Costco Shopping Tips: 26 Things You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Buy!

Costco Shopping Tips: 26 Things You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Buy!

Today’s video is filled with Costco Shopping Tips so you will know the things you should & shouldn’t buy! Do you really know how to save money at Costco? Or did you spend too much money with your last Costco Haul? I’m sharing my personal Costco Tricks, Costco Secrets and even giving you the low-down on Costco Deals so you can always save money! If you want me to do a Money-Saving Costco Video again, like a “Part 2”, comment and let me know ok?


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hi everyone okay today I'm going to take you guys with me to Costco because there are things you should be buying at Costco and there are things you should not be buying at Costco every time I go to Costco I get really bad anxiety because I see all these family's bindings they should not be buying that are super overpriced and I just think oh the money they could be saving and using towards vacations or other fun things so today I'm going to show you guys what you should and shouldn't buy and I'm also going to share some tips to make sure that you always get the best price because not everything at Costco is a crazy deal so let's get started alright guys are you ready to get started obviously it's been probably all day here and go up and down every single aisle and tell you whether it was a deal or not but this video would have been over an hour long and I'm sure you don't want to watch that so I'm gonna pick a choose handful of the best items or most popular items that most families are looking for to give you guys a head start on what you should and shouldn't buy so before we get started don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you guys don't miss more money-saving videos all you have to do is click on the little I in the corner to subscribe and after you're subscribed please make sure that you're getting notifications because that way you'll actually know when a new video goes live that will help you guys save money especially since we're getting close to Christmas season and I don't want you guys to miss out Halloween candy is something that you should buy most of the time at Costco you're looking for 18 cents or less per ounce I know you guys have heard me say this before but you really do need to get out your calculator and do math so this is $15.99 / in 90 ounces total cost is 17 cents or a little bit under 18 cents per ounce so this is a great price for candy alright guys let's talk about TVs because we've actually purchased two of our TVs here from Costco during one of their sales so priced TVs that they have here especially may get closer to Black Friday and the holidays because you really can get some great deals on TVs printer ink is one of the things that will vary depending on what printer you have but typically it's a lot cheaper to get your in care Costco in our huge multi tax or if you want to save even more money you can just bring your cartridges in to get refilled and save even more money Carter's pajamas are here all the time for infants and toddlers anything under nine dollars is typically what I'll pay for pajamas for my kids in those sizes so make sure you come here you don't have to use the coupon like you do add the actual Carter store and they usually have some super cute prints Costco can also be a really good place to get all the snow gear that you need for you and your kids coats are 16.99 snow pants are 14.99 and a lot of these are name-brand light london fog so this is a really cheap option especially for kids who grow super fast batteries are also a really good thing to buy here the Kirkland brand yes is the Costco brand but most of the time these store brands are actually made and manufactured by the same people that make the name-brand batteries like Duracell or energizer so this seventy two pack of batteries is eighteen ninety-nine that's a steal guys okay guys you cannot forget about the toys Costco has really great deals on toys if you're not sure all you need to do is pull up your phone do a search on Amazon and see or use 1e the price checking apps that I've talked about for a list of low in the YouTube description but to give you an idea this brand new toy from lion guard its defend with a pride lands playset amazon has it right now for 21 16 and Costco has it for $14.99 guys that is a huge difference in price and that's going to be the difference between buying more choice for your kids or putting that money towards a travel fund or something else fun for your kids to do okay guys don't believe me let's try it one more time these are the Disney toddler dolls Costco has them for $15.99 this is going to be one of the huge items that a lot of girls will want $15.99 for these types of dolls is not a lot of money I'm betting they're $20 or more online yep these are $24 – eighteen to twenty dollars through Amazon so do you guys see how great of a deal these dolls are and other toys are through Cosco you guys have to price check these especially for Christmas gifts and here's another one to quickly show you guys because I literally cannot get over or show you guys enough how different the deals are okay this is the Nano or the zip nano drone it's $24.99 which is a great deal for a drone if your kids want a drone this is a really cheap option online it is thirty six bucks since this October when I'm filming this video you guys have to know about costumes at Costco costumes are as cheap as $15.99 and these are the Rubies costumes which typically go for about $30 online so I would get her early if you want to get costumes where your kids before they're all sold out I mean it's October and they have Christmas stuff out so you want to hurry get over here and get some these costumes they've everything from Disney Princesses to fireman to Teenage Mutant Turtles there's lots of stuff here and this is the place to buy really great costumes at a great price without having these old coupons or discounts or deals or anything like that all right guys these kitchen bags from Kirkland I will not buy any other brand because this price is always the best price for trash bags you get 200 trash bags for $12.99 the price literally cannot be beat by any other brand and these trash bags are awesome so I just buy these every single time okay since we're moving over to the food section I have to give you guys a little tip bring it your weekly ahead with you for whatever grocery stores in your area it's one that you should probably just get in your mailbox bring it with you to Costco because if you're not good with remembering prices or price points having this to help you especially with produce prices meat prices and those types of things will really open your eyes how expensive some of those items are that you thought were great deals all along so I'm going to show you a few of