From Newbie to Ninja with Node.js - Full Node.js Tutorial Course for Beginners

From Newbie to Ninja with Node.js – Full Node.js Tutorial Course for Beginners

If you’re new to backend or wanting to take on a new language/framework, this is a great course for you. Starting from ground-zero, this Node.js tutorial for beginners covers a complete core-competency skillset in Node.js.

node.js basics, databases with node.js, authentication & authorization with nodejs, Redis caching, deployment and more.

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hey there if you're a front-end or back-end developer and you're looking for a great way to level up this year I may have a great solution for you here that's right this red guy in spandex on the Left could be you I mean look at him that girl is totally checking him out too I've been working on a course called from newbie to ninja in nodejs and I've been developing it for a while and I'm ready to release it to you guys it's going to be awesome so for all you TLDR people just visit store clerk code Academy it's on sale there now and it's 50% off these first three days for all of my subscribers I want to give you guys a great deal this course is 30 videos I've basically taken my five years of day-in day-out experienced coding nodejs and I've determined what the core competencies of a node.js developer are say that five times fast core competencies of a new gist of ever so by the time you're done with this course you're going to have everything it takes to be a node.js developer not just no random bits and pieces about nodejs so who is this video for if you're going to purchase a course you want to know it's for you first and foremost it's designed for people who are new to back-end if you've been doing front-end your whole life and back-end is a little mysterious or terrifying and you're looking for the correct on-ramp this is the ideal course for you with each video I made sure to stop and think how would this feel if I was new to back-end what terminologies would be new what things might be intimidating and I want to make sure I explain them well for someone who's new to back-end if you're experienced in back-end you'll feel right at home along the way and I won't dumb anything down but for anyone that's new it's going to be a really nice on-ramp in to back-end technologies and building back-end applications second it's going to be really good for people with PHP only back-end experience while PHP can mean a lot of things if you've done mostly CMS is working maybe with open source shopping carts and just hacking things around and you can make back-end work but you don't really feel like a true back-end engineer this is going to be a really good course for you because the way nodejs runs as a constant running service puts it alongside of many many other back-end applications basically if you learn nodejs you're going to get the concepts of many other web technologies and a way you wouldn't get if you have PHP only back-end experience also if you're just new to no js' if you're back in developer and you want to learn no js' this again will give you those core competencies in a really quick way really the only thing you need to know is some JavaScript you don't even have to be a JavaScript ninja and I'll put some links to some of my free playlists in the description below you basically need to know the basics of JavaScript maybe watch my JavaScript is weird and awesome course maybe know about modular JavaScript and promises and you'll be good to go so what will you learn in this course we're going to cover six main areas we're going to cover the nodejs basics and all the things that took me a long time to discover about those basics along the way even some things that I just learned over the last year that have always been there and then we're also going to learn Express Jas which is hands-down the most popular web application framework for nodejs we're going to learn all its ins and outs and how simple it is to put together a powerful application then we're going to move on to databases connecting to my sequel getting and setting data and also how to manage those databases in a great production environment like setting up database fixtures so your team can work completely offline with their own database on their machine and handling your production database with migrations some great things which will be really good especially if you're new to back-end then we're going to move into authentication and authorization that tricky piece of how do I do a username password login and know that it's secure o auth to login so you can log in with your Google ID or with your github ID and then authorization and private data and making sure things stay secure then we're going to move into Redis so that way you can manage your sessions and caching and Redis is just a really cool uniquely usable database and then we're also going to cover deployment how you provision those production servers and get that application out to production basically like I said it's going to be everything it takes to get you rolling with nodejs and for the next three days it is 50% off that's right 50% off because I love me my subscribers you guys are awesome you provide great encouragement to me to keep the channel going and so I'm giving you guys 50% off just to say thank you to all those loyal subscriber too many of you have become good friends over the years so three days only three days only three days only and again visits to earn Codecademy to purchase it and don't forget I also have real world docker which is now O'Reilly best-selling training video on docker if you go to O'Reilly comm and search for real world docker that course is still out there and people are really really liking it thanks for listening have yourselves a great day

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  1. I am considering this course and have two questions: What is total time of videos and is it still applicable to current version? Thanks

  2. I'm very new to Node.js. And I'm really happy with this course. The only thing I don't get so far is when to use a router.get and when to use the app.get if you want to do something with HTTP requests. Can you please explain that to me? I hope it's clear what I don't understand exactly.

  3. These Videos are no longer working for me. Anyone else having this problem?
    Video 1 works fine but after that it's hit or miss.

  4. This course is worthy every penny and more. It took me from being scared as fuck and knowing nothing about back end, to learning to love it. Thank you so much for making this course man 🙂

  5. Pol.. Uploading videos on a site which requires subscription and coming here on YouTube and advertising it. If your selling it, you should keep it there. Don't bring it here.

  6. Hi Will! This vídeos have subtitles? or are uploaded to youtube, o some place where i can put subtitles? obviously paying.. thanks! im your fan

  7. Hi there! I have purchased this course. It would be nice to have opportunity to ask you some questions. Is there any way to do it?

  8. I am kind of disappointed here. I purchased this course and found out that you did not actually show any real world application. Why??? 🙂

  9. Man i like the work you do, hustling day and night to produce best sht on youtube.
    You the best man, you are an inspiration. I just bought your course cuz i have project that i wanted to build and i learnt so much from your videos and i am happy to support 🙂

    stay positive hustle hard ignore haters peace

  10. have you used python and Node ? would be great to know from a programming point of how does it feel to write code in two different languages – node vs python. Since node is JS primarily is it easy to structure your thoughts while coding in node, ' cause you don't have to think about syntax and Business logic at the same time ? I have heard eclectic views on this topic so people actually preferring two languages as they feel they it keep them thinking server side and client side

  11. Question I need a quick response cause I want to get into this quicker , but I'm looking too create a games / websites / hacking / scripting WHat sorta areas ,a dn what software would I NEED TO KNOW , now i see there's stuff like NODE videos thats cool and everything , but What the hell is a node and all the stuff your talking about XD.

  12. This is your latest video so I will write you here.

    I am working on a startup, and we are working on some scaling stuff. We have managed to increase our traffic capability by 60% and all of that just by watching your videos.

    As I was watching our brand new servers, working like a charm, I thought – Damn! How much time and energy I would need if I was trying to figure out this on my own.

    So I don't know how to express my gratitude for every lesson you have taught me, for every single video you have made, and for a lot of "aha" moments.

    Your content is gold.

    Thank you sir!

  13. do you have any coupon code? I bought your O'reilly 'real world docker ' already, but I want to keep on rolling with this, I'm a student and I don't have that much money :S

  14. Can I easily use React instead of Moltin (angular) if I want to make a complex ecommerce app, but I'd prefer to just learn React for start?

  15. If you do a series like this with mobx and firebase (database, login, deployment to firebase web, etc…) I woul totally buy it.

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