Dart and Flutter - Build a Weather App - Part 1

Dart and Flutter – Build a Weather App – Part 1

Build a flutter app from scratch. The app I’m going to show you how to build is going to be called Klimatic. Klimatic is a flutter app which will display the weather for any city you would like.

You’ll learn how to set up a flutter app, finding an API that will serve us the weather data and then craft an awesome UI with Flutter framework tools and libraries.
By the end of this installment, you should be able to understand how to build a flutter app from scratch – from concept to final product.

alright so in this section here we are going to build yet another amazing application called climatic so what a climatic will do as name imply it will look awesome but most importantly it will just tell us the weather right so we're gonna be able to enter enter a city on a new screen and then we'll have the weather of that city appearing on the main screen but also along with other information such as humidity minimum and Max of that day perfect so we're going to be learning a few new things as always as we introduce in your applications that we build together I introduce of course a few new topics to force us to learn new topics or new things or new api's flatter api's that will allow us to build robust applications all right so they're excited and let's do this yes let's do this indeed alright see you next

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  1. Hi Paulo, would you be able to make a tutorial on how to build a barcode scanner app? I have tried using Zxing but it isn't compatible with my android studio. 🙁

  2. Why have you stopped updating the Udemy course??
    Most of us paid for your course and you're making these videos available for free on Youtube! Shameful!

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