those deals in a Smith's weekly ad and the prices here at Costco and how they compare this apple juice is a great example of not a good deal they have two hundred twenty eight ounce bottles for 829 64 ounce apple juice it goes on sale for a dollar 67 or less multiple times throughout the year so you should never be buy an apple juice here another good example of things I will not buy at Costco is soda this is one of the things that you will overpay for every single time you come so these 36 packs are 1049 which after doing a little math ends up being 349 per 12-pack guys do not spend that much money on a 12-pack 12-pack should be under $3 for sure and I typically won't buy 12-pack and Lex unless it's 275 or less so sorry don't buy soda here you'll waste your money one thing that I do love about is that they will do a price per item or price per ounce you can quickly see like how much diapers is like a really big one right you want to know how many or how much it cost for each diaper so right now these are 19 cents per diaper those are 21 cents per diaper the Kirkland brand of diapers is a great price point at 15 cents 16 cents for size one diapers so if you're going to buy diapers here I would go with Kirkland brand if they work good on your kids if they don't it's cheaper to buy Huggies and pampers and those other brands somewhere else and when it comes to baby wipes you want to be at 1 or 2 cents per wipe kirklands are two cents per wipe and the hub use version is two cents a wipe so these are both pretty good deals apples is another thing I will never buy at Costco because it's usually a lot cheaper the grocery store I won't spend more than 99 cents per pound for apples and here they are always over that price and every single time I've come the apples are too expensive one thing you guys know I love about Costco is their cakes it's like the best deal ever it is 1899 and they serve 34 people they are amazing cases of breaking out the ad because grapes are a dollar 28 per pound right now at Smith's I like it when they get down to 99 cents but that doesn't always happen for some reason grapes are typically expensive but if you see here at Costco their grapes are a dollar eighty seven per pound it's drastically different so that's another example of prices that are just too high here so today I typically would imbibe blackberries here because they're typically cheaper through Smith's but today they're actually cheaper for Rosco a six ounce is 250 and this 12 ounce is four dollars and it's organic so this is cheaper than what Smith has going on this week so it'd be an example of how the ad really helped me to know whether it was a better deal to get my stuff here guys Co or about it it's miss prices are always going to change with me that's why I like to have the ad with me so the boneless beef chuck or rump roast $2.99 a pound it's missed and it is 399 a pound here at Costco but sometimes that's cheaper at Costco so again this is one of the ideas now you have to have an ad to help you know what oka prices or if you should go to a different store to buy some deer meat and I would be crazy if I didn't mention this this is the best history chicken in the world it's $4.99 for 3 pound chicken it's the best deal out there of any grocery store I've ever seen so in case you don't get these it's definitely something to get and to break up and put in different food items or casseroles or things that you're making and have a great meal so hot dog started to gross me out when I realized what was in them so now I only buy Hebrew national or other kosher 100% beef only hot dogs typically for just one package it's about five bucks but you can get four packages for $8.99 here so this is the deal of the century if you're like me and are picky with your hot dogs bread is also another item that's typically a lot cheaper at Costco I know there's lots of different kinds of bread so I can't really break it down for you but our bread has always been cheaper here by far so we always get our bread here across the cereal is one of the things that's hit or miss here at Costco sometimes will be a deal in Sanders it won't so you can't just buy it expecting that it'll be a good deal this is 55 ounces honey nut cheerios since boxes are typically about 11 ounces I divide it by that I end up 5 boxes so this is equal to 5 boxes and then I take 789 and divide it by 5 and get a dollar 57 a box you guys know a dollar 50 a box or less is typically what I go for so this would be a deal that our family would grab especially because going to another store to find a better deal than that would waste my time okay this is the perfect example I'm so glad I found this okay so this Kirkland applesauce you know the pouch is that your kids love or whatever you can get 24 of them for $9.99 which is only 13 cents per ounce which is awesome but then I come over here last week they were 1099 without the manufacturer instant rebate and they had less packages of applesauce but they're exactly the same product so that's why I'm telling you guys sometimes some items will be cheaper depending on whether they have this or not so things you might buy or not buy will totally change depending on what's happening from week to week or month to month and don't forget about the gift cards these gift card offers are awesome from theme parks to restaurants to American Girl doll gift certificates just I mean there's so many rays to use these gift cards or use them to help buy presents nuts are another thing you'll typically want to buy at Costco because they are a ton cheaper than the grocery store okay guys I hope I blew your mind today and helped you realize some things that you might be buying that are too expensive we can't go to Costco hopefully it'll save you guys some money that's the whole point of this video obviously I couldn't get to everything so if you guys do you like this video and maybe want me to do like a part to come below and let me know but I wanted to make sure you guys knew what you should buy what you shouldn't buy so you guys can save more money when you go to the grocery store the grocery store is the easiest bill that you'll have every single month you can save the most money on if you're art and then you could take that money to help pay off bills or pay off debt or start working on that vacation savings time that I've talked about in my budgeting video if you haven't seen that click on the little hi in the corner and it will help you out but going on vacation doing fundings for family and having money to do those things is super doable if you're smart with your grocery budget and what you buy your grocery store so I hope this video helped all right I'm gonna go check out so I can hurry and go get my kids from school and I'll talk to you guys next time please make sure you give this video a like and if you have any questions or want me to do like a part two of this POSCO type of video comment below and let me know alright

