Costco Kirkland Signature 7.0 HEARING AIDS Reviews

Costco Kirkland Signature 7.0 HEARING AIDS Reviews

After going to three major hearing aid companies, Miracle Ear, Best Hearing and Costco, I do a review of the hearing aid I chose from Costco. Find out from a consumer what I think of the Costco Kirkland hearing aid. You’ll be glad you did. If you’re looking at spending thousands of dollars on a hearing aid, there may be cheaper solutions. Do these affordable Hearing Aids really work? find out here.

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  1. 45 years of wearing a hearing aids. The sound Clarity, Bluetooth functionality is A + so far. its been 2 weeks. I have never heard sounds so well and I have been wearing siemens most of my life, tried Phonak as well 10 years ago. 75% loss in left, 90% loss in right. So i wear 1 left full time. This is the 1st time I did NOT have to read lips during the conversations, I can hear the articulation in speech, The high end hiss is gone, they were able to do something I never thought could be done. While I speak from another spectrum of hearing loss compared to those who had normal hearing most of their life. The 45 years of hearing amplified noise does NOT compare to what hear now. Even the hearing test is impressive.

  2. I got both of my rechargable hearing aids, top of the line with bluetooth for phone and music, plus fitting and all exams and follow up checks for $4500! Very pleased with everything so far! I love not having to change batteries, I just drop them in the charger at night! I can press the volume on the top to answer the phone while I'm driving, a very handy feature since my work truck has no technology in it, and my work requires hands free tech while talking on the phone and driving. I also enjoy streaming music from my phone using Amazon prime music! I will however check and see what Costco has to offer the next time I need some!

  3. Went to a HS reunion two yrs ago and happened to be sitting with a classmate who has worn aids for years. His girlfriend told me that he had been thru many sets, but recently bought the best set he'd ever owned from Costco. Knowing my ears suffered from over 50 yrs of gunfire, experiencing the great annoyance of not effectively being able to participate in conversations in crowded, noisy restaurants I decided it was time. I also discussed the issue with a friend whose worn aids for many years. He also purchased his last and best set from Costco, after spending ten to twelve K over the years on unsat devices. He recommended the Resound brand, which had all the features I was interested in. My experience with the staff at the store was the same as Dennis's Very professional. I selected the Resound Preza 862 RIC model along with their PerfectDry Lux dryer. Along with Resound's free Smart 3D app to control the aids, I was out the door for $1,249.99 for each ear along with the dryer for $39.99 & tax only on the dryer. My aids have blue tooth connectivity and the T coil, the latter I'll have the gent advise me on at my follow-up visit. I am very pleased with my purchase. My personal, experience; I couldn't recommend Costco highly enough. Besides, it gave me the opportunity to buy a new 750' roll of their heavy duty commercial cooking foil my sweeties raves over. The first roll has lasted nearly four years in the kitchen. Thanks for the review, Dennis. It proves my experience was not an aberration, a Costco membership is a great value!

  4. I bought mine from Costco 5 and a half years ago I have the 5.0 at that time paid about 2,000 mine are still working and Costco has always been there for help I lost one and they replaced it no charge and anytime i need parts replaced they do it in minutes. About time for an upgrade I will be looking to get the new 8.0 next month.


  6. A statistic I read said that only 20% of Costco patients return for a second set. Also,some HA’s are defeatured or locked. It was the reason I went elsewhere. I just was fitted at a hearing aid center for Widex 220’s. Cost, $5200. They wanted to sell me the $440’s but $7200 was just too much. Getting them on April 1. Go figure, lol!

  7. A custom fit, non-occluding mold would be a great addition to your devices. Research supports this as a reliable means of consistent response in the ear. It can also be found more comfortable but the wearer.

    Many clinicians tend to not offer these as it requires additional steps but the benefits outweighs the time necessary.

    I’m glad you’re doing well with amplification and found a service provider that met your needs, wants and budget!

