Dave Grohl's Advice to Aspiring Musicians

Dave Grohl's Advice to Aspiring Musicians

Dave Grohl gives advice to advice to up and coming musicians. You gotta be good. You gotta be badass. You gotta play live. Nothing else matters.

If you liked this video, there’s a lot more where it came from. This is a small excerpt from a much longer conversation that you can watch right here:

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28 thoughts on “Dave Grohl's Advice to Aspiring Musicians

  1. What if no one wants your band to play at there place because we have distortion how do we fine appropriate venues I live in Nashville please reply

  2. I wonder if a "badass" band would even make it these days. Maybe in metal, country, or jazz music. But not in pop.

  3. So so True . He knows what the excuses of johnny joe wannabe are . Its worse today . Kids want instant gratification . Thats why you hear so many complaints " why are there no great bands like there used to be " …well its because your generation didnt want to bust their asses . Ill go as far as saying even some of us gen x 'rs dropped the ball too . When you have spoiled generations , you have low creativity and quality . Most of the bands i liked were boomers. They had a work ethic.

  4. My advice for anyone interested in music or anything else entertainment related: Never give up on your dream, but also understand, accept, and assume that you will probably not ever be able to make a living from your art alone. Almost everyone who grew up playing music wishes they could do it for a living, but the average person only needs so much new music. As a result, making music alone for a living always has been and always will be a one-in-a-million chance. However, that dosen't mean you ever have to stop playing music and stay open to the possibility of one day making a living from music, nor does it even mean you have to identify with your day job.

  5. Dave could easily have cashed in on his ties to the skull & bones society to get to the top of the music business. Instead he chose to slave away in obscurity til he was handed a massive record deal – he's an inspiration to all of us !

  6. I really wish they wouldnt have cut this interview up into different segments on here, and theres a lot missing. There used to be a video of this whole thing. I'm not exactly a fan of nirvana or the foo fighters but Dave Grohl's heart is in the right spot. He's a smart, keen guy. If I was 1/4 as successful I'd die happy

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