BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 - Jazz Award Final

BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 – Jazz Award Final

BBC Young Musician 2014 – Jazz Award Final.
BBC broadcast of the first ever BBC Young Musician – Jazz Award Final, which took place on March 8th 2014 at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Broadcast date – 23rd May 2014.
Finalists (in order of appearance) with start times:
Sean Payne – age 13 – alto saxophone – 9:50
Freddie Jensen – age 14 – double bass – 22:45
Alexander Bone – age 17 – alto saxophone – 37:00
Jake Labazzi – age 16 – trumpet/flugel – 51:29
Tom Smith – age 18 – alto saxophone – 01:06:12

Band – Gwilym Simcock Trio
Gwilym Simcock – Piano
Yuri Goloubev – Double Bass
James Maddren – Drums

Judges –
Django Bates
Julian Joseph
Trish Clowes
Jason Yarde

16 thoughts on “BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 – Jazz Award Final

  1. Hi Alexander this is so good. Thank you for letting me be in your band last groovin high it was really good and built up my solo confidence

  2. I saw Sean playing just last night, with Brandon Allen, Leon Greening, Arnie Somogyi and Clark Tracey, and boy has he come on since this, in just two years. He's already finding his own voice. A great find.

  3. I loved 'Messed Up Shape'. Better than alot of the Bebop featured in my opinion. Really dynamic and ofcourse the band took it to another level. Great work!

  4. no way the third guys dad teachers lessons on here! i learnt how to do my altissimo notes from him lol apple doesnt fall to far

  5. A very good choice for the winner. My personal favorite was Freddie Jensen. All contestants exhibited great skills, musicality. I would hope that 1 year from this event we will see some of them back to compete with even greater skills gained through more exposure and maturity. Not a single loser among them. Hip Hip Hooraies for all.

  6. I can't believe to my ears. I am wondering how they achieved to play saxophone at that age. They are at this moment in top 10 best saxophone players in the world at this moment.

  7. What a great performance! You were really one with the music and enjoying it so much. I could clearly tell you'd win. You've got the groove and the style. Congratulations from Seoul, Korea!

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