Dragon Ball Super's Crazy TV Ratings

Dragon Ball Super's Crazy TV Ratings

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this video is sponsored by Squarespace Dragon Ball super had a rough ride between recapping the films and its animation melting before our eyes while I was watching I was almost certain the show would get cancelled at the earliest convenience but it didn't and that's when an idea hit me what if I found all the Japanese TV ratings for the show and cross-referenced them with Google Trends data and user scores on IMDB to find the episodes that had the biggest impact in Dragon Ball super success I mean it sounds like a good idea and so to cut a long story short I found the ratings and made the graph mapping Dragon Ball super ratings from start to finish and there's some surprises in there for sure but in order to get the most accurate idea of which episodes were the most successful I will be referencing three graphs the first graph Maps the TV ratings I just made the second is an IMDB score graph that map's the scores of every individual episode in the series and the third maps the Google Trends of how the show performed during its time on the air and so using this empirical data I want to take you on a journey to find out together what were the episodes that saved Dragon Ball super ok so let me break down how this is gonna work I have three graphs a TV ratings graph an IMDB user score graph and a Google Trends graph each of these assigned some rating that accompanies a given episode I am going to combine the three scores I give an episode receives to establish what I am calling a popularity score and so whichever episode has the biggest popularity score at the end wins for example let's take a look at one of the worst performing episodes episode 5 the episode received a 5.3 TV rating a 6.5 IMDB score and a 2.9 Coogler trend score giving it a popularity score of 14 point 7 and with that explained let's start at the beginning the show kicks off with a bang due to the initial hype and expectations the episode scores high across the board the Japanese TV ratings are at a seven point nine the episode reviews very well in IMDB with a seven point four and the Google trends are substantial also making this a very well-rounded and very well-received episode resulting in a popularity score of nineteen point nine however as you can probably see disappointment quickly sets in by episode two the TV ratings nosedive and trending on Google drastically decreases resulting in a popularity score of sixteen point would not terrible but the fatigue of recapping battle of gods is telling as by episode 12 the one where bears and Goku clash fists for 20 minutes the show received the lowest rating thus far on Japanese TV the episode received a 4.7 it's Google trend impact had more than halved since episode 1 and despite it reviewing well and IMDB it only managed a popularity score of thirteen point eight not exactly the stellar comeback many were expecting from one of the most popular animes in history around this time I was almost certain the show would get canceled the battle of gods arc didn't exactly set the world on fire and resurrection F was primed to continue that downward trend during this time the anime was showing signs of having an abhorrent production schedule resulting in animation like this in addition to the ratings and all of this the show suffered on a story front also the manga was ahead of the anime and it was already covering new material however that would soon come to an end on February 21st 2016 Dragon Ball super Zanna may overtook the manga for the very first time resulting in the highest TV rating the show received since episode 1 a 7.3 accompanied by a small uptick in Google Trends and a favorable IMDB score the episode garnered a 17.3 popularity score and while the ratings would again dip they for the most part held higher than the prior two arcs that is until this happened receiving a television rating of 7.2 trending with Google at four point one and embracing the highest IMDB rating an individual episode received thus far with a score of eight point two nine of Dragon Ball super soared to the top of everyone's favorite super episode lists this moment proved that Dragon Ball super could deliver moments that could compete with Dragon Ball Z and more importantly gave Dragon Ball super some much-needed positive publicity after how the media across the world lambasted it for its animation the universe six arc finished shortly after an overall left pans with a much more optimistic outlook for the future of the series with a stronger TV rating performance and believe you me we thought it could only get better from here Dragon Ball super 47th episodes shocked the world after strong promotion for this arc with teasers and interviews with akira toriyama episode 47 claimed the highest TV rating the series had ever received and would ever receive by far with an 8.4 in addition to reviewing well in IMDB and creating buzz online as represented by Google Trends the episode garnered a fantastic popularity score of 19 point 8 and yes while that popularity rating was still slightly lower than the all-time high set by episode 1 the show had clearly reached a new standard and was well on its way to surpassing that average popularity score with installments like episode 50 performing very well compared with the rest of the series the animation schedule while still incredibly tough on the production staff was no longer showing the signs of collapse that prior acts were so prominently demonstrated culminating in episode 66 the Big Finish for the arc despite showing signs of viewer fatigue with a somewhat mediocre TV rating of 6 point 6 it also enjoyed a massive IMDB score of eight point two tied with episode 39 in being the highest rated individual episode on the entire series thus far the Goku black arc reignited a fire within the fandom and with having claimed the highest TV rating this series had enjoyed as well as time the highest IMDB user rating it surely was only a matter of time before a new high popularity score would be made now this is typically where I would have skipped ahead to the universe survival arc but during the filler portion of the series that followed the Future Trunks arc something no one saw coming happened they popped a really high rating a seven point six to help put that into perspective that is a higher rating than all of Resurrection F and universe 6 it's a rating so high only two other episodes beated in the entire series episode 1 which barely counts and episode 47 this episode received a high rating that episode 39 and 66 the widely praised climaxes of the prior two arcs and the episode that achieved that rating