FIFA 20 Player Ratings - Manchester United & Manchester City - My FUT 20 Predictions

FIFA 20 Player Ratings – Manchester United & Manchester City – My FUT 20 Predictions

Welcome to my player ratings series for FIFA 20! Today I’ll be showing you ratings for both Man U, Man Utd, Man United, Manchester United, Man City, Man C, Manchester City players in my predictions for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team! Let me know your player rating predictions for FUT 20 below in the comments!

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hey guys it's Scott here and welcome to the first of five anticipated FIFA 20 or ratings videos now hopefully you enjoy them if you disagree or agree with any of the ratings are in this video then leave it in the comment section down below so that I can see your feedback and what you think these players should be rated going into FIFA 20 but what we're going to be doing is comparing FIFA 19 ratings of different players throughout the Premier League mainly for four of the five videos and then the fifth one will be other top players around the world and hopefully this will fill the gap nicely between FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 a little bit we're nearly there guys so your hope for FIFA 20 and you're excited to see the official ratings coming soon if that thumbs up button down below and subscribe if you know if you want to see daily streams and videos of FIFA especially when 20 drops is gonna be so much content it's going to be sick so we were jumping today we are looking at Manchester United and Manchester City now the way that I'm doing these videos hopefully is something that people find interesting I've taken a small selection of a couple of new signings as well as high rated players players that are interesting to people that play the game compared to people that you're not really going to see in teams etc the main guys really from each of the teams are what we're looking at so we're gonna start things off with David daheia so in 1519 obviously it was a 91 a lot of people thought he was a best goalkeeper in the game non non special card is between him and Courtois I thought for pretty much most of the game but that's not what we're talking about we're talking about actual real-life performances now David hire it's fair to say did not have the best of seasons last year for Manchester United or Spain he didn't perform that well and so I think that him going and getting knocked down from a 91 to a 90 is very realistic and very fair this year we know that he's a quality keeper but last season he just wasn't up to his usual standards I feel like he made more mistakes in that season than he normally doesn't previous seasons as well and maybe it was just a fact that he wasn't confident in this defense in front of him and so that fixed his mentality or something and this season maybe will be a lot different now that they've got a couple of other players improving the a defense bit I feel a downgrade for David the hair is fair this year next we move on to one of a couple of new signings for Manchester United Erewhon ba soccer now this is a difficult one because normally from one season to another season please don't get upgraded an absolute ton however I remember soccer has a gold card that went to 76 last year and then got a team of season that was an 87 now the jump to go from a low rate of gold to a mid to low rated gold is not as big as going from like 87 to 91 right obviously that's a much much bigger jump so I think that based on how good he was last season he was an absolute animal for Pallas obviously now moved to man you I think that he'll get a good solid all rating of grace to be honest city and his stats will obviously reflect that and it could actually be a very viable card early doors he will also be getting a hyperlink but this man that has also transferred over so Harry Maguire obviously eighty million pound man eighty-five whatever from us to Manchester United I think he'll go up by one I don't think he'll go to 84 if he does that'd be ridiculous he honestly doesn't deserve to go up he wasn't that good last season but I think that the fact that he's gone for so much money and he's gone to a bigger club will therefore get him the upgrade even if he doesn't really warrant it based on last season's performance which is what ratings are based on I think you should stay at 82 based on again the fact that he wasn't incredible I think he will go to 83 I'd be very surprised to say you're higher than that but then again it's ei so who knows but I think you'll get a little bit of pace increase because he's not the quickest in the world but he's not he's not less than 50 pace slow come on but his dribbling stats should get a decent boost as well as his passing because I feel like that's his best attribute is being able to pass through the lines of a team so I feel like he does deserve an upgrade to his passing especially long passing and vision stats should definitely get a nice increase for Harry Maguire defending in physical boosts obviously as well next up all EP now I feel like pump is gonna be a very controversial one because fans of other teams will probably and maybe many fans that don't like him will probably say oh how can you get pogba an upgrade he was terrible ba ba ba ba ba but for men you he dominated basically every step like it created the most chances scored the most goals got the most assists he was basically keeping the team together and I feel like he deserves bumping up a little bit purely on that fact on his day he is an absolute top class liar I don't I still don't feel like we see him playing to the level that he can do quite consistently enough first game of the season though in the 1920 season got two assists one absolute ping of a ball to Rushford I feel like he could get an upgrade especially based on the amount of special cards it got last year as well they fact they give him a 30 isn't a headliners and everything they seem to really like him though it wouldn't surprise me that he will potentially get this upgrade next we move on to Alexi Sanchez I thought I'd feature a downgrade in this one purely because I don't want everything to just be upgrades and I want a high profile player to sort of get a rating that I think they'll get though Alexi Sanchez is one of those Arsenal he was unreal right but menu is just not clicked for him I don't know what it is maybe is Fitness maybe is chemistry with the other players and the managers but it just has not worked for him so a downgrade for Sanchez is inevitable and I feel like you'll probably go down by two there's a chance that maybe I'll go to 86 but I think they'll knock him down by two down to an 85 because does he even more than 86 based on what he's done since he's gone to menu I don't think so but I think it'd be way too harsh to take three ratings off of a guy I don't think