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[Applause] what's going on my name is ovn welcome to a new FIFA 20 tutorial on the channel guys today we've got a big one finishing tutorial in FIFA 20 this year indeed we've got the finish shots which are extremely overpowered but they work only from certain positions on the pitch overall shooting is balanced I think is the most balanced shooting in all FIFA series and in the next couple of minutes we're gonna go through all the possible finishing techniques before getting started make sure to smash the like button let's try and get over 1500 likes when that happens oby will put up a new tutorial on the channel as always your support means everything to me we're gonna start with the most open technique of them all the finesse shots first of all at the far post then at the near post as you can see this is a perfect angle for a finesse at the far post as always you've got the live controller in the left bottom corner it is an incredible addition to the tutorials you get to see life exactly which buttons I press and in this particular situation I am loading the power bar at the shot button at around 3 bars in my opinion it is the optimum power for a shot for a finish shot from that position and in combination with our one on PlayStation 4 controller and RB on your xbox one controller and aiming as you are seeing at the far post the result is a beautiful goal take into consideration if you are in a more central position then the left analog doesn't move as much down it goes a bit more direct towards the far post next we've got the finished shots at the near post and these type of shots work from inside the penalty box only but only when the goalkeeper comes a bit to pressure you goes outside the goal if the goalkeeper is stationary on the goal line and then I would not advise you to go with the finish shot at the near post use it only guys when the goalkeeper is rushing a bit towards you the power for a shot at the near post from this position is around one and a half bars two and a half bars again result is beautiful it is a goal and all I do from the left analog is aim it towards the goal directly perpendicularly to the goal line moving now to power shots from inside the penalty box and they seem to be very reliable like the finished shots but they are a bit more versatile being able to use the power shot from more angles inside the penalty box we've got two power shots at the far post power shot at the near post I'm gonna show you the difference between the two and my preference for these two options in this first example I have Salah in the center of the field we just entered the penalty box I could go there with a finesse at the near post I could go with a power shot at the near post why not be smart watch the positioning of the goalkeeper it's such a big empty space at the far post it would be a pity not to try it again the power is between two and three bars and the direction of my shot I don't shoot directly you know and the goal I move it a bit in a diagonal direction the left analog now for power shots at the near post I like to use a right footed player on the left side of the pitch if I have for example right with a player on the right side of the pitch I'm gonna try and do a power shot at the far post but if I have a right footed player on the left side of the bridge it is similar to FIFA 19 they were Opie back then also I like to do it at the near post with his right foot the power is around two bars and the direction is directly to the goal I aim perpendicularly to the goal line man now we've got one of the biggest game changers from FIFA 19 and in FIFA 20 I know a lot of people haven't been using this in FIFA 19 you gotta use this I've used it so much guys even when I hit two times in a row thirty and all last year this skill move is the perfect setup for any type of shot for any type of pass the modified standing fake shot what is the big advantage with this particular skill move you can turn guys anywhere to the left to the right up down your player will do a standing fake shot in any direction with exit in any direction imagine you can run by having and having a bad angle towards the goal you cannot shoot but if you do this type of fake shot you can arrange perfectly the exit in order to do it as you are saying on the screen guys you will have to press and hold RB on your xbox one controller or r1 on your Playstation controller and move the left analog in the direction that you want to have the exit after you've done that it's pretty easy guys you do a finesse shot at the far post the whole idea regarding this type of shot is the fact that the standing modified fake shot offers your fake pass offers you the opportunity to set up the shot to set up the angle for your shot of course you can't have a finishing tutorial without talking about the chip shot it's not that effective all the time I honestly do not recommend using it in most situations but there are some situations when it works in this scenario right here the Goldberg is rushing towards my striker another important thing is that besides the space that needs to be between the goalkeeper and the goal there needs to be space between your striker and the goalkeeper in order for this chip shot to work in order to perform it you'll have to press and hold l1 on your Playstation controller lb on your xbox one and load the shot button usually the power should be around two bars and now let's talk a bit about the setup about the sweaty goals some people call it like that I like to call it the smart play I'm here one-on-one with Neymar I have let's say 90% chances to score goal but why not make it a hundred percent why guys just pass it towards the empty space for your free player it's got the space it's gonna score it a hundred percent do not risk missing one out of ten from that position when you can score ten out of ten it's important also to be aware of your position on the pitch inside the penalty box I'm controlling Henderson here in the opponent's penalty box could be crazy and to do a shot from there could do a finesse at the far post maybe I can score who knows five six out of ten but I have empty space near Fubini autonomous taking over there his all alone why not pass the ball to him and from there on I can do an easy easy finish and score a hundred percent so be aware guys of where the player that you are controlling with the ball is positioned do not rush into a shot be aware of other players other teammates let's talk a bit about the old school driven shot when the ball goes on the grass like a driven shot but it's not the combination for a driven shot I like to use this when I'm four or five meters away from the goalkeeper when a normal shot that would elevate the bow would be very very dangerous and the goalkeeper might might save it I mean dangerous for me I like just to tap a bit as you are seeing the shot button the result is an old-school driven shot a slow shot that just goes in the goal with no chance for the goalkeeper to save it new feature guys in FIFA 20 we've got the lofted passes and how do they impact the game besides the fact that they are easier for the receiver to get well they are the perfect setup for a shot previous year in PIPA 19 first our shots were overpowered now a bouncing pass towards your tip my teammate a lofted pass is overpowered because you've got the first touch you can use it shoot it directly and it goes in so so well much better than if you were to pass the ball on the ground to your teammates so remember laughter pass in front the belt in front of the penalty box in the penalty box and then a direct shot results almost all the time in a goal last but not least we've got the driven shots the combination to perform a driven shot is press and hold RB + lb on your xbox one controller or r1 plus l1 on your Playstation controller and press the shutter button they are not effective in my opinion at the far post they're unpredictable over there but they do work pretty pretty well if you do them from a central position at the near post as you are seeing in this first example I do a driven shot I loaded at approximately three bars it goes in beautifully in this second example being a bit closer to the goal I do the same thing but I load less the power bar one thing that I didn't cover in this finishing tutorial was the time finishing it is pretty hard now to hit the green it is more for pro players this feature but there are some Centrex that will help you hit that cream make sure to smash the like button if you wanna see a dedicated tutorial for time finishing for time shooting in FIFA 20 this will be all for today guys thank you all for watching my name is ovn I'll see you guys later


