Daily #tarot #advice July 29th

Daily #tarot #advice July 29th

Hi everyone!
We are looking at the energies coming up on or around July 29th 2019 and advice on how to make the most of them.
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*Please note* that any insight or advice read or received here should be received as another perspective on a particular situation, another approach you can try, and definitely not as legal, medical, financial or any other kind of professional advice. We are individually responsible for our choices and actions as per our God given gift of free will.

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hi everyone its Monica I'm doing a daily advice reading for us for July 29th 2019 I'm just gonna use two cards and we have the two swords and the five of cups so it looks like a lot of us are facing a difficult decision or something that feels like an impossible decision because both options that were looking at look very similar so it's very difficult to distinguish between them the guidance is that our intuition will tell the difference okay our intuition will tell us which way to go our intuition will tell us what we need to know that cannot be seen readily when we look at the outside okay when we look at how things appear to be they will be very similar but when we touch in with ourselves our intuition will know the difference okay so that's the guidance and with the five of cups here it looks like it's a difficult decision because it involves letting go of something or letting go of someone who or what that has caused pain disappointment sorrow it may be something where we've heard the same story over and over again you know someone who says they're sorry over and over again but they keep doing the same thing or promise after promise after promise but it never really comes to fruition so we've heard it more than once before so now it's very difficult to know if it's actually going to be different or it's just same old same old okay so it's that type of situation that we're looking at here now we're encouraged to make our decision and own it as it were okay so if we decide you know what we're going to give this another chance on that meaning okay I admit that this may turn into same as before and I take ownership of that okay if that happens that's not going to shake me it's not going to you know rattle me and completely set me back because I will have accounted for it as a possibility okay it's not about blamed it's not about anything else it's just about knowing what to expect and then on the other hand if you decide you know what I've had enough of this I don't have enough information to know if this is going to turn out any differently than it did before or my intuition is actually telling me that nothing has changed then we have something to turn to okay there's something new there's something better there's something different if we just turn away from this very very confusing situation that has been keeping us very stuck for a long time okay so take that for what it's worth I hope this helps I know I've been away for a while and I do miss everyone and I do missing miss doing the readings or the dailies and all that I'll see how it goes okay maybe this format like just a couple of minutes of read for per day might be easier for me to manage okay I'm just going through some changes with work I'm gonna take on some things to develop myself professionally so it might be a busy time ahead so I'm just making some adjustments here as well but stay tuned for the August monthlies those are coming and I'll see what else I can do for everyone since again I've been away for a while I want to make up for it okay so hopefully everyone is doing well I hope this helps let me know and I'll see you tomorrow okay bye for now

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