Brian May - Star Licks (Guitar Tutorial 1983) - Full Version

Brian May – Star Licks (Guitar Tutorial 1983) – Full Version

In 1983, Star Licks Productions created a series of instructional videos featuring well-known musicians demonstrating their unique musical styles and techniques. The portfolio debuted with a wide-ranging group of players including Steve Lukather of Toto, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire) guitarist Albert Lee, and acclaimed guitarist/educator Wolf Marshall.

In this video, Brian discusses his equipment and techniques, and demonstrates a number of his guitar solos. He covers both famous and lesser known Queen songs, including Brighton Rock, Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody To Love, It’s Late, Dead On Time, Put Out The Fire, It’s A Hard Life, Keep Yourself Alive, Jesus, Father To Son and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The programme was produced and directed by Mark Freed and Robert Decker, and recorded at Sarm West, London, England. The video was originally released in 1983 and later reissued in 1993/4.

Note from Brian :

Mark initially came to me with an idea for making audio cassettes of guitarists explaining their techniques. It seemed a good one and we arranged to meet and make it happen. But I said … if we’re going to the trouble of recording this stuff, why not film it as well, and make it into a Video Cassette ?! So we made a ‘pilot’ video, and people liked it, and this became the template for a whole collection of videos which, I think, stand up very well to this day.

Maybe we should do an update ?!

Brian – May 2015.

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48 thoughts on “Brian May – Star Licks (Guitar Tutorial 1983) – Full Version

  1. Real masters don't make a mysterious thing out of it, what they do – they just discribe what they do without a mysterious veiling.

  2. Brian May: the master of guitar, the gentleness and kindness of Bob Ross who is basically a modern day Newton. What a life this man lives.

  3. Back in 2003, Brian and Roger were walking into the entrance of the Melbourne Cricket Ground as I was waiting to meet a friend who worked there.
    Brian, Thanks Mate for the quick smile in response to my knowing glance. As a fan of your Musicianship, it was much appreciated.
    Trust you enjoyed your walk on the "Hallowed Turf" that day.
    God Bless !

  4. My cosplay at our retro themed Christmas party at school today is actually Brian May, and borrowed a friend's Fender Squire for a prop. And it ended by getting me first runner-up. Not bad, is it?

  5. Brian may was a perfect fit to be QUEENS  guitarist,  Freddie Loved brains ability with his guitar work, and worked it most certainly did, the mans disposition is that of a monk, very educated , has a very keen sense for pitch, as he stated he Loves 2 and 3 part harmonies, which as a guitarist myself I also Love a sweet fluid sounding guitar, running in stereo is un beatable, as with anything else, every guitarist that's worth his salt, you will always find a good to great to an awesome sounding guitarist in that band, they all find there own way of reaching that tone, that perfect pitch, that they feel is what they love in there own sound, it takes yrs in some cases to find that sound there looking for, but once found, watch out, another rip,N  guitar player is born,

  6. Looks like a modern day wolfgang amadeus mozart (but with real hair)
    Love your sound Brian and your skillsmanship (making up words for effect)

  7. I was a kid in the 80s. And Brian May was my biggest influence as an aspiring guitarist. I found an old Starlicks vhs that showed the preview for this one. I was ecstatic and wished i could afford to buy it. Thank GOD for the Internet. Lol

  8. He is such a good player, everything he plays is really considered but when he plays, it is done with a real sense of feeling and although it has all been thought through, it still sounds spontaneous….it all flows perfectly. That is the sign of a truly great player in my opinion. Any decent guitarist can play fast, but fast with clarity and feeling is not easy. Hats off to a true great.

  9. This is really good info for guitar players. The tone advice with the treble booster and the phase going through a separate amp. Those little details take a good sound to great. Really want that sweater too, it gives the guitar a cozy sound.

  10. That BOSS Chorus pedal sounds really great to me. Unfortunately mine does not work anymore. But it's hard to find nowadays.

  11. Such a nice guy and beast on the guitar.

    Brian, in his friendly Bob Ross voice… "OK, now let's try this nice little lick"


    Me, bowing down "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!!!"

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