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After Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint did the WORLD’S SMALLEST TINY 24 HOUR CHALLENGE in MINI TESLA & FOUND ABANDONED MYSTERY BOX (you decide) Instagram challenge and FOUND SECRET CONSPIRACY CODE EXPLORING ABANDONED CASSETTE INVESTIGATION CHALLENGE (HACKER MYSTERY)! The hacker left us a MINI TESLA where we had to do a 24 hour challenge of tiny food and driving our tiny tesla. After the challenge we called some of our YouTuber friends Carl and Jinger, J-Fred from Team Edge, Jake and Josh and Jake Paul to figure out if the hacker may be one of them. We figured out that the hacker might be our friend Justin from Chad wild Clay’s videos. J-Fred eventually told us to turn the cassette tape which helped us solve the cassette tape investigation secret mystery. The tapes led us to a haunted abandoned ninja dojo. While they were at the dojo they found more clues and puzzles and the hacker! Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay brought their spy gadgets and ninja weapons to try and defeat the hacker.
We were inspired by our friends Matthias who did an unboxing 10 Product That Reveal a Secret!! and LIZZY SHARER who is opening safe in ABANDONED SAFE!! (WHAT’S INSIDE?!). Thank you for watching my family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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hi guys have you been following our videos you know that we have found this big cassette tape and this micro cassette tape here they both have messages in them and we have been trying to figure this out and we actually asked you guys to help us out on how to solve what's actually on these tapes a lot of you have told us to play the zombie bird and we tried doing that and it still didn't make any sense to us a bunch of you said to speed it up we tried speeding it up didn't make any sense either but some of you are very clever and actually told us to play them together at the same time and that's something that we haven't tried yet and we want to share this with you so we are gonna put the small cassette in this little cassette player right here since we don't have a cassette tape player I recorded it on my phone so we can play it together at the same time ready B hit play on yours what whoa it formed a full sentence are you really hard to hear that was hard to hear but I think we can figure it out I'm gonna rewind this cassette tape see you guys I need you guys to listen very carefully when we replay this again to get the message okay ready I'm ready okay one two three [Applause] whoa oh my gosh definitely it sounds like the hacker and the hacker knows our name Chad and V you've made it this far time to put this to an end for once and for all meet me at 1873 1876 guille Street I think it said I couldn't really hear the address very well yeah okay you guys comment down below what you heard and we're gonna go to that address right now I'm gonna go get my backpack fill it with some ninja weapons because we need to be prepared the hacker wants us to go to this address I don't trust him he's gonna have a trap or something I'm pretty sure yeah definitely I'm gonna pack my own backpack – with all my spy gear just in case there's any locks or anything any traps ready to set up so yeah let's go pack – do this okay you guys we're here it led us to this like really tiny alleyway but we can barely fit in – and it goes down way way down there kind of creepy are you ready got my sword slash flashlight ready to go all right let's go look at this scary nails here they're just poking out be careful hopefully none of these nails shoot out it's like people don't want us to be going down this alleyway right here this piece of metal here don't touch that it could be a trap where I get set off if you touch it you can't really see anything no too short for this I hear some breathing really yeah but it's really faint I brought my listener I'm gonna turn it to high and then I'll try to listen to it Oh so sounds like someone's sleeping or something I it's like they're snoring like it's definitely a person yeah you sure it's a person not like a Hannibal no here's the money breathing loudly hmm so we just got to be careful I can go on counter them later whoa what is this whoa look at that it's a target practice Wow these are ninja throwing blades wow that's freaky someone who's been practicing their ninja skills whoa Chad what is this thing whoa looks like it I don't know entranceway or something it's locked check it out there's a lot oh gosh you know we never figured out what those locks that we found on the treasure box there were keys in there that we've never used to pick out eventually unlock something yeah let me try them hey they better work this time yeah we've tried my like everything gosh I fit you didn't laugh we must be in the right place so whoever put those keys in the treasure chest they must have not wanted someone to go through this doorway because I why would they bury them in a hidden treasure chest my gosh what's in here it's like a bunch of treasure in here that would be so cool there's a bunch of treasures in there oh my gosh you guys should give this video a thumbs up right now if you guys want us to go in there no it's kind of scary though I don't know if we should go in there what if it's a trap should we go in there guys okay it looks like a bunch of guys have giving this video a thumbs up so I think we should just go in there yeah I trust you guys to do the right thing yeah all right we'll be brave I actually we're gonna use one of these ninja weapons here all right you ready to open this Chen ready look at look at the way the door opens it's bending oh we have to go through like through the top all right I'll go through here first feet where are you I'm right up here right up here ah let me get my my ninja flashlight here I still can't see anything I'm gonna just use my phone yeah this actually isn't that bright cuz it's when you sneak up on people you don't want to use too bright of a light all right so what is this place you're what's supposed to find this place I think okay yeah what's over there okay I'm gonna try to sneak up on okay oh it's a it's a it's a training dummy what mask he's wearing guys huh why is he training against this mask oh you put this here was that was the hacker wearing his mask in like training against the sky green his training room right now should we keep investigation we try to find a light okay she's seen anything interesting make sure to keep an eye out – okay if you see anything just think let us know in the comments below check out this wall guys over here whoever lives here definitely has been training in the ninja skills there's bo staffs over here a huge nunchuck feel multiple alum I brought a pair with me in my backpack as well there's a whip so many swords whoa I wonder if this person's been watching our videos and know that we have a lot of these weapons and they're trying to collect