▷In today’s video I’m sharing a baby girl haul. Lots of gadgets, accessories and cute clothes! THUMBS up for more! xoxo

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hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another vlog in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you all a baby girl haul not just clothes but some accessories that I've gotten for baby girl and some different gadgets some random things some new finds that I'm so excited to try out when she's here and just overall a bunch of things that I purchased I've been gifted I've fallen in love with it over the past couple of months so let's just go ahead and get straight into the video ok so the first things that I've gotten for baby girl are these two little stuffed dolls they are absolutely beautiful I received these from cuddling kind and if you know me know me you know how I feel about cuddling hi and I absolutely love their dolls they're handcrafted they're ethically made they're absolutely beautiful each doll comes with its own little name tag and birthday and favorite quote and I just love them I think they're gorgeous I feel like they look perfect in a little girl's room these too but they also have dolls for boys as well and I just love these I'm so thankful that cuddling kind sent these to me you all know I love supporting brands that actually stand for something and have morals so this brand in particular if you buy one doll you actually give ten meals to a family in need showcasing these dolls on my channel sharing them with you all can help spread the word it can help families in need and it can give you some really really cute dolls for your nursery for your little ones so I will have all of kullin kinds information down in the description definitely definitely check them out your dollar is your vote and it's just really important to support businesses doing the right cake okay the next day I purchased for baby girl is a cover for our docket ah this is the same docket I that I had with Archie it's just the deluxe plus and I got a new cover I absolutely love this cover honestly I don't know if it's just me in my mind but this cover just looks like beautiful tattoos like the coverage of to chat it up and I love it I think it's just it's gorgeous it's beautiful and obviously neutral it'll go with a bunch of different decor okay this next item I'm so so so so excited to share with you all it is the rocker mama it says miracle in motion it comes in this really nice like duster bag to keep it nice and clean I am posted about this on my stories I don't know I want to say like maybe like a month ago two months ago and I asked you all on instagram has anyone tried this have you all seen this what are your thoughts and everyone messaged me back and was like girl what is that I've never seen that in my life tell us what it is are you buying it do a review so I knew I had to reach out to them to try this product so basically what it is is this rocker so it looks like this it's this beautiful white color you know my aesthetic like I feel like this just fits perfect with me but they do have other colors they have a lot of other neutral wines they have a beautiful red one with the holidays coming up sort of it's the holidays coming up I feel like it's kind of creeping up right so what you can do is you just put this behind you so here I'm gonna try to like demonstrate it it's kind of like pointless for me to do it on this rocker cuz it already rocks but you can put this rocker on the back of any chair any couch your bed if you're like sitting on the floor you can put it up against a wall any firm surface that doesn't already like recline back in any way you can be turned into a rock or you guys because it's folded like this you're resting on this side you push it back and it turns into a rocker like is that not genius I thought this whole concept was genius and yeah so it looks like this you put your back obviously on this side and it can move back this is so genius in the middle of the night when you're feeding your baby or you can't get them to calm down you're trying to soothe them but you're also tired this is really gonna come in handy I will have all of rocker Mama's information in the description but this is what it looks like like how cool is that you guys literally okay you guys let's get into some clothes and then we'll move on to some other like random accessory type things so moving on to clothes you guys I mean I'm gonna be biased but I think that she's gonna have the cutest wardrobe literally ever so the first thing that I purchased from TJ Maxx so I don't know if I'm gonna be able to link it is this beautiful little like one-piece romper outfit I absolutely love it it's so cute it has like a little ice cream cone three little scoops of pink ice cream I think it's just adorable I love the ruffles on the front okay the next thing is another timeless outfit that I got from TJ Maxx it is this little dress in this kind of like minty what color is this like mint right it's like mint sky blue it has pearls up at the top a little bow all this like lace detailing and look at the back like splits and it has this little white bow and I think it's just so cute it has matching bloomers and bows on the little legs like can't you just imagine little tights underneath here with like little church shoes and then going to church with this little outfit I know it's technically like a springtime vibe but I plan on dressing her up in this I don't care I think it's so cute okay speaking of tights I got her two pairs of tights just to start off cuz I don't know like what size she's gonna be and we're not gonna be going to many places in the beginning so I got her a pair of white tights and then this like I know the name of this color pregnancy brain will let me think of it you guys know what I'm talking about oatmeal that's what it is it's like this oatmeal shade and I absolutely love these two I think they're gonna go with a lot of different dresses that I have for her okay speaking of cream and oatmeal so that is like my aesthetic so I got her this little romper you all are not gonna believe where I got this I'll have it linked down below are not romper like little onesie like tank top onesie I figured I could put like a little cardigan on top of her maybe even like the tights underneath and just dress her up like a little doll and I just think it's really really cute okay and speaking of cardigans I have this like blush cardigan for her I love that it's like knit I love love love love that it has these little ears little animal ears I think it's so cute RG had this exact one but in gray so I knew I had to get one for baby girl and I think it's just so cute and then I got a little sleeper really cute soft blush paint with white little dots really simple I feel like when they're like sleeping especially in the beginning they sleep all the time so I want her to just be like comfortable and like it breathable and then I also got this one it's white and it has um pink clouds white clouds and little white bunnies and I think this one is so so sweet and I love that you can roll the hands in I don't know the exact term of this but I just call it the little things where you roll two hands so they can't scratch themselves okay I wanted to share with you all a couple of bows that I've purchased for baby girl so I have bought bows from Amazon I've purchased some bows from TJ Maxx Target and Nordstrom and by far my favorite I mean I haven't put them on her obviously so I don't know which are gonna be my favorite but as of right now for like the look of what I'm going for these ones from Lulu and company are so cute oh my gosh I can't I literally can't it like makes me emotional every time I look at these bows which I know sounds dramatic but if you get me you get me so the first one is this like mustard color I feel like this is gonna look beautiful on her skin tone like I just just think it's so you and because I buy a lot of like neutral clothes for her I feel like the bows can be like a little pop of color like something fun to add then I have this tank shade right here so cute and then of course you know me know me you know I had to get the cheetah little pop of fun it gets so cute okay so those are all the clothes that I recently purchased for a baby girl now I want to move on to something random I asked you all on Instagram you definitely need to follow me on Instagram cuz I asked you all so many questions I feel like I'm always asking okay what video shows number what do you all want to see you're like have you all tried this have you heard of this so this is another one that I asked you all have you heard of it what do you think and literally everyone who got back to me said they loved it or they were like let me know because I want to purchase it too so I got this Polaroid mobile phone printer and it's not what it's called at all its Polaroid mobile photo printer okay I'm kind of disappointed it's hard to tell on camera but it came a little dirty which I mean I guess it's not that big of a deal there's like a rip at the bottom so that's kind of my first impression but I have not tried this yet I just purchased it I heard great things about it there were a ton of reviews online and yeah so basically it's a printer a picture of a photo printer at home you just download an app and then you send it to this printer and you can print off pictures I think this is gonna come in handy for her baby book I plan on obviously taking tons of pictures of her I mean hello and then putting them in her baby book just like I did or RG but 4rg I had to go literally every month to Walgreens then I would pick them up and they'd be dark and blurry I would try to print them on like my big printer buy the paper like it just didn't look good on like regular paper and I didn't want to buy like all that printer paper I'm like no forget it I'll just go to Walgreens and make sure when I take his picture it's like bright I was struggling basically I was struggling so I wanted to try something different printing it off at home and then taping it right in the book and calling it a day so I got the actual printer and I got the printer paper and I also got a little like case for the printer so it's gonna like fit in here so cute thick roast gold like shimmery color you know how Amazon is they'll be like buy all three of these things they're like suggested purchases with this product then there's like three other items I always that's how they get me I always get suckered in and I'm like okay fine I'll just get all three of these since it like comes in a package okay sticking with the printer theme I guess I got this clean touch ink pad it's for baby's foot pray I wanted to bring my own just in case it's no mess I don't know if they're gonna do the foot print for her baby book or if they just do the foot print for like the little certificate and everything that you get at the hospital so just in case they're like oh no we don't do it on your baby books I got back up I'm prepared I'm getting my foot prints so I obviously have three of them I just wanted backup just in case I messed it up cuz I've never done this before so yeah apparently you put the paper behind it you put their foot on it and they don't have the ink on their foot so yeah I got these they were really inexpensive and I'll have everything linked down below okay moving on to something that I probably did not need but I had to have and it is Bert clubs I have all these Bert clubs you all hold on sick but you guys I know I know I'm extra I can't be stopped so anyway these burp cloths are from copper and pearl and they're absolutely beautiful I've seen so many people on Instagram talk about their company and show a bunch of different things they have on their website and I feel like it's just definitely one of those like trendy Instagram boutiques that you have to know about but I plan on just keeping these in different areas of the house obviously just in case I need them they're so thick like they're so well made do you need like fancy burp cloths no because you're just gonna be like wiping a baby spit-up but if you're extra girl yes get these okay and then when I was on the website it obviously not stop with just a burp cloth I had to get a little blanket I limited myself to only one because I have so many swaddles so many blankets for her like I need to I need to reel with it so I just got this one with the peaches on it and I think it's just so so sweet I don't know we're in the south so I thought the peach one would just be perfect for us and yeah I just really really like it it's that stretchy bouncy material just knocked over everything it's that stretchy bouncy material you can swaddle them up in you can just drape this on them in their car seat you just like keep this in your diaper bag and then like if they're at the doctor's because you know they have to weigh them when they just have a diaper on and sometimes they get cold like waiting on the doctor so I like to have a blanket with me at all times like in every room and yeah this one is just really really nice all right you guys so that is pretty much it that is everything that I purchased for baby girl that kind of fits into the category of like accessories a little bit of clothes a little bit of random things a little bit of things that I'm excited to try and yeah I really hope you all enjoyed it if you like this type of haul where it wasn't just clothes but it was just like other things added in for baby girl as well let me know in the comments definitely make sure you subscribe hit that Bell notification so you never miss upload and we will see you all in the next video thank you so much for watching bye guys


