GoPro 7 TimeWarp (Hyperlapse) TIPS & TRICKS

GoPro 7 TimeWarp (Hyperlapse) TIPS & TRICKS

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In this video we’ll be doing a deep dive on the new #TimeWarp (ie Hyperlapse) mode on the #GoPro HERO 7 Black, vs Time-Lapse, and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

What IS TimeWarp video? As GoPro says, “TimeWarp is HyperSmooth applied to Time Lapse Video.”

Today I show a comparison of all the Speed modes, 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, and 30x, and which one is the most stable?! I also compare TimeWarp versus “Time Lapse Video” mode, and vs iPhone XS stabilized time-lapse, and sped up GoPro 4K 30fps HyperSmooth (stabilized) footage.. the results are impressive! #GoProHERO7

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what's up guys i'm ben from authentech,
this is the GoPro Hero 7 black and today we're doing a little deep dive on that
new hyperlapse or what GoPro calls time warp mode I'm going to show you a few
tips and tricks that I've learned through my experience of playing with it
and then we might learn a few new things along the way let's dive right in okay
so here's how we get into high blap settings we swipe left and then on the
left side here Time Warp video is at the top later on we'll do a quick comparison
of time warp video versus time lapse video see if there's a major difference
I believe there is under time warp video we don't have a ton of settings we
choose our resolution it's either 4k or 1080 at 16:9 field-of-view not sure why
it's even here because we only get one option and then speed up speed we either
have 2 X 5 X 10 X 15 or 30 in my own testing and when I saw online the higher
the X speed the more smooth the video is my first test today let's shoot a little
clip on each of these and see which one comes out the smoothest let's start with
2x oh and shameless plug make sure you're following me at shrinky on
instagram for all my behind the scenes shots this first one we're at 2x just
handhold and walking straight down the street here we go this is a 5 x speed tip number one try to get as many moving
objects with frame that's cars people clouds it's gonna really enhance the
hyperlapse effect this is 10x speed the idea that I heard that the higher at
speed is more stable is that basically the algorithm or processing has a lot
more frames to be able to smooth out and determine which once it thrown away
which ones to keep in order to produce a more smooth image one major unfortunate
side-effect is at the higher speed takes a lot more time in order to create a
clip I'm pretty sure I saw that there's a sweet metal spot maybe 10 15 X we'll
soon find out what that is and here we go this is 15 X speed ax still hand-holding just walking and this is 30 EXPEED the top fastest a
lot of people said this one is the most smooth what do you guys think if this is
the most smooth it's unfortunate because it takes the longest amount of time
let's create a short duration Clinton number two so far I've been Justin's
import now is put your hands and pull out for the next moves but another great
mileage keep it centered in frame maybe they call it the parabolic effect
Brett non-student NX this one that feels like the rubberband the fact I want to
zoom in on an object and then once I hit a certain distance and just start
rotating around boom locking it in keeping it Center frame trying to
maintain the same distance as possible slowly rotate err on the image and then
you can snap off to somewhere else that's a really cool transition effect
here's a fun and interesting comparison let's try hyperlapse
on the new GoPro seven versus the insta 360 1x and quick pause right there this one was
a little unfair because for the M sub 361 axe I put in time-lapse video mode
even though I believe I'm supposed to leave it in video 5 K mode and it's
better stabilization there and then in post editing you ramp it up and it does
some really fancy frame blending and creates a much smoother higher-quality
effect anyway let's jump back in here is to keep the building and center frame no
matter what objects come into frame it creates a really cool effect and we'll
quick huge thanks to today's at video sponsor which is one by one check out
their amazon store where you can find a variety of unique tech gadgets and
products ranging from TV and audio acessories to help beauty and other
household items for example check out this USB microphone I'm recording on
right now if feels heavy-duty comes with this nice tripod mount and it sounds
great check out their store and Facebook page for special deals all the links
will be down below too number 4 experiment have fun try rotating
spinning the camera around here I'm about to hit these bikes go through
upside down see the effect that it makes and tip
number six or whatever number were on hyperlapse sucks the battery of these
GoPros I've been shooting for about an hour we're already down to 50% but grab
one of these but grab one of these on Amazon this is a naki twenty thousand
million powered power bank my little life hack is take off that little cover
that way you can charge it while you're still shooting on the go
very cool sort of electric unicycle or scooter and your hyper lapses are gonna
be waste Moo there here's a quick side by side of walking at verse scooting
it's gonna take a lot of that bobbing up and down alright
take take one this is handheld scooter and another little tip grab one
of well let me show you grab one of these online this is a sweet little clip
you can just mount it on just about anywhere like this backpack and then
that's gonna take out some of your handshake in the hyperlapse as well clip
it onto here BAM easy peasy like all things in this video links will be down
below let's do a quick test with this little clip clip mount it onto a
backpack it's so nice and easy hands are free looks like it's doing a pretty
smooth job I'll check out the footage and here's one more test I'm interested
to see this is the iPhone 10 as it says it can shoot stabilized time-lapse we'll
see how that compares versus the hyperlapse on the GoPro 7 let's try it and pause right there a couple quick
notes a the iPhone is looking pretty pixelated pretty hardcore compression
going on second that stabilization on the iPhone is pretty rough as well
especially when we see it side by side versus the smoothness on the GoPro and
third I'd really like I phone and other phones to take stabilization and
hyperlapse more serious in future models in this test I shot a side-by-side GoPro
in time-warp hyperlapse mode versus GoPro recording at 4k 30fps
stabilization on footage sped up about a thousand percent what do you guys think
there's another suite and the easy trick grab one of these suction mounts easy
peasy got in the car let's check out this
effect tip number whatever note to self
clean the windshield before doing that dashcam hyperlapse in this test on the
left is GoPros new time-warp hyperlapse mode on the right is a standard
old-school time-lapse quite the difference in stabilization and there
you have it I think there's a lot of fun in potential to be had with this new
time warp hyper lapse mode on the GoPro 7 I'm still learning a ton so if you
guys have any other tips or tricks make sure you leave a comment down below for
all you newcomers consider subscribing as I post tech videos like this once or
twice every single week until next time let's live authentic

21 thoughts on “GoPro 7 TimeWarp (Hyperlapse) TIPS & TRICKS

  1. Just bought a Hero7 Black because of your video Comparisons. Great channel. You save me so much time on learning settings. A big thanks. Look forward to more of your videos 👍

  2. I've been learning new tips and tricks, let me know what you think. if you compare to my past videos you can definitely tell a difference!

  3. Im a Runner ( well maybe a waddler) and a newbie at gopro 7 black I would like to shoot timewarp videos ( I have a chest mount) can you recommend settings for my gopro 7

  4. In some of your footage there was some blurry areas. Is this from YouTube compression cos I’ve seen it on other video samples

  5. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! I shot a time warp with my Hero 7 black at 30x in 4K. Do you know if I can slow it down to normal speed and/or anywhere below 30x in FCPX without the video degrading? Thanks again for another awesome video. Ray 👍😊

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