FLY Altitude/Magic Speed X52 2.4ghz Drone REVIEW-Will it Carry a GoPro? Watch before Buying !

FLY Altitude/Magic Speed X52 2.4ghz Drone REVIEW-Will it Carry a GoPro? Watch before Buying !

I do a review on the Fly/Magic Speed x52 drone ! There isn’t really a name brand for this drone in the add.Only thing it says on the drone itself is “fly”, But box said it’s a Magic Speed. So that’s what i’m guessing.Link for the drone is below ! Bought it on ebay and there is other similar ones that have same features just with a different name. I also show upgraded batteries and if it could fly with a GOPRO! For Under $50, You could have some fun! Full review on video. Comment with any questions ! Like and Subscribe

I'll go ahead and veil tape this on my phone since I have nothing else to record so you're gonna want to turn it on the lights flashing so far it's pretty good to drone for quality super smooth I still remember how to fly a drone at least let's see how high I can get this up so I'm back inside now the drone took a pretty well hit under the car and now one of these blades I think this one right here just the little cap right here too cheap little little met plastic chrome cap fell off I put back on and now this rotor at least seems like it's a little bent I will show you guys but now also the drone doesn't work at all so I if I put the power on work for a second and they kept on going to the side and then finally after three tries trying to get it flown up it just stopped working so hopefully it's just a berry berries low I got some upgraded berries every body before I even bought this their turn GUI pose so here are the other life pose I got from a hobby King turn gee I didn't eat their turns you got open one up I'll show you guys really quick I'm gonna go ahead and charge these won't take that much time at all it looks like it will fit in there honestly yeah it fits in there better than the originals a little bit smaller about the same milliamp 750 million after T 5 to 7 TC discharged I believe the more higher discharge rate so it should pick it up a little bit quicker got the more punch to it I was pretty skeptical which plugs I was gonna get but I guess it has two plugs so lipo is all done time to charge the other took literally like five minutes to charge that up so so let's see if if this thing actually wants to fly again if it was just a berry oh it's working actually so I guess the berry would blow sick all right oh not that way [Laughter] so they crashed right now the drone and I managed to break all these off pretty much except one to stabilize their little sponges let me go ahead and put the GoPro on here I found all of them actually because it like flew down on the bed of the truck yeah thank you guys so I just got done with my last flight of the day I got in five berry panics and honestly if you just want to scroll to copter drone whatever you want to call it just for a fly-in just doing cool tricks definitely get it it's really fun actually I really wanted it as a quadcopter ever to uh I want to as a drone as a drone to just you know take videos I mean just to megapix or wherever it's a pretty sure it's two megapixel camera really doesn't do that great but you can see the outline of stuff and I bet you guys are ready seen the footage from the camera that comes with it just go down a flying no so like I said the battery I think it died out because the lights are blinking and it doesn't fly no more and it happened previously today so I'm pretty sure the berry is just dead so yes I'll hope you guys liked the review it's not bad drone at all I would get if you just want to play around have some fun show off a bit the 3d flying mode is definitely cool I like it has fun you can do flips all kinds of flips once you get used to it it's pretty good I'm definitely not into drone type scene as I'm too you know RC trucks and cars but yeah guys that's a good drone it won't carry a GoPro the battery lasted really long today right now actually what's now all the cameras even this camera with just batteries in case you guys are wondering I just got about 10 minutes maybe twelve minutes of flight time and I'm pretty hardcore on it 100% throttle I'm just racing around the yard doing some cool tricks and it lasted at least like 12 minutes and then I used the same berry and it lasted only like five to six minutes was the camera on taking video and stuff so it really does matter that's all for today like and subscribe kind of like this review stuff so if you want some you want me to review something just let me know something drone wise under like $80 I'll buy and see depending on what it is and I got some oil leakage there oh I think I just saw my first carnage so then last um so yeah I have a crack right there I think this is the one that that broke the little little accessory metal piece by guy crack and some oil leak and it looks like so that's all for the damage pretty much Reds is forward blues backwards so that's how it is pretty sure that's how it is on all of them yeah $50 I think that's why I paid for it maybe lower forgot but it's definitely worth it guys you want something fun it's a pretty good size honestly for $50 I had another drone I paid like $50 for it too from Best Buy and it was pretty small this one can do some more cooler stuff it did smoke like I said earlier I still don't know what it was I put this a – a slight bow in there I thought was gonna give me a low or a high voltage light instead but instead just smoke the board and still fly straight

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  1. maybe try it with the sq11 or sq12 camera? i will think that will work and have still better quallity than the normaly one

  2. Hi, my x52 is very hard to control – is it possible to reset to factory settings or recalibrate ? Thanks

  3. Hello ! I can remove the camera and use a cellphone on the palace ? Please give my answer ! I am Indian so i cannot written proper English so give my answer

  4. I have been looking for spare batteries. Can you tell me anything about where to order them and what to look for? Also what type of plug is on the end of it?

  5. When you put your drone on you next have to put on your WiFi from your phone settings and you shall see FLY-FVP etc. Just press it and it should say connected, after that just open the fly app and you will see a "help" button, "power" button and a "settings" button. Press the "power" button and you should see your cam comes on, you can press the 👀 button for ur controls to show etc. It may come on upside down but there shud be 2 letter H on your screen press the top one and you should see a few icons it has one with 2 arrows facing each other press it and your camera should flip view right side up!!!

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