Cupcake Competition Winners! 4th Of July  - Sugar Coder & Axe Family

Cupcake Competition Winners! 4th Of July – Sugar Coder & Axe Family

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Sugar Coder and Axe Family have a cupcake decorating competition to see who can create the best cupcakes for the 4th of July! Watch as we make custom decorated cupcakes using front, chocolate cupcake recipe, fairy cakes, 4th of july cakes, holiday cupcakes and more!

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hey welcome back to another axe family video I hope you're doing well with a smile on your face because it's a beautiful day we're here with our friend who has a YouTube channel baking and sweets and hidden gems yeah and so this is Mickey hi everyone my name is Mickey and my channel is sugar coder and I started out my channel just like decorating food but now I'm moving more towards like going to cafes and hidden gems and yeah so follow my channel to just check out what I do and of course Taylor and Cody their channels awesome have some cupcakes here you have six of them and she just taught us how to do three different designs and so she showed us one design and then Taylor and I attempted to to you know do the same thing and I would say we did all right dude they were so good this is their first time and look how professional they are I think they're really on their way to opening their own cupcakes so we actually filmed all of that and that is going to be revealed in a video on sugar cutters channel so there's a link down in the description below and at the end of this video they'll be a link that you can go and check out her channel push that subscribe button all the way in so that's what we started it off with and now we're gonna have a little decorating competition yes yeah yeah we'll see who's gonna be the best decorator okay might not be me you know just because I've experienced doesn't mean so we have a fresh batch of six cupcakes and we're gonna use them for a little competition hmm and so Mickey why don't you explain the rules of the competition okay so the rules to this competition is first it needs to be July 4th the theme because it's July 4th second fourth of July happy Independence Day all right so the second rule is that you must use everything you must use the items on this table so you can't run out to the grocery store and get more I knows we're not gonna load it and third you cannot ask for help ok yeah we're gonna three rules yes you're on your own because now I taught you what you need to know but the competition begin all right so how do they go I think we we all did a great job and they're really pretty I don't even know if I want to eat it cause they're so beautiful yeah how is it for you Taylor that's funny yeah yeah it's fun to like use what we learned and be able to put our own spin on it they were so creative you know blew my mind let's go through each cupcake and show you the final product so Taylor started first and this was your first one right right yeah I just I wanted to do like a shimmer spray so I used the glitter spray and use the blue because it was most had the most white in it and I just wanting the gold to show up and just a simple cute little swirl using one end pipe into anything so that was the swirl that we learned yeah earlier and so nice job Thanks thank you thank you so your second one yeah this one I just kind of started going with the red and just turned out like this I like it yeah good job Thanks and then your last time and of course I had to do the rose because if you watched our other video or on Nikki's page you know that that was the hardest one to do so I had to do it again yeah practice makes perfect in our progress practice makes progress nice all right okay and then I went next so this was my first one right mm-hmm yeah how's your first one what's funny yeah how does the inspiration yeah so kind of with all of these I just kind of started going and then then just whatever came to me I went with it so this is a firework exploding you know it has been launched and it's hundreds of feet in the air and it's just starting to explode but it's still driving it upwards so I definitely see it you know this is like a painting i with the thing you could think about buying it yeah there's a tiny red star at the top so that could be the actual fire or something all right it could be she sorry I don't know all right whatever is in your imagination right watching this to the side so here's my second one and if you saw some of the clips I started out with making a star and then I made a white line but it's a curved line and then I made three red lines and then I put the red white blue stars on it so it's the American flag but it's stacked on top of itself ah super exciting you can't see the star anymore but as the artist I know there's something hidden and when I eat it they all find it my last design masterpiece was the bald eagle because what's America without George the bald eagle George doesn't yeah I didn't even know it's the Oh so shame we just called George cos we have like aerial shots in their videos and George's actually I give my camera to Georgie you climb around it that's how you get all this I really thought there was like a name we're gonna marry good Baldy you know and I'm like wow I don't be ashamed American okay he's part of our camera crew okay the bald eagle George it's pretty good alright yeah yeah so this was your first one so this was my first one this is inspired by fireworks it's kind of like you know how fireworks have different designs well this is what I want like I guess it would just be like lots of fireworks going on at the same time and I use this kind of glitter it's super glittery so I just kind of like threw it everywhere and now it's all over my hand and everything oh so that's the inspiration behind this design for this one I used a petal tip and I created a like again it's kind of like a firework but I started twisting it around and the Sun became kinda like a flower so it's a fire flower firework I want to add it to red ha yeah yeah that's the second one and then the third one is again as fired by fireworks although this time I guess I started thinking about a cactus I don't know at some point I was like oh I think I want to design it to look like a cactus so I call this the the cactus firework nice it has little white pearls on it I like how there is the accent like dark blue in there so now you've seen every one of our cupcakes and in order to figure out who won the competition you use the comment section down below and comment whose designs you enjoyed the most and also which cupcakes specifically you enjoyed the most and will be reading the comments and mm-hmm I'll see what you say yeah nothing excited to see which cupcakes you like and who you think should be the winner this competition yeah so again if you want to see the first half of what we filmed here today check out Mickey's Channel and it's a sugar coder so there's a link down below and go ahead and check out her channel I'll check out some of our other videos she's super creative super talented sometimes yeah and it's in super fun getting to know you thank you I'm so glad I met you guys yeah the Uni will hang out so it's been great if you're new to our channel push that subscribe button all the way in and there's a big thumb war going on YouTube so click the thumbs up button and we'll see you in the next video hats off to you

14 thoughts on “Cupcake Competition Winners! 4th Of July – Sugar Coder & Axe Family

  1. Hello, Cody, Taylor and Miki…

    My favorite is the “Abstract” hidden white star… American Flag 🇺🇸 July 4th!!!

    Cute kitty head gear, Miki.

    May God bless you and your loved ones. Holy Mary Mother of God, please, pray for us.

    ~ Heather

  2. Taylor's 1st, but really overall it was her. Go Taylor. They all look too good to eat.

    "As the artist I know its there and will get it when I eat it", or something like that. That was awesome!!!

  3. I'm not sure where Cody learned to count (six cupcakes??) :), but my vote is for Taylor's second one. They all look delicious!

  4. I'm not sure where Cody learned to count (six cupcakes??) :), but my vote is for Taylor's second one. They all look delicious!

  5. I so love the video today guys because I have a sweet tooth,errrr make that teeth 😜. My favourite cupcake is Cody’s fireworks 💥💥💥

  6. I am glad I got to meet you guys!
    Hope that you have a wonderful Independence Day celebration! Have a fun time traveling and vlogging!

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