Build Apps with Vue & Firebase - Udemy Course

Build Apps with Vue & Firebase – Udemy Course

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I won’t ever be leaving YouTube, or stop creating tonnes of free content 🙂

all right Gangnam just coming at you here with a very quick update because I have finally finally released my udemy course build web apps with UJS and firebase it's been in a long time in the making and I was up late last night making sure I could release it for this morning so in this course what will we be doing we'll be learning all of the basics in view j/s it's kind of like an updated version of the view JS series I have on this YouTube channel but it's going to come bundled with loads of extras too namely we'll be making three real-world projects with firebase as well so we'll be hooking the two together now firebase acts as a back-end to our view applications and we'll be looking at things like the cloud fire store to store all of our data in authentication so that users can sign in and log out of our applications cloud functions which enables us to run server-side code without managing our own server and also we'll be deploying all of our applications to firebase using firebase hosting as well now one of the projects we'll be creating is this geo ninjas where we can login or logout signup all of that jazz and it's a geolocation based social app so it's going to take our geo coordinates POTUS on the map and also plot all the other users on the map as well and we can go to the different users and interact with them so that's just one of the projects will be creating so I'd love to see you all there the links in the course is going to be down below and if you do sign up make sure you do so with this coupon code ninja whitey 18y T stands for YouTube by the way that is going to ensure you get it for the discounted price of nine pound 99 instead of the original price now the link to the course is going to be down below it would be awesome to see you all there one more thing before I leave just because I'm doing udemy doesn't mean I'm gonna leave YouTube I am never gonna make like this channel in any shape or form you're still going to be getting all the free content that you've been used to over the last two or three years just as regularly and in fact I'm working on a series that will be coming up very shortly as well

32 thoughts on “Build Apps with Vue & Firebase – Udemy Course

  1. Just enrolled for Build Apps with Vue & Firebase – Udemy Course after completing the Vuetify-Firebase series on YouTube. Please keep making all these fantastic tutorials!

  2. Hey Shawn, thanks very much for all your efforts Appreciated !!! Can you please come up with a series on Angular Unit+End2End Testing with Jasmin & Karma. Thanks

  3. Very proud of you. I find out about you in late 2016 when I first started studying web development and I saw your channel grow so much. Great achievement in launching your own course 🙂

  4. Hi, I am using Vuejs on the project and I am learning Vuejs just recently. There is a challenge to compare;
    1- There are three separate components, each of them will be draggable in itself
    2- These three components can be draggable in a single line at the same time

    Would you please help me with this?

  5. Hi Ninja, congrats. Thanks again for your sharing in youtube. I have just purchased your course. Keep on. Looking forward to finding more your courses in udemy.

  6. congrats dear !!! huge huge supports!! just purchased it with glad.
    No doubt it would be an awesome course ever.

  7. Following some of your YT series and love them, you have knack for teaching – already enrolled on your udemy course 🙂

  8. Gonna buy for sure!! You are the best teacher, really. Some teachers have lots of knowledge but really bad at teaching. But you are really awesome teacher. Thanks a lot. ❤

  9. Knowledge is the most valuable thing someone can give you. This guy gave us a lot of knowledge from many technologies so far. 10€ is nothing and even though you are not going to learn Vue or Firebase in next couple of months, buy this course just to show him the appreciation for what he has done for us so far. I am a student and I am not going to learn Vue as I need to learn some Bootstrap, Angular and React first, but for sure, I am going to buy this just to say "thanks" for all free knowledge you gave us Shaun. You are the best teacher out there. Thank you for your work and I hope you will continue with this journey. Wish you all the best!

  10. Hope the best for your course and for all the students that watch you on youtube!! The best Vue teacher in the world!

  11. Lit🔥🔥I was currently going through your old Vue course so this is awesome! Imma throw you my money💰

  12. Such a great timing, was just thinking about exploring vue because I had a rough start to react
    Buying it for sure

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