Get started with Cura for 3D printing - Ultimaker: Cura Tutorial

Get started with Cura for 3D printing – Ultimaker: Cura Tutorial

Discover how you can quickly and simply get started with the newest version of the free, open-source Cura 3D slicer. We cover the basic steps of preparing your model for 3D printing in this tutorial.
Download the newest version of Cura here:

Model by TanyaAkinora:

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From the very beginning we’ve nurtured an environment for open source collaboration and sharing. Through our industry-leading products such as Ultimaker 3D printers and Cura software, all realized through open source, people who joined our 3D printing community now have a way of expressing ideas and creating products with ease that just wasn’t there before.

Our innovative Cura software makes 3D printing so easy. It’s a free to download 3D slicer which prepares your 3D models quickly and easily. For newbies it’ll do everything for you, and for experts there’s a world of advanced settings to tinker with. Cura has been engineered to make the very most of the Ultimaker family. And vice versa. Born from open source community collaboration, together they create a stable, reliable and seamless 3D printing experience. The Ultimaker community of 3D printing experts is great for useful tips & tricks, inspiring prints, immediate help and new connections. Start exploring today.

« About 3D printing »
3D printing is often called additive manufacturing as well. It’s a rapid prototyping technology which uses plastic filaments that are extruded under high temperatures. Layer by layer it 3D prints the physical object. Professionals and makers all around the world use Ultimaker 3D printers for rapid prototyping, engineering, product design, 3D printed art, jewelry, and in fashion, medicine and education. With several aftermarket or 3D printed add-ons you can even turn an Ultimaker into a food 3D printer.

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19 thoughts on “Get started with Cura for 3D printing – Ultimaker: Cura Tutorial

  1. Major problem is dimensions. If I import 2 files, exactly the same, rotate one, the scale is incorrect, they will both say 170mm but actually, one is much larger than the other. Cura uses relative dimensions rather than exact dimensions – is there any way to fix this so I know exactly ahat size the print will be?

  2. So obviously im new to this… I downloaded Cura, still trying to figure what exactly it does… This video illustrates you can actually move the 3d model, according to the Cura i downloaded, thats a lie. Cura seems to be nothing usefull at all. Help? thanks.

  3. Great software but I just started on this,I am trying to add some things to my cura project but cant figure it out.Cant you relate any information that would be help full thanks

  4. I'm very new to this and I think I have my cura set up correctly for my Tevo Tornado. I pushed save to file on my sd card. Put the sd card in the Tevo and selected the file but nothing happens. I was able to print the spool holder preloaded on the card fine. so I know the printer works correctly. I looked and all of the factory files on the card are .gco and the one I loaded is .gcode. did I save it incorrectly? Any ideas?

  5. Does anyone know if there is a way to duplicate the model in cura? I'm printing miniatures and I would prefer to not do one at a time

  6. 한글화좀 해줘요.. 제발… 500만원돈까지 내고 구입해서 여기까지와서 이런거 검색해서 봐야겠음?

  7. This new version is not an upgrade or a downgrade, its going from "working" to "what the hell is this" change.
    All printer configuration is predetermined and cannot be easily changed.
    Cannot add custom printer.
    Cannot edit header/footer code because its printer specific now.

  8. I like how much you expanded the software, but where are machine customization settings?? Where is start and end g-code? Are you trying to direct people to buying your printers only now?

  9. Is the MAC version of Cura so different compared to the Windows version, or is there a new Cura coming out?

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