Gabe and Asher Fight in the Courthouse - How to Get Away with Murder

Gabe and Asher Fight in the Courthouse – How to Get Away with Murder

After learning his passionate push for restorative justice resulted in the same sentence for his client that the original plea deal would have yielded, Gabe (Rome Flynn) is frustrated. He wants to talk to Michaela (Aja Naomi King) about her recent revelation that she cheated on him with Asher (Matt McGorry), and he and Asher come to blows right there in the courthouse. From ‘I’m the Murderer,’ season 6, episode 7 of How To Get Away With Murder. Watch How To Get Away With Murder THURSDAY 10|9c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.

we have come to the decision
to stick to the original terms of the plea deal — 20 years
for third-degree homicide, plus five years for possession
of a weapon on school property. Defense,
do you accept this plea? We do, Your Honor. The plea is accepted. Mr. Golan will begin serving
his sentence immediately. ♪ Gabriel: [ Exhales sharply ]
That's it? We go through all that and he still gets
the same 25 years? This hearing was a better use
of tax dollars than any damn trial
I ever argued. It's a damn miracle
that it even happened. Because of you. ♪ Gabriel: Hey. [ Sighs ]
Let's not do this here. Look, I don't care about
what happened between you two. You made a mistake.
Mistakes happen. Don't trip
over something so small. The fact that you're not
pissed about that actually means
that your feelings for her -are absolutely not real.
-Okay. You don't know anything
about me. I know she deserves better
than you. [ Grunts ]
Oh, my God! -Aah!
-Just stop! [ Both grunting ] Come on! You're gonna get arrested.

28 thoughts on “Gabe and Asher Fight in the Courthouse – How to Get Away with Murder

  1. God, I have never hated Asher more in this whole series than I do in this moment!!! It only substantiates my impression that he's nothing but a spiteful vindictive little bitch…from the way he's openly mocked Gabriel telling secrets learnt in confidence to calling him a killer as if he's any better…..and why because Michaela has real feelings for him which I dont see why that surprising cause Asher knew Michaela idea guy and that was not him seriously they got together when they where still with other people and that should say something

  2. I can’t stand Gabriel he has no humility and he acts so pretentious like he knows better than everyone else. He’s just a piece of shit being a piece of shit.

  3. Wait did she just scream! Uh she is officially not a *Sister*😂😂if she don't take off her shoes and jump in, I'm done!!!😂

  4. Asher is extremely annoying this season. I used to like him too smh. I’m getting tired of the way everyone treats Gabe. I mean seriously what has he ever done to anyone? All he wanted to do was find out the truth about his dad

  5. Asher is so pathetic. But her and Gabriel dont have enough spark. Homegirl should just stay single til the show ends

  6. Gabriel worries about Michaela. Asher worries about Gabriel. I don't want her with Asher. We've seen that story. He's so needy.

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