26 thoughts on “Costco Shopping Tips: 26 Things You SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Buy!

  1. Hi, The closest Costco is still a long drive for me. I was wondering how much of their product can be ordered from their website and shipped to the customer? I would like to know this before spending the money on a membership. Thanks, Tony

  2. I disagree about the sodas, a 12pack at the grocery is 5.99 when not on sale, so unless they are on sale at grocery for 3dollars a 12pk. I buy them at Costco.

  3. Costco suck ups trolls are all on here. 😆
    The meat IS EXPENSIVE, you idiots!
    Shop and support your local butcher and fruit and veg shops for better value.

  4. I've been shopping at Costco since it opened and found both quality and price better than any grocery store. You do have to be careful with items, like produce, the quality can suddenly drop to zero. They use to have the perfect fresh peaches, but for several years they've been uneatable and do not ripen. The same is true with their melons. There is a lot more to Costco than you've mentioned about saving money. They have quality foods that cost more and well worth it.

    I find it funny that the store is nearly empty, I've never seen that before. Also, I've seen people asked to stop videoing, but no one bothered you. Does Costco compensate you and/or tell you what you can and can't review? It is very common for video reviewers to work with the company. It makes for a very good income and benefits. I have to say, your video looks more like a commercial than a review. You have a great genre, but you need to go into more depth. This is way too superficial and provides very little information for new customers.


  5. Guy's Beef IS rated here in the US and pretty strict control – everywhere.
    Also. please be fair and honest & compare w/Sam's Club.
    BOTH have pluses & minuses!

  6. Her basic idea to save money is just plain common sense==COMPARE PRICES??? 
    Everyone who is thrifty already does this, so if you are already smart about your spending habits you really won't learn much from watching this vid because prices change often at every store including COSTCO. Buyer beware.

  7. Cheap isn’t always great. For example, diapers. The store-brand diapers don’t have enough of the powder that absorbs the liquid. Versus, the big brand companies such as Huggies are designed to have enough of that powder. Another example is MEAT! Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s good quality. Quality over quantity always.

  8. Costco has better quality merchandise and food.
    Sams sells old milk and bakery goods. Also almost outdated crackers and cookies all without letting you know. You MUST watch the freshness dates at Sams. I have both memberships just my tips and observations.

  9. Our Costco has an optometrist and optician. The exam, lens, and frames prices were amazing. More than paid for the annual membership.

  10. Folks, check the ingredients on the Rotisserie Chicken before you think it's such a great deal. 4.99 is a great deal, but not for the chemicals in the chicken.

  11. Cosco approach is OFFENSIVE. You shop there, pay HIGH PRICES for the products, as bargain price is an ILLUSION at Cosco, and then, on your way out, they TREAT YOU LIKE A CRIMINAL….. You just went through the cash, plunked a lot of money, and they have the nerve to treat you like a CRIMINAL…. This is UNACCEPTABLE. On top of that, of course, you pay them a yearly fee so that you can be overcharged and treated LIKE SHIT…. Wow…. People, we must be real idiots to consent to this type of treatment….. I had a membership for 1 year only, and NEVER AGAIN………. Love and Blessings to all good people…………………….

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