Found Sunken Truck Underwater in the River at Boat Ramp! (Recovered Truck for Owner)

Found Sunken Truck Underwater in the River at Boat Ramp! (Recovered Truck for Owner)

Today we team up and recover a sunken truck at my local boat ramp! Let’s team up and help this man get a new work truck! Subscribe if you want to see more diving videos! Help me break 6 million subscribers!

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Found Sunken Truck Underwater in the River at Boat Ramp! (Recovered Truck for Owner)

hi guys the trucks are coming out right now a lot a lot of water everywhere any man Wow hey what's up guys Jake here today I'm at a place called Bulldog baton tackle this is the boat ramp here on a Chattahoochee River and yesterday I had an experience I want to share with you guys here on YouTube I look over to my right over here and I see this giant red truck and the river totally submerged and and there's like bubbles going up and everything there's air coming out of there the vehicle was running when it went in so our question is could it possibly be running or is that air coming from the vehicle this is stuff of nightmares man every time I go to a boat ramp that's always in the back of my mind it's something that I never want to do and that nightmare became a reality for this guy and it's just sad and some I wouldn't want to wish on anyone you know this guy didn't seem like he had a ton of money and it looked like it was his personal work sharken every name what's his name I was pulled down here to get my boat out and put her in park around back let my tailgate down to pull my kayak out and she just ran out from under me I'm not too sure what happened here there's just a complete accident he wasn't paying attention and walked out the truck and the whole truck just ended up in the river and he maybe he's a little embarrassed to say that's what happened but are you saying something may have been wrong with his truck and I kind of believe him on this side because when I tried to put the truck in park it wouldn't go and park you know I don't know man like maybe something was wrong with the vehicle or made a complete accident either way I tried my best to help out this guy so he could salvage anything he can from his truck in order for the tow truck to pull the truck out of the water he had to put these big hooks on the back of the end of the truck to pull it out and a tow truck guys like I'm not getting in that water number one it's just murky it's getting laid out and it's creepy and you know I was there I was like well I can help out if you guys wants you so I dug down all right so there's the truck right there it's red or maybe why I'm not too sure but oh my gosh man there's so bad this guy picture of the world right in front of the guy who dropped it in that's so sad the first time I've ever seen something like that it's crazy huh yeah it sucks but yes when I was in recovery school I was another one probably an army in recovery school the water wasn't this deep but we had to go in and hook up a vehicle to tow it out of water yeah but it wasn't this deep hey you want to help me I gotta jump in and hook it up no I can't look through but I can through it if it's too murky down there for you to grab hold of this guy's steel rims on there you can hook the tell them what in the way he goes it's totaled anyway so it doesn't matter what we do I've never talked like this man so what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna try to help the tow guys out I'm gonna dive down and I'm gonna try to hook up whatever they could be hooked up so I can pull this truck out of the water and you can salvage anything you want to salvage man I know this is your work truck and it seems like you're a little tight on money and what I want to do today is tell you guys if you guys want to support him on maybe getting a new truck for his business or anything like that I'm gonna have a go fund me in the description below so if you guys when I help this man have feel free to donate a dollar or two dollars any of that man will will go a long way and maybe he can be in a new truck and they can help them with his business man basically on the rear and the vehicle what you want to do when the reactions just take these hook it that's all you got to do that's it you have to call them most the time if he went to baby art I've already called him dude we have a dive rescue team this is what they have to do well they got a deal mighty today already a dive in putting up the truck and happy it's gonna be crazy come on I dropped down I'm gonna grab that tool he's gonna sing me down to the bottom I'll hook it and then they can pull it out all right we got the girls let's get out there and do this man the first hi guys here we go why is the first time in the back of a truck in the river alright once attached that back down to the other a little I'm excited to use thinking about the water man it's gonna be awesome they're now starting to pull this thing up hopefully I had everything connected to the way they needed it ignited his gettin tight it's like fishing there's like fishing guys the trucks are coming out right now a lot a lot of water everywhere any man Wow what's up put it in park put it in park all right so they need all the brakes on right now they going through the track to turn all the brakes on I've never been in park I got the emergency brake on but the park wants that going in it looks like the park not going in that's crazy as very eerie I was like please don't let go just shut up to the river so they wanted me to go back in there to put it in park I guess they need all the wheels locked up it's very eerie going in that truck man but here comes out play a hothead it's kind of creepy sitting on that truck underwater sorry about that bud but we got it out for you I can't imagine it it's like as soon as that thing starts rolling you don't have but maybe a moment like just a few seconds to even try to do anything that man who seems really bummed out you know they really ain't good but I mean you got to look at the bright side you're here you're alive it's a great day and I mean you might lost a truck you might lost a lot man you hear it's out of the gas right now is going into the river I'm glad I got it up really quickly if we waited any longer more gas would have been in the river and that's not a good thing man tow trucks going away right now Hudson Park that's why they wanted me to put in park so just stays right here pull the truck up on the tow truck right now water miss Hilary once you get that we're just talking about you before you pulled up it's late I wish Jake was here they let me get it out he's actually supported on my channel he watches all my videos and for me to drive by of my jet ski with my friend Corey you know just it I guess in his eyes he's like yes man like Jake come over here and help me and I didn't want to disappoint I could have had someone from the dive team come by but I was here I know the river really well and I was willing to help out and I did today managed own just something I've never done before hooked up with truck underneath the water and I towed that thing out of the water man like that was crazy you know it was the greatest thing in the world to see you go by I know it was you to help because those guys really did need to help so it's really funny how all that worked out that's great you're an awesome guy thank you appreciate your buddy okay Thank You Man appreciate everything Beth reminder in him in the realness this mantra been in and out of shop a lot a lot of money in it a fixer Oh I just won't tell you thank you again for coming out no worries like I said I'm gonna have a link to a GoFundMe in the description below this guy seems like a very nice guy if you guys want to help this man get a new truck or donate money to put towards the new truck feel free to do so you know $1 $2 $5 $10 goes a long way and if a handful you guys do that here on YouTube this guy could have a brand new truck and that mistake maybe could be one of the best mistakes of his life man he could have a new truck especially thank you guys I know he appreciates it and if there's enough money maybe we'll do like a surprise truck meetup or something would like to spend that money get a brand new truck and surprise him or something like that be crazy if you guys enjoy this video make sure you guys leave it a thumbs up and subscribe if he has a new we're closing in on 6 million subscribers and I want to thank you guys so much for that that's just 6 million insane amount of people man is this your product that you're trying to put in you know we have some sunlight man we just got a good and have a good time now