was this one this episode centered around krillin and Goku's training was a major nostalgic throwback for a multitude of reasons it kicked things off with a fight between goku and gohan followed it up with another fight between goku and krillen and featured characters that otherwise wouldn't have had a prominent role in the series like a teen and Master Roshi however it is important to note that during this week ratings across the board were up significantly so its success could be for a multitude of reasons however to this day this episode's action and emotional segments cement it as one of my personal favorites and I'm happy to see others enjoyed it too following these events the universe survival r came into full swing with an all-new opening theme song and animation it was clear that toy was going all-out for this particular arc episodes like 80 95 and 100 while not performing as strongly as expected in the TV ratings department they outperformed the vast majority of the series in terms of IMDB score and Google Trends data resulting in some solid popularity scores to help put this in perspective the universe Survival Act reviewed so well that if you were to rank the top 20 best rated episodes in Dragon Ball super on IMDB the universe survival arc would account for 18 of the top 20 spots on the list with only episodes thirty nine and sixty-six edging their way in but for whatever reason ratings across the board were down during this time period and it wasn't just for Dragon Ball super every other show including one piece was down considerably resulting in some of the lowest ratings this series had ever received consistently and looking at these ratings you would think that most people would no longer be watching or even care about Dragon Ball however nothing could be further from the truth despite poor ratings in Japan the stellar reviews at IMDB and the enormous social media activity across the world including Japan surrounding the final episodes was nothing short of astounding with the final episode 131 achieving the highest IMDB rating in the series history with an impressive 8.7 and the second-highest Google trend score of 7.5 creating an enormous popularity score of 21.9 Dragon Ball super very much finished on a high but the series finale wasn't the biggest difference maker it almost was but one other episode or should I say special beat it by a hair what I think is particularly interesting about this special is that while it was hugely successful everywhere else it also provided Dragon Ball super with the lowest rating this series ever saw on TV with a meager 3.5 this was by no means a reflection of the episodes quality but more so a reflection of toys poor timeslot selection while Dragon Ball super aired during this time Super Sentai and Kamen Rider aired in their new time slots alongside one another these are all toy animation shows which resulted in all of their ratings tanking as viewership was divided between the various properties however more than anything else I think this serves to prove a point the age of television is quite evidently coming to an end while Dragonball Z was on the air shows across the board had more than four times the viewership they have now people are clearly moving to different platforms to watch their favorite shows for instance while Dragon Ball super was on the air it was one of if not the highest streamed show on crunchyroll and as Dragon Ball super popular tease seemed to wane on TV its skyrocketed online as seen on DS Google Trends and do you see that massive spike that was Dragon Ball super 's television special and the quote lowest TV rated episode in the show's history it was so popular it crashed crunchyroll servers as thousands of people flooded to watch Dragon Ball super so now that you're off to date with the ratings this is where things get really interesting it's time to find out which of these five options you thought was the most important part of Dragon Ball super success cast your vote right now was it episode 39 47 66 131 or this special I'm excited to find out which of these you thought was the most important and if your favorite episode wasn't on this list leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to read it crunching the numbers at all of this was extremely fun interesting and I hope you enjoyed going down the rabbit hole of Dragon Ball super the episodes that saved a series I want to take a moment to thank the sponsor of today's video Squarespace Squarespace is an online website creation service that provides you with the tools to create clean impressive and professional websites with ease if you need somewhere to host your artwork want to start a blog or need an online store build that website with Squarespace they have a plethora of professional and stylish design templates for you to choose from and if you need comment management systems their mobile app has you covered they really are the one-stop shop when it comes to starting your own website and the best part you can start your free trial at squarespace.com and if you use the offer code totally not mark you can get 10% off your first purchase happy website building and I'll see you all next week

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    Let me know what you thought was Dragon Ball Super's most important episode!

  2. The only episode of super i didn't see or care to watch was the baseball episode. To this day I still see no reason to watch it.

  3. This is bullshit!

    You deserve way more subs lmao. All the work that goes into your videos is amazing. Thank you for existing. a channel well worth my time.

  4. 131 couldn't have saved the show, it was literally the last episode of the series ( at least for now). There was nothing else to save.

  5. 47. I was ready to give up on the show. But they absolutely nailed 47. That whole arc imo saved DB Super. It led into the Universe Survival Arc, which restored faith in the franchise. That's what I feel.

  6. So a bunch of nerds got together and saved DBS because they payed attention to the numbers? Or did we just get lucky they didn't cancel?

  7. I think it's pretty obvious that remaking the movie plotlines killed the early hype. They really should have left the movies canon and started Super after them.

  8. 66. Goku black arc was like watching CSI but without the boring parts. I really wanted to know what happaned next.

  9. If Hit wasn't a Hit, I think the show would've been done by Universe 6. Literally the first new character/"arc antagonist" with any degree of competency

  10. I like sad, dark, deep story at Future Trunk and Black Goku Arc. Hope I can watch Future Trunk story again in next DBS

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