  1. Amazon really does know how to get you with those suggestions! I'm glad I'm not the only one falling for the hustle😂 Loved the haul!

  2. Loved this video. Very needed. Please consider doing belly shots at the end of videos like this. We love Preggo belly shots.

  3. Hey Cara hi 👋🏽 😍
    I’m so excited for you and your family yess please !!!!! be very extra 😁😁 we the video family are loving it all you bring us such terrific beautiful baby stuffs thanks for all that extra excitement can’t wait to meet her to …. she’s going to be a diva baby girl with all her extra Ness Fashions it’s wonderful to see you so very happy for her arrival say hey to rob and RJ I really like the mama rocker and the beautiful burping cloths all was nice to my granddaughter will arrive in September so excited over here as well preparing and Anticipating her arrival doing the most over here and we had and baby name reveal so much fun watching you is very exciting keep us in the loop must have all that for new baby granddaughter ….!!! yes please see you in the next upcoming video hugs and 🤗 hugs 🤗

  4. You are hilarious! “If you are extra girl yes!!!” I love it! I am expecting baby number #2. I have a two year old son. You say you won’t be extra for baby #2 but if it’s a girl, I’ll be extra!!! Lol

  5. You have such an uplifting personality! I love watching your videos just to boost my day. I’m 17wks along and have been binging all of your videos lately. Keep glowin Mamma 💕

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