it you know like our skills and what we we know how to use so they're they're training to combat us there's that saying you got to fight fire with fire so you got to fight ninja weapons with other ninja weapons yeah we got to figure out whose room this is whose weapons these are this is crazy look at this it's one of those training devices he's a kung fu master if this person a kung fu master awesome he's training with diabetes I'm kind of afraid of who we're gonna go against Jack he's probably a really good martial artist it probably takes two of us to fight this person probably the door their lock up here unless it's unlocked up here check the bottom there's noise right here Oh what are those symbols this is a diamond a spade I think a heart in a club huh they're like linkers is this person also a professional gambler or are they magician hackers usually are magicians a lot of times okay so we need to figure out how to unlock this door I mean listen here I hear somebody breathing yeah oh yeah so if someone's sleeping that's so weird maybe the hacker is sleeping in here and we can sneak attack him let's just explore this room some more Oh what is this what are these what what what is it whoa is that a weapon I have no idea what was a man to mask whoa with spiced wine oh my gosh that's creepy it's so scary oh yes what's in this other one in the other case okay you open it whoa bunch of garbage whoa playing card alive of diamonds remember that lock it had a diamond on yeah does that mean we have to hit the diamond five times maybe okay let's keep looking garbage oh there's a signature on this one it's a trick 102 sided two-sided this person is a trickster they're definitely a tiger I feel like this is helpful way to keep this okay all right B look at these it's a scuba suit this is all kinds of scuba gear here for breathing underwater look at this I mean a scuba mask a snorkel is this hacker the same person that put the pond monster in the shares poem Oh everyone's been saying this someone's been messing with a lot of youtubers lately maybe this is the person cuz we found a hacker mask here who found scuba gear here where they could have been planting pond monsters gosh who do we know that's a magician too I think cause Keith is it oh yes he is does Colin's key live here huh is he a hacker there's even like a breathing tank so you can breathe underwater right here this what's card Oh another card yeah it's a four of speed that was on the lot too I think I think I'm getting close to a combination you guys try to remember this you guys TST five six I feel like it might be a clue or something oh you are gonna like what I just found me oh yeah you like this trick this is a treasure check this out to switch a lot of stuff so a lot of weird stuff here there's a ton of gloves up here there's gloves down here too we're lives here where's a lot of gloves remember those gloves we found yeah those yellow ones yeah I think this is training Spacey right yeah I think so check out this motorcycle right here so we found like an old motorcycle at the band in town now this motorcycle right here way newer they left their motorcycle here because they're currently driving around our Tesla do you guys know any youtubers that rides a motorcycle comment down below right now oh my gosh okay let's let's hurry up let's hurry up it's gotta be more stuff around here then we have to find some more cards to unlock the lock hey yellow duct tape but not weird it's weird yeah they're usually like silver silver yeah it looks like it's most of it's been used guys seen yellow duct tape before that's really weird yeah I haven't seen Doctor Who has yellow doctor involved I just threw the way up everywhere just saw oh these are cool some motorcycle helmets whoa okay something just fell out of this helmet that fell out of this motorcycle oh really it's another card you guys three of Spades so it wasn't a heart or a club it's another speed let's keep looking I think we gotta find like one more because the thing had four angles on it for directions anything in this box oh yeah a ninja training pads the guy's a black belt no or it could be a girl who's a black belt – we don't know if it's a guy or a girl hacker whoa I saw that yeah I don't want to touch that remember we found the Ouija device in that treasure chest one of that goes with this one whoever buried that treasure maybe used it with this let's see your ghost meter like supernatural stuff at all you guys definitely a ghost in here holy cow lion scared no ghosts I'll bring it with me in my pack yeah you carry it I'm not putting it in my backpack because I want to see what happens when we use this with that BG device that we found in the treasure chest do you hear that snoring powder great hey what is this thing right here oh that's a boxers used for practicing their boxing oh this person must be like really fit they have ninja skills they can scuba dive drive a motorcycle and maybe box we do this this device here is for working out as well you go like this you lift your legs up like this to build your stomach muscles yeah so whoever lives here must be a good fit probably almost as fit as me almost eww lanes the six-pack but I have an eight yeah yeah yeah this can do pull-ups super easily because I'm so tall see that Wow you're like six four so maybe the person who works like here's a little bit smaller cuz this isn't tall enough to do pull-ups on for me you know I shouldn't have to be worried since I have Chad with me what's up there like ninja blades in a basket really yeah and some wd-40 I don't know what's in here oh holy image in is a queen of diamond I think that's the fourth one go test it out on the on the lock okay so these are the four cards that we found and you know it could be like five diamonds and then four strokes on the Spades maybe it's not the numbers this just suits themselves so like a diamond spade spade diamond like that's like the combination we found it and we found the diamond – being a spade and a diamond monster order alright let's try that diamond a diamond that worked whoa awesome oh my gosh that was super easy cool Wow we better be quiet because we member we heard someone sleeping through this door so we got to be very quiet it's opening let's see what's out here oh my gosh look at that guys it's the hacker I see the hacker Mouse okay I feel like I need to be mentally prepared for this before we go in there so thank you guys so much for showing up at the first hole whenever I post a new video make sure to click here to exceed chad and i go through that door we're gonna confront this hacker finally for once and for all subscribe to me and subscribe to Chad right now for more adventures okay so make sure to follow me and Chad on instagram because we need your help so anytime there's a clue that you think we should know about make sure to go in there and let us know so I'll see you on Chad's channel right now

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