35 thoughts on “Bryan Cranston's Advice to Aspiring Actors

  1. I’m a professional musician and wish that someone had given me this advice when I was young. I learned what Mr. Cranston did but at a later age. It’s sad to think of all of the stress my musician friends and I engaged in because we were never taught this one extremely important lesson. As a teacher I make sure that my students understand the importance of what Cranston talks about-offering the best you can share with others and not worrying about the factors that you can’t control. This video clip (with the background noise filtered out) should be shown to all incoming students to performance programs of any kind. Thanks for posting.☺️

  2. Thank you, Bryan! If my actor-daughter could spend 10 minutes with you, that would be AWESOME for her!!! She is a PCPA grad, but struggling post-program.

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  4. I bumped into Bryan in Central Park in June of 2015 right before I moved to LA. We chatted for about 15 minutes. I asked him for advice before my move and THIS is exactly what we talked about. I started applying it in all my auditions and less than a year later I booked a lead role as Ryuk in Death Note. Apply this in your career and you'll see a big difference.

  5. It's called being "Free of outcome" or "outcome independent"….It helps you focus on the process rather than the outcome and you end up doing great

  6. Got the call to say I got the job yesterday, after 8 months of rejections. I watched this before my audition. Timeless advice, from a true pro! Cheers Bryan!

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