    If I could add, i have never found a clinic selling for $10,000 and $12,000 ! That’s horrific pricing!

    With the Costco model we see the wait times have increased significantly, victims of their own success really.

    Dr. Cliff Olsen offers a great explanation as to the differences of private clinics & Costco and you may be surprised as to his thoughts!

    Best of luck moving forward.

  8. Nice review. I started wearing hearing aids about 14 years ago, with mild to intermediate upper frequency loss. In the first 12 years or so, I bought two sets of $6-7000 instruments from a clinic associated with an ENT doctors office. I was constantly frustrated with the performance of the aids. I have now had a Costco set for a couple years and yet it's only been in the last couple of months that I have been really happy with them.

    I found my experience at Costco to be nearly identical to when I was going to the clinic. It all depends on the particular person who is adjusting the aids, and the clinic was no better than Costco. On the other hand, until recently Costco has been no better than the clinic. You go in with a complaint, they move something around on the computer, and tell you to let them know if that works. This type of tweaking is based on their guess at which frequencies you are having trouble with, from your description of the issue.

    In my experience, anytime the audiologist starts "tweaking" things, things start going downhill. The best performance for me has been when they initially set it up. I go in later with with a minor issue about not being able to hear some particular thing, and they adjust it manually, and it starts a cycle of manual adjustments that make things worse and worse. This has been the case with both the clinic and Costco.

    At my last Costco visit, I got a really attentive technician/audiologist and I asked her to reset everything, go back to the computer-recommended settings, and in the configuration screens select an aggressive level of correction–still in accordance with the computer recommendations. I think that setting was called "experienced user." I had also mentioned my frustration that there seemed to be no way for them to verify my aids were really working as intended, and because of that she did an REM measurement, which resulted in some kind of further adjustment. I am very, very happy with my aids now. They have a little bit of a "crispness" now and them, but I'm going to live with that rather than ask for more tweaking, because I can hear speech really well now.

    I am convinced the Costco aids are the same as any others, with perhaps a little lag in new releases. At this point, I don't think a new model has that much more than a slightly older model anyway. You can do your own research, but they look the same and many seemingly knowledgeable people say they are the same. In the end, it doesn't matter as long as you can hear. In my experience, the clinic, the $6000 aids were no better than Costco's.

    I will mention one frustration I had with Costco, which again is dependent on the person helping you, and I don't believe it would have been any different at my clinic. Last year, I felt like I wasn't hearing as well and went in for a new test. Nothing had changed, but they adjusted the aids. I went in several more times to get further adjustments, with no improvement. We finally decided they were broken (I believe they could have figured that out sooner with REM), sent them in, and they were replaced under warranty. However, they reprogrammed the new instruments using the same settings we had been using with the broken units, which seemed crazy to me, since those settings were for hearing aids that were performing really weakly. After that is when I finally went in and asked them to start over with the settings–which solved everything.

    Costco definitely has the ability for REM. In my experience, they used that on the initially fitting, and never again until I basically asked them to. On the other hand, in the 12 years or so that I was going to the clinic, I only remember them doing that one time–out of probably over 20 visits.

    Bottom line for me: the additional $4-5000 paid at the clinic for each set was not worth it. I can imaging there may be non-Costco clinics with really sharp audiologists, who could maybe do better than some Costco technicians. But I also think the reverse is probably true.

  9. Great review. I am headed there on Thursday of this week to pick up mine. Purchase the Resound ones. Funny, I help my hearing test up to yours to review. You have lost a little more than me above 2000, but pretty similar results. I have Tinnitus pretty severe, so crossing fingers I will see relief just from the hearing aids. The Resound have a cool little app for Tinnitus control, so will see how that works as well. Nice job.

