BEST DATING ADVICE EVER - Stop Wasting Your Time! 😲

BEST DATING ADVICE EVER – Stop Wasting Your Time! 😲

Ready to hear the best dating advice ever? Listen in as I talk about you needing to stop wasting your time in dating. These dating tips can save you from a lot of headaches.

So often we ignore the red flags in dating. We give chances to people who don’t belong in our lives, and we begin a process of wasting time. I don’t want that to be you.

I want you to stop wasting your time with the wrong guys and the wrong women. So that you can focus on your growth, and be able to receive the person who is truly best for you.

I’m providing this dating advice because I want to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of wasting time dating. Take heed to these dating tips, and you will be able to experience more success and you’ll know how to save time in dating.

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These aren’t just dating tips for women. Men need to take heed to this dating advice as well.

47 thoughts on “BEST DATING ADVICE EVER – Stop Wasting Your Time! 😲

  1. Hello family new subscriber mmh I'm addicted to your videos and my ears are opened wax removed thank you so much sir

  2. You Better Say That…"Good People is Not enough"…marriage is serious business…you want the Right One for you! Awesome message!

  3. Joey gladney.. 10 yrs living with someone 16 yrs dating….you still don't want to marry her but living with someone and now have kid… you are/havewasting your time because you knew she wasn't the one. She is a crackpot for trying to force a relationship and sattle you with a kid..she could have moved on prior to all of that happening, WITH SOMEONE WHO WANTED TO MARRY HER..AND NOT A ROOMMATE /BABYDADDY

  4. When us as humans do not put God in the midst of our relationships, we are mere animals lacking true love, strength and the skills required to be in a relationship!

  5. I’ve been single for almost 3 years. It didn’t bother me but now it’s starting to since everyone around me is getting engaged. I have 4 sisters and all of them are in relationships and two are engaged. My parents probably think im a lesbian or something because I never bring anyone around lol.I’ve never had a relationship longer than a year and the one that lasted for a yr was on and off and toxic.I’ve been through alot of bs from the men i dated in the past and its left me scarred and thats why i took a break from dating. I recently started dating this yr and the guy that I was talking to for a few months turned out to have a girlfriend the whole time. I give up. I pray alot about it because honestly I love my life but I would love to share it with someone and have a family .

  6. I have been dating the wrong people all my life and I truly know that I always try my best for them but they always take it as an advantage to hurt me in return…..
    Been too much soft and nice sucks as well

  7. Wow phenomenal video.

    SOME dating coaches just blame the men entirely at the end of all their videos (COUGH) Derrick Jaxn (COUGH).


  8. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️!!!! Needed this message but how to process that when you find a rare amazing man who reciprocated and treated me beautifully only to ghost me. Everything was smooth and easy it felt natural dating him

  9. Hey man your messages are powerful and 100% true, I love them all…. Do you plan to make a video about how to date or tips for dating or similar? Would be fabulous! Thanks and keep it up.

  10. But everybody needs a chance to show their better side. We all have our shit so we shouldlnt reject others so fast as we wouldnt want that for ourselves. Theres got to be a solution that satisfies both not wasting your own time AND not rejecting everyone.

  11. Makes sense. One thing I don't get, how come there's this mass epidemic of people who are suddenly waking up and telling us what there is to do in domains we ain't had no clue what to do in before ?

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