veins are really dark and I've always like had this problem I have some shape tape right here this is the tart shape tape the concealer that everybody and their mother brother uncles postmen uses so don't put this on doesn't usually conceal my under eye I feel like nothing does I know some people have really bad under eyes and it does help but with mine it's like if I can see it at all it really bothers me and all I look at when I look in the mirror so I have big ass humbler right here say hi names plus to do a little bit lately I've been contouring a little bit I usually don't contour but lately I have brush okay here's my brush I know I do this the worst way possible but I don't go fuck this is how I do it okay then how I do it I ain't no Beauty GU okay I'm a regular ass person that ain't got time to draw outline okay so I just put it on my brush I destroyed this brush and I just put it like this it like takes the blending out of it like I don't have to like draw it on and then one it just saves so much time I feel and I'm going to put it under my nose I learned from Kim K recently because I watched a makeup tutorial and she was like uh if you put it under it like really shortens your nose so like I always confirm I'm a mom and like I I don't have time to contour do my makeup I have two hours to sit in our makeup chair I'm going to do on my hairline – right here cuz ain't nobody want a big-ass forehead and did I do enough here oh that's too much I think that's too much Mel so just like go like around your whole face like whoa July ooh boy like I didn't have that shit before is that enough contour because I feel like that's enough now I want to start and look cute now I'm going to take this little ass brush and then put it in the brown and then your one day I'm gonna have my own makeup line and it's going to be the dopest makeup line ever okay and I'm going to do like over here Oh looking like Michael Jackson so we're going to take this brush as a blending brush there's no words on it I think they fade it off it's the IT cosmetics brush and I do a lot of shopping at Ulta and some a Sephora I just I just shop wherever I don't have all like the brands that everybody else uses recommend some stuff to me was good I'm blending out my nose oh I need to blend this out so we're going to blow my under eye I like to let it sit for a little bit why do know is if you have like lines under your eyes or bags or something you don't want to do the whole thing you want to just do it on the line I usually don't wear foundation I usually just put like a moisturizer I don't want a moisturizer on because it's like nighttime right now is to lock in the morning I'm not going anywhere obviously I mean it's a Friday night though you know I mean doing Arizona on a Friday night everything closes at 9:00 here 10 if you want to go to the club as you can see I still have the lines the veins under my eyes so I take a flesh colored pencil and I've been doing this for the longest time out and I feel like this is the only way to ever cover these and I just go over it like this and see how they disappear my views this is the only way to cover them it doesn't matter what kind this is just a NYX pencil of use like Mac ones I've used like uh Laura Mercier ones but this is the best one I feel and it's cheap is like six bucks or someone probably loves for blush we're going to get fancy today and use a Chanel one I don't know why I have a Chanel blush it's in the color rose Brom we're going to just dab that over here everywhere yeah and again on this side when I'm using the brush it comes with over the smoke so nice it's not so pleasant I don't always run a blush but I mean I like it sometimes I don't usually bake my face off I'm going out for a while for the sake of being a beauty guru I will bake my ass for you guys are my eyes not my ass sorry family family please okay there we go I'll be alright and out of powder there we go am i doing it right I hope this is right nein I know it's right asshole I'm gonna take this palette the modern a renaissance palette this just baking needs to like chill sizzle again my eyelashes and everything so I'm just gonna put this over my eye y'all this play getting everywhere get rid of this I'm going to pretend ten minutes of past segments on all why this is too much this is too much no I ruined it I ruined everything what the fuck up so right now what is this my dude come on Oh why I've never used this before well looks cool Emily powder all over my shirt never doing a makeup tutorial again next time next time I'll like review products or something or do something stupid but like I want to upload on this channel but I don't want to like pull on makeup tutorials they name my shit I have setting spray right here it's Urban Decay chill so they'll spray that everywhere I'm going to take this brush I don't have the right brush I'm going to take the Becca highlighter shimmering skin perfecter what colors is a champagne pop okay so I'm going to put that on my face you know why when Becca does it is so good Becca when Jacqueline Hill does it is so good so and what I do it is like struggling she whiter than me too and it like shows up so good and on me it's like girl where's the highlight where's the highlight is my is my camera too bright and my lighting too bright to see a highlight I can never get a goddamn highlight to show in videos or anything my dude my dude we out here struggling okay this is a really cool trick when I don't want to do my bottom lashes for videos but I want to like be like hella big I do this thing where I kind of just draw them on with eyeliner wash this shit and then I am going to take the Too Faced better than sex mascara and I am going to apply it and it's going to make my lashes when my bottom lashes look like hella big that's the worst mascara ever I mean a little dark I'm getting the point across it doesn't have to be like 100% separated perfect like I don't care are you lost to say that fair makeup group okay so the last thing I'm shining do is it's a pencil as a flesh-colored pencil it's masculine and nc15 it's like really light I'm going to line my waterline with it okay is that it I think that's it always easy a bulaga Tori did I do it slowing up now I need to do it slower so I know that's supposed to be for showing off I shadow I don't really do eye shadow I know I should it's like there's no beauty guru that doesn't do eye shadow y'all have to do a shot come on be a real beauty guru okay I should make a video how'd it be a beauty guru that's what it should be it shouldn't be a everyday makeup tutorial I mean I kind of ends both also like where do you start if you want to be a beauty guru you I swear I look into the mirror over there I look so much better I look so much better than just like I don't know what is it the lighting it's like overexposed or something for the final steps I haven't been really wearing a lot of lipstick lately like I used just line my lips like specially on new videos or whatever nice upper lip the awkward shape think about putting some contacts to these lenses are solo chica salute salute Iike I don't know how to say it's so low and then tika I think colors called availa it's like the light brown one and of course I can't get the shit in guys oh all I ever wanted was to be a beauty guru I'm ruining my makeup now it's like ruin okay I'm done the look is complete have a nice day bye just kidding oh my god I just realized my backdrop matches my nails bro look at this hair my nails and here is the backdrop but anyways that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm hoping upload more videos on this channel so if you guys want me to upload anything comment below and let me know what I should upload next I love you guys so much thanks watching bye guys

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