Career Advice Girls Get feat. Ahsaas Channa | Girliyapa's ChickiLeaks

Career Advice Girls Get feat. Ahsaas Channa | Girliyapa's ChickiLeaks

Deciding your career is an important aspect of life. It’s a tough call especially after 10th and 12th boards. Most importantly for girls as a large number of our parents and elders are still trapped in that old and bygone age mentalities. Beliefs like girls are unfit for physical jobs, travelling jobs and jobs which involve working overnight are still prevalent and hence stereotypical job options are advised to girls.
Watch these relatable yet hilarious instances of career advice being given to girls and you are sure to have a hearty laugh ride.

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Written by: Shashi Mukherjee
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Location: TVF Campus
Cast: Lovleen Misra, Sharvari Deshpande, Ahsaas Channa, Bhavini Soni, Aditi Singh, Radhika Bangia, Deepesh Jagdish, Parikshit Joshi, Sachin Negi

Papa, what should I pursue now?
I am extremely confused. Child, do whatever you wish to. Girls are
walking shoulder to shoulder with boys today. And yeah, my daughter
will study science Home science. Damn good, man. Look at your
typing speed on the laptop. Why don't you become
a receptionist? Doctor, my head
is hurting a lot. Do one thing. Get
up and stand here. Come stand right behind, behind. Yes very good. Right there. Hmm. Here! Oh my God! 5 foot 9 inch. 5 foot 9 inch! You know what you should be? You should be a model. Nurse! Nurse! Have her held here. I
will make you Miss India! It's the same necklace.
– Auntyyyy Aunty Aunty! What happened?
– My video went viral on Facebook! What a childish thing to say. Come here, listen to me. Why don't you LIKE a guy instead! If you
have someone,SHARE his photo with us. We are here to COMMENT! Yes didi! Please
get married now! Yes, I love weddings. Wow! Such great torching skills. Why don't you become
a politician? Like seriously? Just because you got Roma Aunty's number for me,
you want to be an investigative journalist now? What will people say? Look at Mishraji's daughter… Appearing on TV everyday and making
an "individual identity" for herself Like, do you even
care about my ego? Yeah, keep mum now! Your work experience and
qualification are… very nice! Very nice. but your English…
-What happened, Sir? is too good! Why do you need to be a developer here?
Leave that to the IITian Biharis But sir? – Become a slam poet. Huh? – No arguments.
No arguments. You're hot. You're Sexy. Go preach. Too good, you make great tea. Ok tell me, what have you
thought of doing next? I was thinking, if I
could be an airhostess.. If posing a fake smile, in the middle of the sky
and serving people, is what you want to do.. You could do the same down
here as a daughter-in-law! Fasten the seat belt for father-in-law,
put on the oxygen mask for mother-in-law, Give safety instructions
to your kids! Wedding! I will decide
the menu right away. How much do you eat! Why don't you become
an income tax officer? My lovely niece! Come on now, be serious.
What have you decided finally? I want to do social work. I want to live my
life for others. Good, very good, child.
Can I offer a suggestion? If you want to protest and get beaten up,
why not do that at your in-laws' house? No no, keep the smile intact. See, here's the guy..he's tall, dark..
you can't be everything. Congratulations Didi! Masi masi masi… Now that Didi is getting married,
could you get me married too? Show me your hand? Kid, your marriage is destined to be very
late. Go and follow some passion. Go. Kid, check out the guy's photo once!
You'll like him!

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  1. To me people come up with various opinions
    1. History sir suggested ki IAS officer ban ja
    2. Relative kehte hai ek Didi engineer hai toh tu doctor banja
    3. Bhaiya kehte hai ki Bhai nuclear physicist banke bombs bana aur duniya ko khatam karde taki kisiko kabhi exams ki pressure na pare
    5. Mumma says ki beta Terese padai nahi hogi itni gandi marks aati hai Teri, beta tu jharudaar banja … lol 🤣

  2. U will draw great. … why don't u become a doctor…….offffff….din bhar bak bak baat karteeho anchor kyu nahi banjaati……har pal argue karteeho di aap ko na law padnee chaahiye……di hamesha meree peche padteeho itnee shock hai to ditective kyun nahi ban jaatee.

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