Bachelorette Finale: Hannah B. Gets Advice From JoJo and Jordan

Bachelorette Finale: Hannah B. Gets Advice From JoJo and Jordan

The Bachelorette finale is tonight and there’s been no shortage of drama both on-camera (we’re looking at you, Luke P) and off (ahem, Jed). Former #Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher spoke to Life&Style and has some advice for Hannah B — and Jordan Rodgers has some thoughts for the winner, too.

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can't explain it maybe brutal because it was brutal for us our first year and obviously Bachelorette Hannah season almost coming to an end have to ask you guys what do you think of the season have you been watching so the whole time it's been airing we've been filming cache that we just finished watching long ago so we haven't caught up on all of it but I have it all recorded and I'll say stuff on Twitter where I'm like going down okay I'm missing something so I'll go and I'll try and find what's going on so I try to know what's going on whoo drama so much drama and like such a different season than we're used to seeing right Jonna the most dramatic season ever no I like love it do you like her about her at from what you Susan Berg I loved watching her yeah you know what I was saying this earlier in her interview earlier like she is not afraid to speak her mind which it is hard love it when you're on camera you've millions of people watching you and she shoots it straight she stands up we love that I love that too yeah and you know what would what would be your advice forgiving you know after she comes off of it I know we've talked about this before but you know the cameras are on you you're it's really high pressure so whoever she chooses if she chooses someone what would you give her what would be your advice to like enjoy that time and not be super stressed out well I mean I can tell you what doesn't matter who you pick whether it's someone that's already controversial or not you're gonna things are gonna be said about you about this person about your relationship so sort of put your blinders on trust yourself if you if you trust this person if you have a good feeling about and you know what's real trust yourself put your blinders on block out the outdoor noise get back to normal life but you can speak to what it's like to be the other guy on that true like I'm just saying like Hannah has a different pressure than what maybe the guys feeling yeah I mean if you're a guy and there was any type of drama or controversy which I had some too and so it's just you get in this pattern we feel like you got to defend yourself so much and so it's it's just a period where you kind of have to check your ego and you have to really just like start to really show who you are because the camera is gonna paint you one way people in your past that don't like you or have a vendetta are gonna say certain things and you're getting to know each other so you just have to be as open and honest as possible and communicate yes communicate there's that time here you know right now where she's not able to see him and so they're probably having if they're still together this this over the phone relationship with all this stuff going on all about communication it's all about compromise and it's about patience be patient you let things work themselves out fight for it work for it she'll be okay yeah well you guys are so and it's not easy like Hannah it may be brutal cuz it was brutal for us our first year yeah y'all make sure to watch our new show Kash Pat on CNBC every Tuesday at 10:00 9:00 central it is 7:00 so excited

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