Google Earth Hacks: Importing KMZ and KML Files for Property Research

Google Earth Hacks: Importing KMZ and KML Files for Property Research

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If you’ve learned to use all of the free features of Google Earth and you want to take a HUGE new step to expand the usefulness of this software – something you ought to know about are KMZ and KML files. KMZ files (which is basically just a collection of KML files) can be used for all sorts of different purposes within Google Earth. They can be used to add new layers to the map for the purpose of illustrating buildings, showing power grids, rivers, image overlays, parcel lines and much, much more.

For my purposes as a real estate investor, I find KML files particularly useful for the purpose of identifying the parcel lines of the properties I’m buying and selling. One way to get this information to show up in Google earth for a vast majority of the counties in the United States is to use a service called PARLAY, which can be found at Real Estate Portal USA (

As you can see – this subscription database imports data to Google Earth from thousands of the counties across the U.S. Most notably, it will show you parcel lines, owner information (including mailing addresses) and in some cases, it will show you transfer values, market values, acreage and a lot more. It’s a SUPER helpful tool that is easy to justify if you need this information on a somewhat regular basis like I do.

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hey guys what's up this is sent from our a tipster blog in this video I want to let you know about the tool I discovered a little while back that is just unbelievably helpful and it's not a free tool it's something that you actually have to download and integrate with Google Earth but when you see what it can do I think you'll see what I mean and that in a lot of cases it may very well be worth paying money for this because it's just like staggering how much information it can provide and how useful it can be depending on what part of the country your work in it so as you can see right here I've got Google Earth pulled up and there's a website called a real estate portal and first time I heard about this website was probably about a year or so ago because they have this app that's called land glide that you can go ahead and download for your iPhone or your droid and basically it's a mobile app that you can use to do high-level property research on a lot of different areas in the country and the reason I didn't find it particularly helpful is because usually when I'm doing this research I'm sitting down on my desktop computer it's a lot easier to do it that way I don't really use my phone when I'm doing that kind of work however there is a different product they have which is called parlay 2.0 this is a similar product but what it does is it gives you a downloadable file called a KMZ file and a KMZ file is basically just a collection of kml file in a kml file if you're not familiar that it a file that can be integrated with google earth to put all kinds of different overlays over the map so you could see like parcel information you could see buildings you can see like image overlays you can see power grids water lines all kinds of stuff can be used with kml files but the reason I will use a KML file is mostly to find where parcel lines are and then find just some basic information about those parcels and that's exactly what this can do and in order to get this you actually have to register for an account which is very easy just give them your email address and a password it's a pretty straightforward procedure I've already got an account so I'm just go ahead and login and show you how this works so once you log in you can go ahead and click here and what it's going to do is it's going to download this kinzey file and once you've got that file you can go over here to Google Earth and then in Google Earth we're going to go up here to file open and then we're going to find that file that we just downloaded and go ahead and open it so this is where it is right here and now what's happening here if we go down here to places click on this but this is going to do is show us a lot of different layers that have just been added to Google Earth because of this parlez KMZ file that we just added when you first sign up for your account download this I think it's like a 14-day free trial that you get and after that if you want access to it you can either pay monthly for it or annually for it I think the annual subscription is about yeah the annual subscription is to $99.99 per year so 300 bucks a year or if you want to pay quarterly it's 100 bucks per quarter so it's not necessarily free or cheap however I want to show you what this does because it's pretty remarkable this is basically a massive set of data that we've just imported to Google Earth and the way that this works is that this real estate portal has different sets of information for most of the counties in the United States and it's a lot of information I mean personal IDs owner names property addresses mailing addresses I mean lots of different stuff and it kind of varies a little bit depending on the county some of the counties have more data than others but I want to just show you what this looks like I'm going to zoom in a little bit and if we go to really just any County here let's find one and now in Illinois and see what we got everywhere you see these little green outlines those are counties where parler is giving you a set of data so if we just pick this one here let's zoom in okay now these squares you see here are the different townships I believe if we zoom in further here let's just I don't know go here and once we get close enough we start to see these parcel lines and if