Fingerstyle Tutorial (Right hand)- Sultans Of Swing

Fingerstyle Tutorial (Right hand)- Sultans Of Swing

I gote many requests for this short tutorial.
I hope it will help you a little bit.

The full tutorial:

Good luck!

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hey guys John Schlesinger here I'm going to do tutorials for the right hand of soldiers of flings so I'll do it in the regular tempo and then I'll do it slow and I try to explain something but the main thing is that you just look I learned everything all my life just by looking and I suggested – like so regular example okay so slow what is that here is five elements we have they're not as you can tell already we have the philtrum like a okay in the top we have sometimes a free for two together together and sometimes we just have their base along and the fifth element like Milla Jovovich in this zone is that the Flamingo style okay just like you're just a player just practicing it so let the sloan-c from channel sorry kik-kik P final you just just have to feel like a drummer and not a guitar player this is how I feel when I play this so and again kick from kick kick kick kick big fella go they're how to do this a very slow and again regular tempo all right hope it helped you a little bit and feel soon but

29 thoughts on “Fingerstyle Tutorial (Right hand)- Sultans Of Swing

  1. Merçi Yoni .C'est magnifique parce que c'est exactement le problème que j'avais avec cette chanson
    sur le tuto de 1heure 08….je ne savais pas que tu avais fait celui auparavant.C'est magnifique parce que je ne suis pas habitué à ce style de jeux….Je joue du picking.(Marcel Dadi)

    Merçi d'avoir pensé à tout.
    Raouf d'Agadir.

  2. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS!!! I have spent three days trying to get the technique watching yours "non tutorials" videos in slow motion… you make my day, :))))))))))))))))))))

  3. very useful t. you are a generous fellow
    Yoni, I have been waiting for the instructional video behind you, you are a superstar👍👍

  4. I love your style of guitar playing! I have been playing all my life and just started learning flaminco techniques last year. But even at your slow speed it is still too fast. You should really think of breaking this song down better and slower. You are an amazing guitar player and to you, your slow speed and the way you break it down is fine. But to us your slow speed and the way you break it down is still crazy. I'm constantly rewinding each little thing you do: each slap, pick, flaminco finger lick, and strum. I really hope you decide to redo the right hand lesson for sultan's of swing so I can learn it better for my schedule is tight and learning like this is way too much time. Even breaking it down in tab over you playing it would be awesome. I hope you read this and thank you for the videos, over the past month I got my family and friends enjoying your videos too.

  5. Hi guys!
    I dont know if Everyone read the description of the videos, so I just put it also here:

    First of all, tnx so much for your lovely comments and massages. I will contintue to provide cover for great songs, and also wanna make quality Studio versions, tutorials and tabs for many songs and arrangments that you ask, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Brothers In Arms, Sultans Of Swing, Shape Of My Heart, Romeo And Juliet, and many others..

    But for this I will ask for your help by supporting the channel. I just add a Paypal link .
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    Thank you all in advance, and see you in the next video / tutorial!


  6. This will take me forever !! I dont think you realize how good you are, im an advanced player in my little world but light years behind you , you really need to dumb it down 10 levels for us mortals , please !

  7. Йони, большое спасибо за такое подробное обучающие видео! )))))
    Пытаюсь научиться играть эту песню)))

  8. 0:55 I can't figure out the flamenco part…. Does he play the G string 3 times or just random strings? Sometimes it seems like it's just the G strings and other times it look like he just passes some other strings as well.

  9. Thanks for this and the other Sultans of Swing lesson, Yoni. Your nails on your right hand don’t seem to be very long. Are you playing mostly with your fingertips or your nails, or a bit of both? I find my nails get caught in the strings when I try to do the flamenco style. Do you think shorter nails are better for this style? Any tips on nails?

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