DIY TUTORIAL: Making A Two-Piece Set From A Designer Bag!

DIY TUTORIAL: Making A Two-Piece Set From A Designer Bag!

I’m finally back from my youtube haitus with the long awaited LV bag two-piece set tutorial! ENJOY!

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oh hello my beautiful rosebuds it's Navarro's and welcome back to my channel so I know it's been a very very long time since I last posted and I'm starting to notice that I start all of my intros that way recently I promise I'll be back for a while even though that's a lie because I am going to Hawaii in two weeks but I promise to be posting more frequently the reason why I've been kind of on this hiatus a short notice went to New York for Fashion Week because I was showcasing and debuting my legs at the hot cheetos a fashion show which is so mind-blowing to me because add you guys know hot cheetos is like one of my favourite brands of all time of life I am Cheetos and Cheetos is me and to break from my hiatus I decided to come back with this DIY Louie Vuitton 2-piece set a lot of you guys have been looking forward to this tutorial ever since I dropped it on my Instagram so it's finally here this that is that being inspired by the queen of all Queens hee – dragon herself and another designer by the name of Adriana so hard if you guys never heard of her she is absolutely amazing definitely check out her stuff I'll link both of the queens down below even though you guys probably already follow them but yeah check them out also since you guys have probably you never seen my face on YouTube for like years just kidding just months you guys are new to my channel welcome and don't forget to subscribe down below and hit the notification bellow so you don't miss out on the next time I post now without further ado let's jump into this alright hey guys so we're gonna jump into this video but first I want to show you guys my sweet gluey bag if you guys thought I was going to spend $3,000 on a bag just to cut it up for a video your tripping it's obviously really big it did buy two bags just in case I needed more material I got an extra one right here I'm just gonna be using the purses my sewing machines deserves pins at some good old faith that I'll actually be able to turn a person to a two piece set so let's try to make you this purse into a 2 piece set okay so obviously the first step is to clear all the embellishments from the purse I started off by removing the straps with the seam ripper and yes you guys I know I'm not using the seam ripper correctly you're supposed to use the little red ball tip underneath the seam and then push but I was afraid that I was gonna pull the hold so I'm using it this way instead once everything is cleared I'll go ahead and cut the front panel from the bag for reference I decided to use this skirt because it is one of my favorite skirts and I love the shape and the fit I traced around the skirt with a fabric marker and I added 1 inch of seam allowance around the sides and the top but towards the very top where the waist is I added about two inches of space just because you're gonna need some space for the darts which also you do not want to forget to mark so I added two marks where the darts are once you're happy with the shape go ahead and cut this out I also forgot to mention that I'm only cutting out the upper shape of the skirt so everything that's above to like cut out so now where the darts are you want to fold and pin half an inch away from the fold and to make the darts you're going to use a straight stitch and you want to start where that half-inch point is and taper two or three inches down towards the middle of the skirt puppy this same exact shape onto another piece of large leather to make your front piece place both pieces together with the front sides kissing and so on both sides with a straight stitch to make your side seams for closure I decided to add a zipper to the very back and I used the zipper from the top of the duffle bag after I cut the zipper out I cut a center slit in the very back and then I place the zipper inside I folded the edges of the center back slit and I pinned it to the very sides of the zipper once that was done I sewed a straight stitch close to the folded edge to attach the zipper to make your leg cut out all you have to do is cut a really long rectangle and place it however far apart you want your cutout to be flip the rectangle up so that the front sides are kissing match up the edges together and sew a straight stitch along the edge and you can flip it right side out once you're done so this is fully optional but I also sewed a straight stitch by the seam just along it to sew down the seam allowance and just to lay it flat and I also hemmed down the bottom edge with a straight stitch okay so now to make the strap detail all I did was use the square ring from one of the handles and I cut a strip of leather in half and I have the edges down put each strip through the metal ring and fold down the edges and sew it place the strap inside of the cutout and sew it down wherever you want it to be to finish everything off I just folded and have the top edge of the skirt so moving on to the bra lie I decided to use this pink one that I made last year I actually filmed this exact tutorial in another video but if you guys haven't watched that one then I will link it up in this corner and in my description box as well so all you do first is cut out some triangle shapes that copy the bra light Cup you definitely want to make the shapes a little bigger just because you're gonna need some space for these seam allowance fold down the sides of the triangle and hem it down with a straight stitch once the sides are hemmed add a fold in the very center of the triangle and pin it down for now because we will be sewing this later so instead of attaching the bralette straps directly to the triangle cup I'm gonna use this ring from one of the handle or the bag straps and I'm going to sew this down to the very top of the triangle really quick I just want to show you guys this purse it's not even a purse it's literally just ripped up like crazy so next I am going to take this apart this is gonna be my bra lap waistband so I'm gonna cut this out and put these like that so like I mentioned before I use the bottom of the bag for my bra lap band all I did was cut a three inch strip and then I have the top and the bottom edges so that it ended up being a one and a half inch strip for my bra let's ban place the cups in the very center of the waistband and sew this down with a straight stitch don't forget to also leave half an inch gap in between the bralette cups to make shoulder straps all I did was cut out one inch strips and I folded them in thirds it would have made my life so much easier if I just had one really long strip but unfortunately I didn't so I had to connect two strips together but honestly guys it's super easy all you have to do is match the corners of the two strips and sew a diagonal from corner to corner then fold the strips and thirds and sew it down loop the straps through the ring of the bralette and stitch this in place and out to complete the bralette all you do is fold the edge of the waistband and sew down about 3/4 of an inch away from the fold to make a tunnel this tunnel is where you're gonna put the strap through to finish it and this is totally optional and just a little bit extra but because I am extra and if you are extra as well then you might like this next step but I cut out the bag strap clasp from the purse and I attached a gold chain to it and I also sewed a small little loop at the very top of my skirt so that the chain has something to clasp onto and then from there I added the gold lock that came with it because again I am extra we had totally after that it is completely done and you have yourself your own Louis Vuitton extra AF 2-piece so that concludes my tutorial for this DIY Louie Vuitton bag if you guys enjoyed it and want to see me make more two-piece sets dresses outfits out of random things that aren't supposed to be outfits let me know in the comments below and give this video a like if you guys enjoyed it anywho if you guys want to connect with me on social media all my socials are at and D Navarro's ya gonna keep this outro short I love you guys all so very much and I'll see you guys in my next video

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  1. is it illegal to buy a designer product, redesign it for resale? For example, before Billie Eilish got famous, she got her outfits from Etai Drori, whereby he custom-made designer products for her. Will she or the designer get sued?

  2. I’m glad you have the money to literally cut your Louis Vuitton bags and then go ahead and buy another one😂

    I’m sorry I only just realised this was fake bagahaha

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