Gadget Review - Episode 54 - 1OTT Streaming Media Player

Gadget Review – Episode 54 – 1OTT Streaming Media Player

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The 1OTT Media Player is more than just a media player, it streams your favorite dramas and free IPTV services, it also offers features that many of its competitors don’t offer. This is a product that many of us have been anticipating and it will make you appreciate your living room entertainment experience once again.

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a media player that calls itself social is cool and we love that marketing branding in fact it is a device that tends to bring the best of online media to your living room this is the one OTT media player from Cup media and episode 54 of gadget view media players have become a necessity in most living rooms today even though Smart TVs are getting better in providing great content services they sometimes complicate things too much therefore many people like you and me still prefer the dedicated device to enjoy multimedia content the one OTT is a very different media player from the rest of the competition the device looks like a portable hard drive and it's extremely lightweight input ports are also fairly simple and you get a micro SD slot instead of a USB port pretty strange in our opinion most interestingly the device is powered by a dead simple micro USB port which means you can simply power up the device with a computer's USB port and any smart phone chargers the device takes a little tangible and reach its main home screen the user interface is fairly straightforward with rows of icons and categories on the left you will feel any choppiness when navigating around the software and we loved such performance the media player offers a generous amount of apps otherwise streaming sources the company doesn't host any content on your end but merely create apps that grip streaming links from various online sites we are told that the local team is responsible for updating the content daily once the new streaming source becomes available there are also free satellite streaming services from many Asian countries such as China Taiwan Indonesia and etc in addition there are some pretty useful apps like Facebook tuning radio miracast and plex server which can be downloaded from the devices App Catalog you are also able to control the device by downloading a free app on your Android and iOS device which functions much better than a hardware remote our review you need is connected to a stream X 8 megabit per second connection we are happy to report most contents stream fast and reliably the device is extremely fun to use most apps are very functional and user friendly contests in apps are neatly organized and you can't miss them once you get used to the user interface of course it still requires some improvement such as allowing users to organize favorite apps and managing our video playlists the company can also pre install office app offerings instead of asking users to enter his package code by referring to a small cheap piece of paper the installation process can take some time and it gets annoying at times but that is just a one-time toss the one OTT is a very different media player that offers a lot of features and apps that many media players don't it also brings the world of online streaming media directly to your living room in a single device without using your PC while many users like this will complain the lack of a USB port the one OTT has made us forget that flaw and got us immersed with this huge collection of content despite selling at a high price tag of 429 rincon the value that you are getting on a one OTT media player is far more valuable than those priced cheaper or even higher and media players as long as you have a reliable internet connection at home the one OTT media player is going to make a replace of Smart TV and appreciate your living room entertainment once again we rate the one OTT media player at four out of five stars guys as you can see i'm watching ASM on the one who TT bigger player this meter box really offers a lot of value added features that will actually blow your mind off trust me at 4:29 moving in this device is a steel duty will compare it with other media players so that's it for the video review of the one movie DVD player for today and we hope that you'll enjoy it do subscribe to our youtube channel and click on the thumbs up button if you liked what you saw follow us on Facebook and Twitter and KL gadget guy my name is Warren and I will see you next time in our next episode of care to review tuna let's continue watching our movie on the one who people media player

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  1. Useless junk of shit box.. stay away..almost every app in this shit box doesn't work..except the movies apps..You can forget abt watching Tv ch here. It is just a pile of bullshit.Get something else guys..

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