  10. Dennis, I see some major flaws in the believability of your glowing report. First, it appears from your sonogram that your hearing loss is minimal. So no challenge there. Your comparison of hearing aids is not comparing equal products or service. Most Hearing Aid manufacturers sell 3 to 5 models in a series. Costco does not carry the highest level model so that would explain part of the price difference. What were the qualifications of the care providers? Did you ever have the services of a Audiologist, Au D? They have 4 years of training past the masters level. This is very important for people with more severe hearing loss. Also I see you were provided the least effective in the ear speakers. A better, more efficient delivery of sound would be though ear molds of either hard plastic or silicone. What you showed are designed for persons with minimal hearing loss. Also, hearing aid manufacturers make their aid with 'proprietary' software in them. This limits you to who can service them. If you buy them at Costco you have to have them serviced ast Costco. I've purchased 3 hearing aids since 2003. About six years of useful life. Since I have a moderately severe hearing loss, the services of an Audiologist have been a necessity. At my Costco Warehouse in Portland, Or. Audiologist are not part of the service. Yes Costco does carry reputable brands. Yes they have good prices for what they sell. No you are not getting the highest level of care. For minimal hearing loss Costco is a good option. Anything more of a hearing loss, shop around for a independent Audiologist. Beware of the power of suggestion that is used by any hearing aid vendors. If they can't answer your questions with reasonable clarity, if you are not treated with the utmost of respect, Find someone else. Ask your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, other medical providers. Once you hear the same person/company more than once, that would be a great place to start. I like that you got a sonogram from each of the vendors. How much of a hearing test did they do? Tone study, words repeated. Hearing Aids today can add up to be maybe the third or fourth biggest purchase in you lifetime after: education, home, car, the hearing aids. It took me a couple months of almost weekly appointments to get my first pair of aids adjusted. Hearing aids are machines that are designed to 'talk' with the damaged nerve endings in your ears, that in turn talk to your brain. There is a learning curve. I dealt with relearning to hear several consonant pairs: PF, T, S H, F and some vowel pairs also. Lots is going on with hearing aids, especially your first pair. Also, I see you got a hearing aid "heater box." Using it when not in your ears with keep the humidity lower. Humidity is the enemy of the electronics inside your aids. Also, if they are in the box, it hard for dogs, cats or small children to hurt them or to damage them. Animals like anything that smells like you to chew on. Leaving them is the bathroom is not a good idea either. Hearing aids have given me a new lease on life, three times. I am passionate on this subject because I see how good the experience can be but also how really rotten it can be too. If you are not treated with respect, if you are talked down to, if you feel like you are being sold a used car. Move On. There are many reputable brands and hearing aid professionals, Audiologists, that help that be a great experience. Best Wishes on this journey of discovery.

  11. Just got mine are Costco. $6500 less then miracle ear. It was like buying a car wide me to take out a loan buy insurance. Stay far away from those places.

  12. I got tired of having to ask what did he say ( while watching TV ) had to have the TV so loud it was bad for my wife. Went to 3 places got prices all in on basic equipment Was between $4000 and $6500. At Costco free check up exam, I got the hi end equipment with Bluetooth for my phone, Ipod and the TV. $2000. I bought an adapter for the TV which sent Bluetooth to my hearing aids. I can watch TV with the sound turned completely down and hear every word being said. for my phone, the Bluetooth even works while I am out riding, can make calls or answer calls without stopping.
    Followup service is second to none, those little plastic cones that go into your ear, Costco does not charge for those I change them out once per month and Costco keeps me supplied.
    Have had them for 5 years cannot go wrong

  13. Just proves the whole hearing industry is robbing, ripping off the disabled and old people, hearing aid makers you are crooks hearing aid retailers usually audiologist you are robbing gready crooks benefiting from peoples misery, you all should hang your heads in shame, you not better than crack dealers

  14. Stay away from Miracle Ear! I use to work for them and it would cost them not even $200 to make a hearing aid that they sell for over $2500. At the miracle ear call center, our biggest fear was when “patients” was thinking about going to Costco lol

  15. I am a Virginia Licensed HAS in a Sam's Club. Similar atmosphere, we do not earn commission on sales.. Glad you're hearing better!

