Girl Chat: Legendary Advice

Girl Chat: Legendary Advice

If you wrote a song about where you are in your life right now, what would it be about? “The Real” ladies are answering this question with personal raps. Watch!

in a recent interview from times talk musician John Legend said that he believes artists need to be more authentic in their songs about what's going on in the world and in their lives all right great you should be honest with how you're feeling and what's important to you now candy you are a hit maker we know this you bring he's no half-filled Bills Bills one of my favorites do you agree with what John has to say I think we naturally do that I mean for me personally I can go back to a lot of the songs that I wrote and said oh I was dating set aside like my songs were my Diaries I've been through music and I definitely feel like you know whatever is going on in the world is naturally going to come out if you're a real true songwriter mm-hmm I think oh go ahead is you a songwriter to her yeah are you song but you are right like your mistress I would say I am curious to find out if you guys right now we're the right song lyrics if you were to write a song pangey like what would you song be about it would select mark where you are in your life right now what would you sing about Oh y'all give me a beat I could do it right now come on air Fight Club hey hey hey hey hey hey I'm rotting I'm sicker I like raw eggs and if you still would make me quiver yeah comedian and not a rapper I'm a guy okay challenge anyone snores me okay all right all right okay I've always wanted to be a rapper can I try happy give me that be okay seven eight I'm Jeanie my my life's go fly get from the day McDowell we play anything with replacing oh this don't taste like don't know no mmmm no I mean I don't hear my damn [Applause] mine in all the world like you would be a hazy and like oh you need a slow hey what don't you want to know what I hate like why not it'll be like a Celine Dion song it was so like oh my gosh and in the Celine Dion way ok she loved her husband I guys know how much I love my husband Thank You vice know I'm a fiercely cry because I asked my husband because he you guys he knows me like no one else does he knows my ins and outs he knows he knows he knows my ups and downs my good and my bad ok so I asked him to write some lyrically I'm not going to put me Adam hi no I did I don't know why are you here oh no no no I need to say though see why you want a few thought I was about is it it's not wrong ok what it don't you come on sing it please I don't know I thought I have to practice this no oh the zoo but you guys so I'll make it more into like a poem like like a steering so okay don't laugh okay you guys because I think this is also horrible okay oh boy I wrote about me I'm ready a ball stop Ronnie oh boy got it what a panic uh-uh okay ready okay any peer today so okay in dreams in dreams I find reality in my heart I find love everywhere I look I want to see stars in the sky everywhere I look soften and these brighter for room guy seriously so simply read play it so respect and feel the warmth of you that's it you wait people back for a man who has known me for 12 years this is everything can I take it you haven't faked it come on let me see oh yeah oh yeah yes you shall be hiding somewhere disguise you [Applause] I love you

21 thoughts on “Girl Chat: Legendary Advice

  1. 🙄 oh Lord here tam go 🤦🏻 she get on my last nerve bragging about him ain't no man that damm perfect….do she brag about god like that 😠

  2. I do love Tamera….I really hope she and her husband will grow old together because I don’t see how she’ll survive a divorce (God’s forbid)
    On a side note, you can feel how happy and content she is…good for you Tamera 💋🥰

  3. I understand Tamera loves her husband, so do I but she talks about him so much it’s starting to get a little weird.

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