41 thoughts on “Found Sunken Truck Underwater in the River at Boat Ramp! (Recovered Truck for Owner)

  1. That truck is owned by a youtuber who surprise her sister a new CAR and he thrown her sister's car for a new a car

  2. I felt so bad for the owner, he could lose work and not be in a position to buy another one. Thankful Jake could help him..

  3. Hey Jake,. I am telling you this to help you, I love your channel, you and all your boys
    " You and them Rock.. really I am not being a smart butt.
    If you ever have to hook up another vehicle, do it the same except where you hung those big hooks, (there called bigs J' hooks) lol really
    J for Jake. no that's really a coincidence. You know how you took the j hooks from the top and went over the axle rear end take one hook go over the top and on the other side take one who can go over the bottom or you'll have with a collar a positive pool so something should happen and the vehicle was to flip or turn you still have one chain on it..
    I feel stupid telling your anyting because I learned so much from you and all your boys videos it's unreal thanks bro

  4. Com'on in the army and you can't swim.. I do not blame you I would not have went in do that murky water either. I do not like going places I can't see especially where there is a possibility of snakes or alligators or worst yet dead bodies I would freak out oh, they would have to come rescue me.

  5. truck running under water, i love how people will drive a car their entire life but still don't even understand the basics of what a car needs, fuel, air, spark, and compression.

  6. Why do people put thumbs downs like why. Even when he’s helping another person get his car out of the river.

  7. His story definitely checks out, I have a ford ranger of about the same year as that one and it has rolled on me a few times right when I’d put it in park, thankfully I was always sitting in the seat and able to take care of it

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