Donald Duck Tutorial

Donald Duck Tutorial

This is in response to everyone who has asked me to do a tutorial on how to talk like Donald Duck. Hopefully this video helps…

well I'm gonna try to teach you how to talk like Donald Duck hey my name is Jordi and many of you have written me and you've asked if I can do a tutorial on how to talk like Donald Duck I've struggled with the idea for a long time because it's something that has come totally naturally to me I've been talking like Donald Duck since I was four years old so I never really had to learn it just sort of came out but I'll do my best okay so a lot of people try to tell you that it has to do with the position of your tongue in your mouth whether it's to the right or to the roof of your mouth I don't really concentrate so much on the position of my tongue actually it doesn't matter where my tongue is in my mouth and I can still do it for example okay that was really stupid but that's okay I'm doing this for you so okay so it's not really the position of the tongue I find that it more has to do with where you are putting air in your in your cheek you can either use the right side of your mouth or the left I use my right and it's like an air pocket that you create back here and you should feel a bit of a tingling sensation when you do it and here I'll do kind of a close-up of what it should look like okay so yes you're getting the air back there and and hopefully it should work and also it shouldn't hurt when you talk like Donald Duck if you're if you're like getting a raspy sound like a it doesn't have to do with your throat and it shouldn't strain your vocal cords so yeah it's it's in your in your cheek so focus on that again don't worry about the position of your tongue and just sort of I find that it's actually the same as talking normally it's just you've got that air pocket and your focus right at the back of your mouth so hopefully that's helpful and let me know how you make out and and look forward to hearing from you okay

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  1. I can’t do most of the word sounds. And the sound doesn’t sound the same when I do it. Do I have to be far into puberty? Any tips? Please help.

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