Cheapshaver Reviews Gillette Tech Razors

Cheapshaver Reviews Gillette Tech Razors

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Gillette Tech is the Volkswagen Beetle of the three-piece double edge razor world it was patent in the 1930s and it was made in Britain the United States and Canada and there's guides to tell you one plate where one was made and the variations and the different types but they're basically the same razor the genius of the Gillette tech lies in the way way it was engineered to hold the blade even and solid it's a very well made three-piece razor you see this bar that goes across the top plate you see two tabs on the end so I'm gonna put a Wilkinson sword blade in here now and you're gonna see that that straight bar goes right across the blade fits it and even and the two tabs hold the ends and secure when you put the bottom plate on it gives a little pressure to the middle and that that turns the edges of the blade up now so many 3-piece razors that are made now and some will cost you a lotta money they're covered with chrome and everything else but they can't hold that blade as flush and a solid is the old gillette tech can now some people say that this razor is fairly mild as you can see it doesn't have that big of an aperture but because it's flush because it's held so solid you can do things such as diagonal shaving or the Gillette slide you can you can do brushing and you can also angle it to hit the sweet spot and anyone that uses a double edge knows what the sweet spot is it's the angle in which the blade cuts those whiskers and you can hear it it's audible you can you can do the across the grain against the grain you can do various shaving techniques and you're not gonna have to worry about cuts or weepers with this is a very forgiving razor it is just a classic InDesign it's it's just sad that they stopped making a razor of this quality and substituted their gimmicks for a cheap shaver out get one of these razors

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  1. I have a Canadian fat handle tech coming soon . It looks all clean . I only paid my friend $10 for it . I think he said it is from 1942 .

  2. Well presented. Thanks for that. 😊

    As for 'adding it to my rotation', i don't see why a 'rotation' is needed. One razor is enough for your face and head. If it isn't a flawed product, adapt to it.

    People these days tend to fetishise things to address their boredom with their own personalities. Hence, all these fetishes.

    It's fine if it complements a well developed, intelligent and creative personality, but not if it is meant to compensate for not having one. πŸ˜‰

  3. I agree 100%. I bought an Edwin Jagger and a Murkur 3 piece. Shiny and expensive. I always have to visually inspect the blade when I tighten the bar on. I pickup up a Gillette Tech in a antique shop for $10 and it aligns the blade perfectly. I use with a Gillette GSB blade and it shaves great.

  4. A well articulated discourse on the merits of this particular razor. When the opportunity presents itself; I will take your advice and add one to my rotation.

  5. I have a 1953 and a1957 Gillette Tech. Your reviews are the most informative. I am 59, but have only been wet shaving for a couple of years. Thanks!

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