Broken cell phone screen repair - Cell phone repair review - Phone  818.284.4644

Broken cell phone screen repair – Cell phone repair review – Phone 818.284.4644

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hey guys I'm Megan and I have had the most frustrating day ever I mean ever I really am upset with myself I stood in line like all day for this and I broke it I cracked it really bad too I mean I just cannot believe I done this my phone case did not save it and it's cracked practically everywhere I mean I bet I've been doing some research all day and I finally came across one company that I'm going to send my phone to um and you know for security reasons I'm not scared about sending my phone because for I mean now these days if you report your phone loss it basically can't get turned on by anyone else there's no unlocking your phone anymore and all that so I found these guys and um I've been researching them right now and I'm really happy with everything the price definitely because I've of everyone else that I didn't text and went online see even people in person I mean charging these ridiculous fees and finally I found someone that seemed like they're loyal and know what you're doing the company is u.s. Wireless I'm gonna put a logo on their website on here as well to see but I guess I'll be back in a few days to let you know how they did fixing my phone I'm also going to change it because the white gets so dirty for me and like right now you could see all that dirt right there and I only had it for what two three weeks and I'm actually gonna get them to change it to black and so I'll let you know how I go so hopefully I'll be in a better mood and yeah alright see in a little bit I guess hopefully about three days and no max because I would need my phone as soon as possible but it's you know it's so embarrassing to go out and you talking to people and stuffing to see you would have cracked the phone just look crack ish hey guys so I'm really really excited and look what I got today I'm really happy I got my phone back and I got a glare screen on it so it's really great I am happy and it only took about three days so and I'm just a static I didn't have to like look for it or have anything and everything is on my phone as I sent it my um it's just a perfect condition I don't know how to say it but I'm just really happy and I'm back in action which is a lifesaver because now I could get back on all the instant messaging and Facebook and everything that I've loved doing and my games are all here and it's just great I mean what could be better Pinterest is just gonna love me for being back now and my friends are too so I'm gonna go and get busy but I would definitely recommend this company to family and friends and I'm just a static right now and their service is definitely 5 star out of 5 star and I wanna just want to say thumbs up and I'm gonna post this I'm not really big on you know videos and all that but I think this is worth it and I'm gonna start doing this more often definitely because they definitely deserve this and I'm gonna post this and hey I'm gonna also try to put the the website as well so thanks for watching and bye and like a fight definitely check them out they're great

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  1. I think this was very informative n the girl in the video seems to be pleased.   I decided to read some of you guys reviews n thoughts.  Some of you guys are just effin idiots! The girl did mention that she was going to have them change the color of her cell phone cause she no longer wanted it to be white face.   My opinion…….Listen to the video before making childish remarks and if you still find yourself wanting to critique someone else's work, try posting your own video and let's find your flaws!!! #BITCHASSNESS

  2. Wait a minute….you sent a broken white phone out for repair and it came back black. Sure its the same phone?

  3. you guys should check out the "Delta Regis" Electric Screwdrivers that are designed for cell phone repair.

  4. About the dumbest person I've ever read a comment posted by . . . Not like screens come in different colors or anything . . . TECHTARD . ..

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