Best Advice to BOOST METABOLISM for FAT LOSS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Best Advice to BOOST METABOLISM for FAT LOSS! (Hindi / Punjabi)


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People often ask us that we don’t get hungry or we cant eat so many meals when we follow any diet plan. Lack of knowledge, poor choice of food, lazy life style contributes to slower metabolism. In this video, we talked about what we can do and how we can boost our Metabolism that can help us to lose weight Fast!

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23 thoughts on “Best Advice to BOOST METABOLISM for FAT LOSS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

  1. Sunny Paji. Mera fat loss diet plan bna k do. Main Malaysia rehnda. Badi mushkil nall Indian style diet bna sakda. Help karo thodi. Mera wait 72kg, height 5.8 morning 7am zym Jana. Before that what should I need to eat nd after workout whole day diet plan. Hath jorda sunny paji 🙏

  2. sunny bhai apki sari video bhut acchi hoti hai . mera waight 80kg hai . aur hight 5'7 hai . pls app muje btao ki main kaun se exercize kru aur kis din kaun c. thx

  3. This was very helpful.. love you man from Pakistan 🇵🇰.
    I like the way you say things straight forward with joke cracking style. Stay blessed bro ❤️

  4. Sunny paa g hum jutt log hain main diet krna chahta fat loss k leay magar meri ama mujhy roti nai chorny daiti mera calories intake 2400 calories to kitni roti khaa sakta

  5. Face fat kiddan ghat kariye ..I have tried everything. I have even loose weight but face fat is still there
    Plz help I have following you from long time got results also but help to loose weight from face also

  6. Hello sir,
    One question:
    About the fact that you are telling from 7:00 minutes: should i take extra proteins after a workout to recover the muscles, or let the muscles use the fat restored in the body?

    *My goal is to lose fat

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