Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

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In this tip I follow up on the first tip I did called Effortless Golf Swing. In it, I showed how easy I could swing yet generate some serious power. After I posted it, there were some people who commented on the video saying the launch monitor was not accurate etc.

See my Effortless Golf Swing tip here:

After seeing these comments I decided to do this follow up. This time I have one of my students hit a few shots using his real swing. Then I hit shots with my easy swing again. In doing so you can see the comparison between my easy swing and his normal swing and what power I can generate.

Now there is no doubting or second guess the fact that if you swing easy you can generate just as much if not more power than trying to hit hard with your arms.

After you watch this tip immediate start to lighten up your arms when you swing. Hit some easy shots with a feeling of nothing. Once you hit it half decently, increase only the speed of your body rotation to hit the ball farther.

Into the future use your legs to hit the ball not your arms. If you do you will save your body plus you will play the best golf of your life.

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hi I'm Paul Wilson on the creator of swing machine golf and the director of the Paul Wilson golf school at bears best Las Vegas today I've got a special guest with me Pat who's one of my students and what we're going to do is we're going to do a follow up on a tip I did a while ago called the effortless golf swing so in that tip I had this launch monitor I swung real easy and I was still able to generate some pretty good club head speed so this launch monitor was reading high 80s and even into the mid 90s and it looked like I was barely even hitting the golf ball so some people saw that and they thought that maybe the monitor was not giving an accurate reading so I'm going to use Pat here I'm gonna have him hit some shots his with his normal swing we'll see what his swing speed is then I'll use his golf club do that same easy swing and we'll see how we compare so Pat before we get started what what is your handicap my handicaps an 11 11 handicap okay and then how far do you typically hit your driver to 35 to 40 that's that's full carry full carry with the roll with the rope okay so you're in that kind of average well a little better than average golfer okay so you know you're you're approaching a single digit to 11 handicap but and the distance you know if you could increase that boy I'm sure your game would definitely improve so I'm here but yeah we'll work on that in the future after this tip you'll know exactly what to do okay so I'm going to have you hit a few shots we'll set up this swing speed radar so with this launch monitor it's real simple you just put it about eight inches away on a 45 degree angle and you can actually see the reading when you're hitting balls with it that's why I like it okay so do your normal golf swing like don't you know don't try to bust it because the monitors here okay oh let's go a little further away right about there okay that one there is 93 miles an hour oh that's a verage okay 93 again yeah very consistent okay let's do one more okay 94 so 293 s and a 94 okay so I'm going to borrow your golf club and you know just swing nice and easy and we'll see what kind of club head speed I can generate 97 that was pretty easy right there wasn't it okay it towed that one just a little bit at 96 so there you go so I'm swinging nice and easy you're swinging you know as hard as you can or well your normal swing speed so how do i generate more club head speed than you swinging what looks like easier than you so what I try to explain to people it's not how hard you're swinging it's how loose you're swinging okay so there's a couple areas if you want to increase your club head speed you've got to keep your wrist nice and loose in your golf swing so the looser something is the faster it swings so my wrists there are nice and loose that gives me more of a lag angle it creates more of a whipping action as the club swinging down now I couple that looseness with a rotation of my body so if I turn up my body speed okay that's when I can get the unit over a hundred and ten miles an hour okay so if you look at that one that's 115 okay so there the difference was I drove this as hard as I could or well yeah pretty darn hard to get the club head speed increased so if you want to increase your club head speed what we want to do again we want to loosen our wrist so we're going to do that first that means that we're going to be holding on to the golf club but it's a looser feeling in our wrist okay as opposed to letting go of the golf clubs some people let go of the club and they think that's loose no no we're holding on but we're loose in our wrists a great drill you can be doing for that is just by gripping down on the golf club so if you grip down on the golf club you've got the butt of the club right here so what we're doing is we're working the golf club back and forth like this looking for the butt of the club okay so I see it there and I see it there so I'm working it back and forth so the only way you can do that is by having your wrist loose if you are like this and wall locked up like you couldn't see the butt of the golf club so you sit there over and over do thousands and thousands of these loosen it up so you get that Club increasing the club head speed so you do that first okay so let's do a couple swings just nice and loose like that in our wrist swing nice and easy but let's do it with looser wrists first okay that was definitely easy that's 80 miles an hour still with a real easy little swing so I'm liking that just keep shaking that energy out that was very nice right there 85 miles an hour it looks like you're barely swinging at it okay let's do one more well not bad 83 so once you get the the club the wrists nice and loose okay maybe this takes you a week it takes you three weeks a month whatever keep doing it until you're comfortable hitting shots with that very loose effortless feeling okay that's step one now once we do that we're going to increase the rotational speed of our body to generate even more power so the way you do that you know you've got to work on obviously using one of your Drent downswing triggers so that your legs end up touching when we're done so I've done tons of tips on this in the past we're bringing this back leg over to touch our forward leg if you do that faster that turns your body faster okay a great drill you can be doing on a regular basis is this you hold the golf club I'll do it this way you hold the club up in the air okay you take the club back like you would normally do and then make the club swing because you're using your legs as you do that you're listening to the sound of the golf club you make it sound faster by driving your lower body faster you're not just sitting here going like this okay with your arms by holding the club up in the air there's no ball to hit no ball now you can feel your legs making its way so let's do that drill a few times hold it up in the air really listen to the sound of the club okay now make it sound faster this time with your legs okay very good so now you're approaching how fast you want to be slinging this golf club and that's a lot faster than what you've been doing okay now let's apply that same feeling to the shot okay very good at 97 miles an hour okay fantastic you're getting it close to a hundred that's great just stay nice and loose at let's do the drill again so hold it up in the air real hard with your legs there you go ready okay says it says 98 you got it right off the toe so I don't know if that one was too accurate right there okay oh that was nice okay that's 97 again I'm loving okay so you understand the difference in what we did we loosened up your wrist first got you getting that feeling of you know not trying to hit the ball hard we swung easy with loose wrists then we added body as soon as we did we're already starting to see an increase I didn't know if we'd actually see an increase today that's kind of in the future but even to increase it a little bit that's a great sign of things to come in the future okay so make sure you're working on those drills constantly keep rolling this over and feel looking for the butt of the golf club okay over and over and over again and then do the swings off the ground and if you do you hit the ball farther than you ever have make sure you ask your questions post your comments below I'll try to get to as many as I can you

