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Bag It iPhone App Review – Matching Games – App Reviews

Bag It, by Hidden variable Studios, is a gaming app that’s currently ranking as the #1 free-app in the app store! Bag It is played as a puzzle — placing your heavy items on the bottom and fragile ones on top. The items to be placed are shown to you on a conveyer belt, just like you’d see at the grocery store! It’s crazy cute! Below the conveyer belt is a brown paper bag.

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hello and welcome to this edition of I use this app in today's review we're gonna be going over one of the top paid apps called baguette I've got it installed for us already so let's jump right in baguette find hidden variable Studios is available in the app store for just 99 cents as one of the top downloaded apps you have to check it out to fully understand the fun that it'll bring it's kind of like a Tetris meets the produce aisle for some really fun gameplay and lots of strategy over 60 levels and more than 25 achievements within the game itself iTunes describes the app saying your groceries come to life millions of players worldwide have already discovered the fun challenging family-friendly grocery bagging puzzle game called come see what the fuss is all about having sturdy items on the bottom light and fragile items on the top seems simple right think again baguette will open your eyes to a whole new world inside of your shopping bag with that in mind let's jump right into the gameplay is super easy to play so I'm going to walk us through some gameplay now from the main screen you just hit play and you can choose your aisle from the seven that are available and we'll just go to the first one called got split and just for this game we'll go through the first level let it load and you can see the best score play so now it starts welcome to Baggett and now we have our conveyor belt here and we'll put the heavy items at the bottom so all these milk cartons go down at the bottom it's even instructing us on how to drag him down this is the first game and you can see there we got 300 points bonus some cereal bags we'll put those here there we go and now shake it and chief man earn and I got three stars there yes and I actually beat the high score so that pretty much covers the gameplay you can see basically put the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items on top and you stack them and then you shake it to actually make sure that nothing breaks and then you proceed to the next level pretty easy and I can say it gets harder as the game goes on but that pretty much covers the gameplay so let's head into the wrap-up I'm gonna give baguette a 9 out of 10 stars this game is really well put together from the fun graphics and the cool sound effects to every puzzle that got harder and harder as the game went along and we all know I love a good challenge the achievements gave me some pretty cool goal to try to complete which is something else that I really liked about the game the one downside that I've noticed so far is that out of the seven worlds none of them are as good as the first world called got split it's good and it's fun and it's definitely worth the $0.99 download what do you think about it let us know this because this edition if I use this app as always thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment subscribe on all our videos and we'll see in the next review

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