38 thoughts on “Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)

  1. hmm I dislike how her character is written. The last fully rendered cutscene she was in she yelled what? "for the horde!" in a very epic way. Now she says "the horde is nothing". It would have been a lot better if she stayed as the cool leader.

  2. Quick, before the story actually gets complex and we have to deal with it, chuck out the intelligent and interesting character!

  3. Wrath was the first time I played as Horde and got to meet Saurfang. I remember him telling Garrosh about the screams of draenei children being slaughtered tormented him still (from the orcs being slaves to the burning legion), and why no one should go looking for war like Garrosh did. I remember feeling so bad for him in ICC, having to kill his son reanimated as a death knight. Saurfang felt like he failed his wife in keeping his son safe. Watching the old soldier cinematics you really could tell that Saurfang felt like he had failed again.

    He had lost his family, his honor at teldrassil, and now he had felt like he was losing the Horde. In the end, I had hoped that Saurfang would become warchief and lead the Horde. But he made Thrall and everyone else realize something more important– that Warchiefs are for times of war. It is time for Azeroth to finally have peace. Before his sacrifice, Saurfang was among friends and brothers in arms. And he knew that in challenging Slyvanas to Mak'gora, he had regained his honor.

    They all watched as he fought. Mortally wounded, Saurfang smirked at Sylvanas' betrayal. As he called out, "For Azeroth!" while charging into battle one final time, he knew that, finally, he had also reclaimed his Horde.

    Rest in peace Old Soldier. You more than earned it.

  4. This is just so powerful. I can't stop watching it. Saurfang saved so many lives that day. Lok'tar, old soldier.

  5. rewatching this over and over and over, you can tell zekhan is going to be a huge character. vol'jin 2.0, i mean of course since they have already come this far in developing him. but when sylvanas says, "and all their hope dies with you." saurfang looks directly at zekhan. and in the other cinematic where he gives him his sons' pendant. he saw his son in that troll.

  6. The dark lady watches over us.
    Maybe, this was just a plan of hers to stop nzoth plan,or maybe indeed I ll see her end, unfortunately.

  7. I was dreading this cinematic, especially after it getting spoilered in a title of some idiot's video.The only good things I can say about it are the visual quality and that I'm glad I didn't go back to WoW. The story is a complete dumpster fire now. We have this awesome character a lot of us long time fans loved (Sylvanas) and Blizz just uses her as plot fodder the same way she's supposed to be using the Horde I guess.

    Whatever, money saved I guess. >.>

  8. I don't really play WoW, but I am intrigued with the Pandas
    my last game was Warcraft 3, so where was Arthas' here?, Illidan, Maev and Rexxar? Are they all dead by this time?

  9. So…I've been unsubbed for a while. Is WoW just flatout doing the Garrosh storyline all over again? Corrupt leader of the Horde; etc.?

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