  16. Seriously, having an 80DB loss in the high frequencies hes got the wrong domes on there for you. When he ran his calibration it wiped out maximum output in your high frequencies. Basically killing the performance of those hearing aids. Those things are gonna whistle all time. And I guarantee they sounded nice and tinny. You have what's called a steep sloping hearing loss which is one of the most difficult ones to correct. I would know went to a cosco the fix that. I would have loved to seen your discrimen scores

  17. Costco also makes money by hiring burned out losers and paying them half of what they would of made in a practice. You sir are spreading false information

  18. People who flake out in the industry get jobs at Big Box Stores. So you went to a lame duck to get your hearing corrected. Secondly you bought cheap Phonak rebranded hearing aids. You got what you paid for. Thirdly you will never hear as well with those aids as you would with better aids fit by a person who is actually successful fitting hearing aids.

  19. I've been wearing hearing aids for almost 10 years now, and I can tell you that the hearing aid business is a scam. There is no reason in hell that hearing aids should come even close to what they are charging, which is, "whatever the market will bear". In other words they are raping we, the older generation, to service their stake and stock holders, just because they can. Consider the fact that the circuitry in a hearing aid is about one hundredth of that of even a small computer, but they are charging over three times as much for the hearing aids. As more and more baby boomers increase in age, there will be an even great call for good hearing aids at an affordable price, which they are not now.

    I could no longer afford multi-thousand dollar set of aids, so I had to go to the VA, where I receive a new free pair every five years.

  20. You are absolutely not able to get the same hearing aid at Costco that you can from a hospital or clinic. The technology being used in the computer chip is much older which is why it’s cheaper. They also do not use real ear measurement at Costco (REM). Without this verification the hearing aid is nowhere near the required prescription. You are also not seeing an Audiologist or Doctor, you are seeing a Costco employee who trained for 3 months.
    Please do your research before commenting. Hearing loss has been linked to Dementia and other health issues. Again, RESEARCH.

  21. This guy May be board certified but this person states that all Costco salespeople are board certified and that’s not true

  22. I've been thinking about trying the COSTCO hearing aids. I have a difficult loss to compensate for nicknamed "cookie bite". My middle frequencies are impaired and that is where most of the perception of speech articulation occurs. I've worn expensive digital BTE aids for 4 years ($3,800). While they help a little, I still have trouble understanding speech (especially in noisy environments) and for music they are useless. They usually just sit in their case. I use a "Pocket Talker" for watching TV or Bluetooth headphones/ earbuds for music.
    Thanks for the review. I think I'll go in and try COSTCO.

  23. I called my local costco hearing center, and was told their staff are licensed hearing aid dispensers, not audiologists. What differences should you expect between LHAD and audiologist?

  24. Well, I have been using two different HAs for the past 5 years and they were made by Siemens. The first was Pure XCL CARAT 501BTE and the current one is Signia Pure Primax BTE. The second one can be remotely controlled by cellphone. I paid $1,400 and $2,200 respectively out of pocket. They only gave me 17/20 hearing and nowhere near 18/20. I still cannot understand people talking softly near me. My wife watched TV with Volume only 6 or 7 and I watched with 16 or 17 and I still missed the language. I am just too confused as I don't mind paying more to get a 19/20 hearing. Does anyone believe HA can bring 20/20 hearing like 20/20 for Vision?

  25. Make sure to ask for a telecoil. If your hearing aid(s) do not have it you will not be able to take advantage of the ADA mandate for hearing aid compatibility in public places with assistive listening systems. If the venue has a hearing loop you will be able to connect directly with the push of a button.

  26. PPS – BRING THE OLDEST and most favorite music { on your best player) and person, for the TEST & delivery?
    Old people like oldies but goodies: they can't hear but can remember how it should have sounded!😇

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