36 thoughts on “Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

  1. What do you think about working with "speed stix" from superspeed golf? Have you used them? Do they work to increase swing speed?

  2. Both my knees and one shoulder are bone on bone. Every swing was shear misery. You have given my game back.

  3. It sure helps a golfer to understand proper procedure, and when you begin to use your body, the numbers go up. Physics…. looser, more velocity, greater distance. The machine is super accurate. Pull a battery out from time to time to recalibrate it. "Thats all I got to say about that."

  4. Paul, I am never tired of watching your video over and over again. The best golf teaching technique I have experienced so far. I would love to seek you for a n hour or two for P2P teaching when I am in Las Vegas. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Paul, I have a question about grip pressure while keeping your wrists loose. Are the pressure points on the club shaft in the last two fingers (of both hands) or more in the index fingers and thumbs? Thanks in advance.

  6. I used this swing last season. AMAZING! Just need to avoid temptation to swing harder to get a little more. Faster is looser!

  7. So he went from (93) with a controlled swing to (97) with loose wrists and big body turn. What was the distance gained and was he able to hit it straight?

  8. Great approach to the golf swing. I am a former college golf coach and PGA member. I am teaching your method with much success now. Keep up the good work.

  9. great tip paul and I use this all the time but when pat was hitting near the end about 98 mph was looking real good but how was his accuracy?

  10. Paul, thanks for your help!! I’m a 14 handicap and today, using your technique, I hit some of the longest drives of my life!! Not bad for a 54 year old man!! Thanks again!! BTW, I shot 82 and won my B flight!!

  11. This is great stuff – brings together some of the concepts I had floating around but which had never quite gelled for me. The grip lesson was excellent too. I'm a 6 hdcp who plays with a bit too much tension which sometimes works out great and other times not so much. One of the biggest deals for me is just the physical and mental stress that is taken away with this concept. Never realized how tense my shoulders and arms were until I started doing Paul's drills.

  12. …This actually helped me…the many other golf videos are a waste of time…Thanks for your fine work…

  13. How do you get your arms loose if you say to fully extend your arms when addressing the ball for the widest arc. I find when i fully extend my arms its harder to loosen everything up.. Love your lessons.

  14. What a great teaching style Paul Wilson has! A really nice guy, doesn't talk down to his student. He's teaching a highly effective, simple, no-nonsense SWING (NOT a hit) based on rhythm and timing – PURE MAGIC!!!

  15. It sounds like you're teaching to roll the wrists. I thought we were supposed to hinge the wrists not roll them can you clarify please

  16. Hey guys, I was fortunate to be at Bears Best golf club on April 7 , 21018 and noticed Paul talking with one of his students, when Paul waved me over to him.
    After introductions, I told him I was from Tampa and a fan and took a chance on seeing him there that day. Whereby Paul began to give me a 30 minute one on one lesson and I was beside myself.
    I watched him hit some shots with his driver 300 + yards while I was on a knee right behind his ball as he hit the shot. Wow, it was something to see up close; It seemed he was swinging in slow motion, but the ball really jumped off the face of his driver. Ya can't see or hear that while watching him on YouTube TV.
    Paul, thank you for being so generous with your time and thank you very much for that freebie.
    Best regards,
    Richard Lee

  17. This is a great video with great advice. Im a single digit cap with a drive of 285. When I really want to crush one at adress I take a deep breath and really feel all the tension leaving my body just stay as loose and relaxed as possible. Feel like you are barely holding the club because a tight grip leads to clenched wrists and then drive through with the body just like Paul showed. Dont practice this on the course though get to a range because you may notice inconsistency on striking the ball at first and a lot of snap hooks until you dial it in

  18. I used to consistently hit 300 yard drives, but could not control where the ball went. I've slowed everything down and am tighter with my wrists, and I'm lucky to get 260 yds, but, I have confidence that I know where the ball is going. I like your advice here as I have been losing distance on all of my clubs. You have reminded me of where my power went. Now that I can hit the ball straight, I will try to work the loose wrists back into my game and see if I can get my distance back and maintain my accuracy.

  19. Thank You so much for your expertise. My left shoulder has been bad for years now. My swing before I started watching your video instruction really hurt and I almost could not play anymore. Now after watching your videos I'm now able to be loose and letting the club do the work and it is so much easier to play golf now!
    your a great instructor. I have paid for lessons before and not got a fraction out of it compared to your great instruction! I really enjoy the game much more thanks to you!

  20. Paul, I've been trying to implement your swing and am having trouble hitting fat. What causes me to hit behind the ball? Thanks!

  21. Hi Paul just wanted to say after watching this I tried it out at the range and I am hitting the ball better, longer and straighter than I ever have done, with so little effort. Thank you it has really changed my game.

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