  1. Just got fifa and will play a $100 tournament, and I am trying to get good by watching these vids. Wish me luck haha

  2. dont know why , but i cant do a modify standing fake shot. everytime i try it just passes forward. ive practised over and over , but just cant seem to get it. any tips?

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Ovvy, hopefully now after watching this video I will score more opportunities than I do now because now I will get like 15 shots on target and only score 2 of those lol

  4. Thanks bruh,I really needed this, having 12 shots on target and losing at the end sucks,Amma use this shooting techniques

  5. do you press L3 when shooting at target and giving crosses? he indicates that on your controller. if you do that .. why do you do that?

  6. This doesn’t help when your playing single player offline. Get on to ultimate team and pull those off it’s not as easy to score like that in ultimate team

  7. Ovvy,mai gândește-te la primii tai subs. Ne-am saturat de introul asta frate :)) " just like that Ovvy puts it in" 😂 numai vreau. Hai bafta in continuare!!

  8. I usually dont use skill moves, i only pass. Sometimes i think this is a more effective way to play, because every chance you get you will likely score (I finish gold 1 almost every time). Should i learn how to use skill moves and if i should which?

  9. The beauty of fifa is to play good and smart football, youre killing the game by giving people nasty ways too score cheap goals and play dirty.

  10. Let the game come out so people learn it. You guys always make these terrible tutorials so people play like bots! Let them use their brains.

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