First Date Advice GRWM | Shaded By Jade | Ft The Best Affordable UNice Lace Frontal wig

First Date Advice GRWM | Shaded By Jade | Ft The Best Affordable UNice Lace Frontal wig

Hey Mamas ! So this is not the best hair video lol but hope you guys like my advice !!! Love you guys !!
less work !
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come in here or some bullshit like chillingly hey mamas today we're doing a get ready with me where I'm gonna chitchat with you guys about a first date so first I want to show you guys this wig i got from you nice i'm gonna show you guys how about leaks tonight so everything with this wig they sent me this little instruction card along with some lashes so this is the wig they sent me to dark of the lease so you already know i might not be able to really slay this with how i went to because the lace is too dark but we'll make it work and this is also the inside of the wig we are gonna bleach the knot to make it look more natural look stably so nice we're gonna be using some vw2 powder along with some 30 developer now and the first time i use this shit it was terrible it was leaving through my legs but now i learned how to make it thicker so it doesn't bleed through you really want this to be really really thick so that it doesn't leave through that's what i learned that the trick is and when you're putting it on the nuts you don't want to like push it through you want to just basically layer it on there very very lightly okay and i'll let this sit for about a hour I know it sounds crazy but trust me y'all is gonna get some nuts super bleach so to rinse it out I'm gonna be using shimmer lights that's what's gonna get rid of this little brassy orangish color that we have after bleaching the knives okay so this is what it looks like afterwards not bleached looking good now I'm going to pluck it which I'm gonna pluck it off camera so I want to show you guys the stocking cap that I use because you guys kept accenting this in one of my videos punchy cuz okay guys so this is the cap that I just showed you guys so you already know how we basically spray they got to be free spray on the cap now I'm just basically cutting the cap off this is to help the wavelet super supernatural and trying to sort of blend in with my skin complexion I guess is gonna be kind of hard because the lace is too dark so it's a kind of help with the dark lace we're gonna go in with my Sally Hansen tanning spray this is also gonna help him match my complexion a little better glue the wig down I'll be using boho sorry that bottle looks nasty like that but y'all know i like to gu my wig down in three sections so the middle and the two sides so yeah i'm just gonna put a nice layer of that i'm letting that dry i'm over here watching rolling ring oh my god if y'all don't follow him on instagram please father than me so funny and then you know i'm just gonna have a quick sip of wine waiting for this glue to dry in a water bottle i'm just gonna spray the hair out my way so that I can get started with these baby hairs now the baby hairs is the hardest part for me so I'm not really gonna show too much on camera because I'm still fucking up but I just like to take a fin part in the front to make the baby hairs and I'm kind of going big scoops now but I don't want to teach you guys in one way so when I master it I'll do a more in-depth video sort of some concealer in my part to kind of make it look more natural and then I'll also be taking this L'Oreal spray magic spray whatever to make the part kind of crisp and I got it in the color red now if you mess up it's okay just keep applying more concealer one more spray so I'm gonna take some foam and lotion to kind of lay it down make it lately lat flat this is not the best I've done but it's pretty okay for the least feelings are I'm gonna take some Palmer's leave-in conditioner to kind of help these curls it a little bit more rejuvenated consistent very dry okay not looking too bad so I'm just gonna fix that little part right there the baby here is the hard part for me I'm gonna put the scarf on my head for about 10 minutes sorry on my camera has died but I already put on my foundation focus baby focus this is the fit me 3:32 golden caramel and then I always mix my foundations with okay so this is just farmers coconut oil so when you go on your first date ladies I'm telling you do not try this a mega try to over impress them be super cool but also show interest you know I'm saying and like I feel like we want a first date that's when you'll really see what you do or what you don't like about them like you know you'll be texting the guy knows we talk honest like pretty stuff or you know if he's talking like you know I don't know like just be talking you know I'm Sam when you link up with them you'll be able to see that okay is this nigga really like hottie be texting you know I'm saying because like you know like pay attention to stuff like for example if y'all go to the place again tonight you know you want to see if he's the type of guy to open the door for you if he pulls your seat out like stuff like that you know Kay so if he's talking like he's a gentleman that we went to see honey that's what the first date is put your money where your mouth is okay at this really cute letter called get scarlet some people really see it was like a glitter liner I got this from Bhutan they were there and gave it away so I'm just gonna put a little bit of that and like the halo area like if a girl calls his phone I was like you know answer it like you should be able to tell her I like I'm gonna call you right back like you gotta hide up in front of me poo cuz this is our first date light cuz I feel like a lot of times when girls like start dating a man but you know we go up in there I don't know oxide inner like we started it too serious you know like too soon and there's like men they don't be thinking about it like us so we should be thinking about it like super nice because at the end of the day you don't eat your fill this hair so I would just play it cool like don't cut up all your niggas just yet until maybe after a couple of days and you see that okay you know I'm saying is I feel like you know we are on this total of city girl wave or something that but it's nothing wrong with being like the website either and you want to show them next but also let him know like bitch I'm not gonna cut off all my people you know I'm saying if you're gonna be acting dumb like no no no you wanna have it just calling you okay how many your friends call you second I'm just joking about I saw what your friends call you act like they a nigga you know saying that this is is oh I'm just kidding those with it but we fit in that's weird right now I'm the weeds out of my line or go I love this eyeliner colder guys I'm gonna sign it for the eyeliner because I can't do okay cute little wanker nothing oh let me show you guys the lashes that I got damn I ripped animo oh it's called envy by kids I get these from the hair storage or so cute always actually way um lash to nowhere I have a bit off the top off because I was using it to put on my legs