that they'll do that so Sanchez I put down to an 85 and then the last one I believe I've put in at full Manchester United now this is rushman post upgrade I think he'll get upgraded again now last season again he wasn't incredible but now he's gonna be their main striker for the upcoming season he did okay last year and I feel like they'll bump him up a little bit again he got multiple special cards as well and I feel like with a AAA regardless of exactly what they did to earn the special cards that's always gonna give them a much bigger chance of getting up greater than aim next we'll move on to Man City now I think I've got six months City players here as well Raheem is the first one start the year than 85 go on oh great 187 there's arguments to put him up to an 89 however I I just don't know if they'll push him that far from an already upgraded card I feel like you'll only go up by one more I feel like your stats will get a half-decent upgrade I just don't see him going past the 88 mark don't be surprised if in January when the next set of upgrades come out maybe he goes up to like 90 rated because he started this season with a hat-trick right last season he was incredible obviously one young player of the year deserves another upgrade I just don't know if they'll bump him too so I've been safe on this one I mean with the upgrades that I've put on each of the stats that could probably be an 89 card anyway but I think we'll see something like that for Raheem going forward next up Bernardo Silva how did he not get a January great but others silver was one of the most underrated players until I passed two months of last season and then all of a sudden everyone seemed to realize how good he had been the guy is a baller I said this when he played against us in the cup when he had to first join them he was male a match by far he destroyed us and just his agility on the ball is passing and his vision was just on another level to even the other ridiculously good man that he plays on the pitch when I saw him play the first time and he just seems to be going from strength to strength he's not even specifically a right wing anymore he can play in the middle and though he's versatile in that so I would love to have bumped Bernardo all the way up to an 87 however without a January upgrade I don't know if they'll give him a +3 so I think 86 for how he played last season is too low but I just don't think that they'll bump someone up three ratings I mean I'd love to be wrong because I would look benardos card to be even better than it is because his team of seasoned cards sick to use and I wish that his normal base card would reflect how good he is in real life next up we've got Jared Kinsella obviously transferred from you vitamin City now he hasn't started the first game for Man City but he'll need to work his way into the squad etc bump Kyle Walker out of that right back spot I think Kinsella is gonna get upgraded he already got upgraded in January from 81 to 83 but again then gets a team of the season got multiple informs last year when the league with the Ventus etc etc I think they'll bump him to 84 and again getting that big-money move to a Premier League club normally will just get you the upgrade as well even if you didn't deserve an upgrade you'd probably get one for moving to a big club like Man City or whatever so I think you'll go to 84 and that will be a sick card fee 420 him and Kyle Walker both are the same club it's just gonna be nonsense which one of people going to use we've got a couple more another big signing for month city was like 65 milsat thing like that Rodri or Rodrigo from Athletico his first match in the actual season looked very very good what he also managed to get himself an 88 rated card at Athletico last year so I believe that he'll get a slight upgrade I don't know if that bump him up by 2 I've been safe on this one and I think he'll get in at 83 but some decent upgrades to his stats including his passing going up by a little bit and so that is a breeze having to brine that now again this could be controversial however we've seen it so many times in the past let's get injured it's not their fault they get downgraded that's how FIFA works right the one thing the one reason why I was hesitant downgrade him is that KVB has been like one of the the face cover star kind of people for FIFA 19 so he may keep his rating even though he did get injured and was out for a massive chunk of last season he was good when he did play but normally we've seen this over the years with other players in different leagues and everything like that they just get downgraded because they're injured now I don't think he should be but this is just my prediction of what we're gonna see when FIFA 20 rolls around I think this is the last one Sergio agüero now let me just check it is how is he not a 90 already honestly like the guy is an absolute king of the Premier League like he's just incredible it deserves a night rate card simple as that the guy is ridiculously good one of the best our own players has ever been in the Premier League he deserves this card Oh give it to me eh okay simple as that so what do you think on these players that I've chosen do you agree with my ratings do you think they're completely wrong let me know in the comment section down below but thank you very very much for watching this is the first of five of these kind of videos coming out over the next few days hopefully we enjoyed it if you did thumb it up subscribe if you're new and I'll see you ro for another one of these each links and more Premier League clubs good bye

25 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Player Ratings – Manchester United & Manchester City – My FUT 20 Predictions

  1. Haary magiure wasnt that good scored 3 goals chased by the two biggest clubs in England and is amazing in the air probaly top 5 top 10 in the league

    Rashford did okay the way he was playing when OGS came in he could of competed for golden boot if he kept his form

    (You're probaly a Man City or Liverpool fan)

  2. Congrats on 60k mate, enjoy your holiday, fully deserved. All I ask is please dont ban me for expressing my opinion on stream. Got perm banned for saying Everton have a better side than Leicester 😂I know you personally didnt ban me, but surely not worthy a ban that scott?

  3. Sanchez is fucking trash lmfao 85? Maybe 82 if he’s lucky. Also Bernardo should be 87-88 minimum, not 86.. What a joke 🤡

  4. I remember when you said maguire wasn’t your guys best defender last year 😂😂😂 now look at ur defense

  5. Agree with all but de bruyne shouldn’t get downgraded, just today against spurs he played a great game and will continue to do so for the rest of the season.

  6. I think Cancelo will get a +1 with an upgrade to dribbling and passing with a downgrade to defending. Rodri deserves 85

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