Feel Safer And Gain Confidence On Your Motorcycle - Advice For Beginner Riders

Feel Safer And Gain Confidence On Your Motorcycle – Advice For Beginner Riders

Gaining confidence on your first motorcycle can take time. Some of you might not feel comfortable riding in traffic or taking corners as a beginner rider. In this weeks video, I share with you some advice on how to build confidence on your motorcycle and feel safe while doing it.

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  1. You can be 100% safe riding without gear, I have done so for almost 50 years. Do you wear gear when you walk across the street? Why not,.. you could get hit by that car because you did not look first. Well the same applies to riding. If you are expecting that gear to protect you from being stupid, then you will have a chance to find out.

  2. Great video!! Your insights are so helpful. I am a new female rider and turned 40-something and decided to make this dream reality. Your vids are sooo helpful and i appreciate you putting so much time and effort into the channel!!

  3. Ive just passed my mod 1 and mod2 Uk test and got my full licence this week, everything you have said in this video is how I intend to ride. At 47 I need the enjoyment more than the speed. Keep up the good work with the vids👍

  4. I love the way you speak, the way you behave on the road and how calm and chill you are. Really great videos, keep up the good work 🙂 I started riding in may on 125cc and september switched to bmw g650 xcountry that I'm modding now for adventure riding and to have fun. Hope to see you and RyanF9 in a collab some day!

  5. Great and slow video, just gotta build those skills and setup that good foundation with fundamentals. Never exceed your ability, stay safe out there man!

  6. Great advice. New rider still shopping for my first bike. I'd love to ride on the quiet backroads in your video. Unfortunately, Honolulu is very congested so new riders here get thrown out in crazy bumper-to-bumper stop and go traffic from Day 1. Even church and school parking lots are gated for security so it's very difficult to find an off-road area to practice low-speed maneuvers and just get comfortable with the bike. Where's an abandoned strip mall when you need one. 😉

  7. Hey gas,how do u deal with heavy bikes like a superbike in tight turns? I know a guy who dropped his R1 in a tight corner because of the weight.

  8. It totally reminds me of the West Hills of Portland Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful like that in the Fall season. Thanks for the awesome video for beginner riders.

  9. I now consider you my post-riders school teacher. I am so grateful to be hearing your advice on finding a favorite road and riding tour own ride. It's all so incredibly helpful. I'm on month 5 on a HD street 750 in Los Angeles. I can use all the advice you can give. I'm binge watching your channel friend!

  10. I bought my first bike a little over 2 years ago and with one exception have ridden it in all the gear all the time, on that one occasion I was doing some work around the house and need to make a purchase from the local DIY store so went out in jeans. I was amazed at how cold I got and how quickly. I also ride a scooter for work, during one ride I rear ended a car and banged my knees. I was wearing works uniform, cargo pants, it was low speed, I stayed upright, but banged my knees. I suffered bursas on both knees that were painful for about a month. I feel luck that the accident and injuries weren't more severe. Now I wear motorcycle pants with knee protection for every ride, regardless of the bike I'm on. ATGATT.

  11. Absolutely love and appreciate your videos I subscribed to your video feed love the laid back approach you have and the advice is solid as a new rider myself this is helpful

  12. Great video, and spot on words. As an older guy just learning to ride (#midlifecrisis) this chimes with me. I don't want to be the fastest on the block, but just develop new skills without scaring myself to death. Nice to see someone has put this together and put it out there for people to learn from. Leave the ego at home and enjoy the ride without putting pressure on yourself. Don't worry about fluffed gear changes. I'm going to go out tomorrow, find a car park and really practice the slow maneuvers stuff off the back of this advice. Then take a ride (sensibly) on my favourite road – I am getting to know my bike – like 8 rides in now, but need to keep mindful and not get complacent. Thanks GS.

  13. Fun fact about seatbelts. My dad had an accident as a passenger in a car in September. The belt broke 4 pairs of his ribs and the breast bone (in 2 places). But he's alive.

  14. Yes I certainly agree with riding at your confidence level. That is when motorcycle riding is fun, safe and relaxing. When riding with groups … ride how you like to ride. Sometimes I have to tell others that I am a slow rider and I will catch up.

  15. All very true. As a new rider myself (4 months now and counting) all of these tips have helped me greatly. Low speed maneuvering has also let me beat a few more seasoned riders around corners and turns. You get to learn and trust the bike and know it won't dump you when you're doing certain things. If you can do it slow, you can do it fast and usually better than others that never do it slow.

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