we just go ahead and click on any one of these either it let's just click on this one for example it's just telling us the name of the owner the acreage of the property zip totally description the mailing address of this owner and then if we want to we could go ahead and click on this parcel ID number and sometimes I've actually found that usually I get this message where it doesn't actually link me directly to the county's website where it gives more information about that property but it explains what you can do to go ahead and try to do that so sometimes it'll link directly to that counties website though usually from what I've seen it just shows you this little page but even absent more information this little set of data is actually like very very helpful and the cool thing is rather than you having to go ahead and manually draw these lines on here with the polygon tool which is the free way to do it you've actually got these property lines right here you can go ahead and do this kind of thing and look at it on an angle join us so you could go ahead and draw the polygon line on top of those lines right there and it would basically just be a much simpler easier way to make sure you're getting those lines as close as possible to reality and cool thing is here let's go ahead and zoom out and I mean there is a lot of information here if we go back here to the website and we go here to the products page and then click on this and then we can see this map right here this actually shows us all the coverage in the country so some of these counties don't have any data but everywhere where you see that it's green they've got these sets of data or it doesn't necessarily have everything but it has a lot of information that's going to be very useful to you so another reason why this could be really helpful is I know sometimes in my home state for example there have been a number of counties that I basically have refused to work in because the county does not provide any GIS mapping system or if they do it's something I have to like buy from them directly and then they have to send it to me I know sometimes I've seen prices of like 1500 bucks just for one KML file from one County whereas with this system it gives me a lot of information for almost every county out there and in terms of just getting those GIS maps which are extremely important in my profession as a land investor because without those partial lines I don't really know where the property is that I'm getting and this provides that and many of the counties out there say if we were to go up here let's check out Traverse City see what kind of information we can pull up here and this is a County I've actually never even worked here before but some of the information it will give you assuming that information is in the database is everywhere where you see a house here that means the property is zoned residential everywhere you see a shopping cart I believe that means it's zoned commercial in any place you see this little box with an accent I think that's usually like some kind of state or government owned property it's so just really helpful information and from my perspective one of the most important things on here is just being able to see those property lines and then also see the ownership of it and when the information is available seeing the mailing addresses of the owners and the acreage and sometimes you'll even see like the transfer value and the transfer date and all kinds of stuff here that's really helpful so depending on what state in what county you're working in and what information you need access to versus information that's available for free online this could be a super super helpful thing to use in your business when it comes to property research and just finding out some of the basic information about certain Lots or properties before you buy them I mean this could just be immensely helpful and given that the information is available in so many places around the country and the annual cost is about three hundred bucks I mean honestly I think that's kind of a steal I've talked to several counties that charge thousands for the data just in their County and I think if you're working in one County all the time and that's all you ever work then it may be worth it but if you're like me where you're working in multiple counties sometimes multiple states all over the country and you need more of a broader scope of just some basic information this could be a super super helpful tool to have at your disposal in your business and the price is really not that bad so anyway I just want to make sure you knew about that really helpful resource and I'm definitely not getting paid by this company to tell you this stuff I just found a while ago and thought it was seriously viable for pretty much anybody who's working in the same kind of business that I am whether it's just real estate investing or property research or land investing in general and I think it's pretty awesome if it's something you're going to use on a regular basis that cost is really not that bad when you think about all the information to the table so hopefully that's something you can put to work in your business thanks for watching and I'll talk to you later

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  1. If you ever find that your state or county provides land ownership data on their website in the .shp format, you can use Google Earth Pro to import it instead of opening it like normal kmz or kml. In the end, you virtually have the same data for free.

  2. landglide is great. A realtor showed it to me when we were looking at a property. It shows you the property lines as you drive or walk. You can walk the property and no approximately where the property ends.

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