[ Eng sub ]  Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial #1

[ Eng sub ] Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial #1

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When painting a tree, are you dotting each leaf one by one ?
In this video, I will be showing you how to paint a tree with a more practical approach while still capturing the essence of the tree.
I hope you will find this video helpful in your artworks. The length of this video is 5 minutes 01 seconds.

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36 thoughts on “[ Eng sub ] Watercolor Tree Painting easy tutorial #1

  1. This was an amazing video to watch, thank you so much for igniting my love for watercolor and art

    Thank you so much :> you have a heart of gold and a great mind :>
    Thank you for making our lives so much more whole :>

  2. Such an incredible artist , love your work , still trying to get really got at drawing first but water colors will be my first thing to try after i get all the things i wanna learn to draw in detail first. Love your channel please keep uploading ! Much love from Argentina!

  3. I have never thought of how important it is to paint the general picture instead of worrying about the smaller units idea. Such a great advice and such a beautiful, vibrant tree, thank you so much for the tutorial! 💚✨🎨🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️💚
    小さいユニットのアイデアを心配するのではなく、全体像を描くことがどれほど重要かを考えたことはありません。 このような素晴らしいアドバイスと美しい、活気のあるツリー、チュートリアルをありがとうございました!💚✨🎨🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️💚

  4. 今度写生大会あるから役に立ちました‎(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑💦植物園に行くのでほんとに助かりました‎(ू•ᴗ•ू🌼)

  5. この技術を動画で知れるなんて良い世の中になったなぁ。

  6. thank you man, i've been struggling with trying to draw and paint trees for ages! this was really helpful and i'm so glad i stumbled upon this video.

    your voice is so calming! and i find myself really invested in watching many many videos, eveything looks so simple but turns out so beautiful, it makes me feel like small or unexperienced artists like me have a chance! ^^

  7. I followed a few links from Tumblr to come and check out this channel, and found this very interesting. Even if I'm not painting traditionally, the tips here can also be applied to my digital work and especially regarding the gentle splaying of shade and light has given me some good ideas for the background of my next open-air piece.

    Arigato Goziamasu!

  8. Thank you for this tutorial, the explanation of lighting helped me a lot and the brush techniques used were very cool to try 🌱

  9. Him:makes beautiful and amazing painting

    Me: ohh~ this is cool i wanna try

    1hour and 59 minutes later

    Me:This.. is.. uhh
    (Lies) amazing haha
    brothers comes
    But i i this is my painting dont you like it?
    Big brother:No.

  10. I am in the second year of architecture, this tree will look spectacular in my sales sheet, thank you very much. I will continue watching the videos to see a little more of these techniques ❤

  11. I only used watercolors when I did my final proyect, like a year ago for the art elective (I'm really sorry, my english is poor ;;;) but after that I was too afraid to paint again with this technique; I found this video in a post on Facebook and, you know what?? I FELT REALLY INSPIRED, as if there was a river full or energy in the middle of a desert, like the feeling of seeing something bright and so, so beautiful; it's like I rediscovered the beauty of painting, drawning, etc (1 year without doing a proper skecht or something else) so in conclusion I'm really really grateful to been able and find this YouTube channel and find your art, thank you very much.

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