but you guys are so cute anyway go if y'all do go out to dinner make sure you have your money ready says okay like don't wait – he don't wait – to see if he's about of hair or anything don't do that like when the tap come bring your money out your knife and like have your money out that's just that and see if he be like oh no no don't worry about it or whatever like you're nothing because maybe expected women to for them to just be going on date just to get food you know I'm saying I know y'all haven't niggas where y'all just use some food you know I'm saying I'm pretty sure they had a bitch that only use them for food so you know I'm saying you want to beat the eyes you know I'm saying you want to be something to friend you wouldn't hear a breath of fresh air you don't want I'm just thinking like you using him just for a move so have you me out now of course you want him to be like oh don't worry about it I'm saying like of course we want him to say that you know saying but just show them some the difference now don't be surprised is he lets you pay for it he might have the money but he might let you pay for it just to see if he wants anything afterwards and he might be waiting to see is you gonna have your money out to you know say so y'all that's why I hate my hate like the beginning stage because the side yeah both playing mind games with each other but he might sit there and let you pay for it just to see if you gonna bring it up like oh but I see if you're gonna act funny or anything and he may have the money base is like a mind game you know I'm saying like it's so stupid I'm telling y'all I remember I had when I'm sitting there with my boyfriend and his friends and my boyfriend's friend he was out of town he was visiting us well he was visiting my boyfriend here in Atlanta and we had open up to dinner and I had you know pay for the tab or whatever and he was like what the fuck I'd never seen a girl like ever paper tab I'm I would so like I've never seen a girl pay for its head I'm right that's weird when I'm saying like he said that what he'd used to just go on dates with girls like you know it'd just be using him for a free meal I had to take this damn scarf off but y'all it's raining now don't kill me my camera keeps dying but um I already good at my concealer I'm just putting some powder under my eyes now and you don't want another to think that you need okay I understand he needs to understand that he is about to be you know nothing but a plus you're already the situation you know you already have your own legal point so if you got his shaking on those who he's just a pluses he don't make a radio ok this powder I'm not using the shade of OJ powder I'm using dermablend and look hot and white and shit under here like but I'm not like that but niggas need to know like since they are just hot barely a plan they're just there they need to know that you're Babich with or without them so make sure you come with jiseok home with some money right you know singing you know it's lit like come in there or some bullshit like chilling like I need got it like you know you gotta like do your makeup this is a cute makeup look and I'm saying you ain't doing a bowl it mine on the lips I have shaded by Jaber Coco lip liner and peekaboo blows hit this way from you nice honey it's good even though it's a shade dark for me the leases to dirt I feel like for me to be like a beginner doing my hair I feel like it's kind of looking ok you come up to wherever you are going and just treat it like it's a regular day a nigga but I know this bitch is cold okay she impressing me know when I when I was a baby or not now I haven't not I have been liking not wearing um highlighter yeah I don't like eyeliner into my eyes but I love this matte look so I've been loving this matte look so I'm gonna spray the hell out of my face okay overspray on your face like definitely fix any clothes this is a look right here okay now I can also work out clothes right now but she'll go do that too now you could wear something that you wear to go workout in you know cause like a nineteen tights and top kind of thing like that's cute so you can wear that to work we likewise are not going nowhere like upscale but if you guys want to show date which I highly recommend this give them a cute low makeup look like this you know super nude lip chillin light bro and we're done you nice little be some more boys and go look right here this guy's is a rat for this video excuse me if I didn't give you guys a major in depth video of the hair like I said I was just struggling with the lace being too dark for me I normally wear transparent laid so under the net the hair feels really really good the makeup is on fleek like you know we try to maneuver it as much as we could and that's all that matters but again first date sets keep it cute keep it chill you know keep it fun keep it fresh come up in here or some bull shit okay um maybe every times like this video make sure you come in like subscribe let me know any other topic so I'm gonna talk about any other looks you want to see me do and I'm so happy that when I believe these knots y'all like I'm piping shit that it didn't bleed in so I don't have to spray a whole bunch of it like I did it in the first fret video I ever did on my little hair so I'm very proud of myself but I love you guys so much guys are finally at 20k 20k subscribers like I remember big and April only had like 4,000 the more consistent I am I see my channel really growing I just want to tell my mom and say I love yo yo so much success for my channel would not be where it's at right now my goal is to make it to a honey cake cuz I just want that little do to platt you know I feel so achieve of course I wanna take my channel beat on that but I really hope to get some hundred K so hopefully you guys can help me get there I love you guys so much I enjoy putting out so much content for you guys I can't wait till I move so I can get like a whole new YouTube room you know gonna be like my woman cave so my boyfriend can't coming here and getting on my nerves anyway yeah I love you guys so much we are sisters whatever you guys want to talk to me about comment below any questions and you couldn't serve anything gonna let's talk let's chat I love you guys so much y'all know I'm here for y'all make sure y'all follow me on instagram at shaded by Jade I'm very active on Instagram so if you ever wanna chat with me on Instagram come on Ian girl but look nice so much bang oh don't forget to shop you nice wig okay guys I love love love all the info on this hair will be in the description box below once again

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  1. Congrats Jade I like watching your vids Bc your real AF 😛😛😛😛😛 this unit if Gorg an your Beat Face is everything 💧💧💧💧💧😂😂😂😂 an your skin so clear an Flawless

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    This hair is absolutely amazzinggg i love the curl texture & i did an amazing review on this hair on youtube. I definitely recommend to buy this!! good quality and very affordable.

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