Baby Born Surprise Full Box ! Toys and Dolls Pretend Play for Kids | SWTAD

Baby Born Surprise Full Box ! Toys and Dolls Pretend Play for Kids | SWTAD

SWTAD Kids video. Family fun playtime opening Baby Born Surprise. We also open Hairdorables pets. ❤️❤️ TO SEE ALL MY TOYS & DOLLS VIDEOS click on or use #swtad ❤️❤️ Thanks for watching #swtadkids #swtadbabies

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hi friends welcome to my channel SW tag kids wait W Tod don't start yet Oh mrs. stork let me help you I'm okay I'm okay don't worry about ad SW Tod I'm sorry mrs. stork I solved these baby born surprise packs and I thought we were ready to begin oh no no no no SW tad here let me show you something look they're spaced here because we're missing a baby alright we're ready now now you have the full box oh how rude of me I didn't notice that our beautiful and amazing friends from SW tad kids are here excuse me friends let's try that again hello everyone how are you guys doing it's so nice to see all of you mrs. stork I have to tell you my friends from Soh had kids are always sending you greetings oh how nice of them it's an honor to see you guys but I have to go now because I have more babies to deliver goodbye boys and girls last time I asked if you guys wanted more baby born surprise and you said yes so I got so excited after reading your comments that I got a full box I hope that we can get all 12 of the babies that come in the set and also bonus bonus photos I also got these hair durables pets that just came out but first things first I want to open the babies to see how many girls and how many boys we get and to see if we get all of them because last time we got the flower the green pea and the ice cream we got Jaime we got Skylar and we got Riley ready to open the first baby but before we open the first baby I'm going to prepare a nursery for them the bottom floor will be the boys room we'll decorate it with some baby wallpaper and we'll put some cribs down here two more over here and the second floor will be for the girls and on the top floor I'll put these high chairs so we can feed them and now that the nursery is ready nothing can hold us back let's see who's the first baby we're going to get today oh it's the flower we got this one yesterday friends we have a twin for Skylar but let's confirm it and reveal the color of the eyes they're purple the same color that Skylar had friends what do we do in this case because here on the paper it says if the baby has dark brown hair and purple eyes then her name is Skylar but we already have a baby named Skylar so I'm not going to fill out the birth certificate yet because I know you guys always have terrific ideas so I'm going to need you guys to help me out in the comments what should we do should we name it Skylar like the other one or should we name it something else let's see if all of the Skylar's are girls and it is a girl even though she's a duplicate we still have to give her her milk and just like we saw in yesterday's video when we give them their milk she goes peepee and when she goes peepee her diaper changes color and a pattern appears in this case they're bees that means that her favorite food is watermelon boys and girls for now I'll call her Skylar until we decide what to do about the duplicates so Skylar will be put here in the first crib and we'll use the stork bag as a comforter next baby is it gonna be a girl a boy will it be one that we don't have yet untie the bow open up the bag and now we'll prepare to meet the baby which is another duplicate we got this one last time as well oh how funny we're getting the same ones let's see if he's Riley as well we're going to very carefully reveal his eyes with this paper towel the eyes are a hazel color just like the baby we got last time and let's confirm it it says if the baby has light brown hair with hazel eyes his name is Riley we'll put away this baby's birth certificate as well until we decide if we'll name him Riley or another name relax baby here's your bottle whoo Riley is so hungry he's drinking his milk superfast and just as quickly as he drank his milk he wet his diaper some carrots appeared and the paper says if carrots appeared then his favorite food is carrots yay we got a girl for the girl's room first and now we have a boy for the boy's room and we'll go back to open another baby will it have brown eyes green eyes blue eyes that's what we're going to figure out right about now and it's could it be a bear we will put it in its temporary crib for now that way we can verify what type of blanket is confirmed the blanket is in the shape of a bear and very carefully we're going to wake up the baby so we can find out her name I'm pretty sure it's a girl because I can see that she's wearing a cute little bow boys and girls revealing the eye color can only be done one time because the eyes are covered with some sort of paint and when we wipe it off with the wet paper towel we can't put it back she's blond with blue eyes her name is Payton I'm pretty sure she's a girl but let's confirm it with the bottle because that's how we know for sure if it's a boy or a girl and indeed it is a girl now it's time to give her her milk some hearts appeared and hearts mean that her favorite food is strawberry and since we haven't gotten this baby then we're going to fill out her birth certificate she came in with a bear blanket so that means that she was born in December how about we say that she was born on Christmas Day I'm going to wrap her up nice and warm and then put her in her crib friends we're going to pause really quick on the baby born surprise openings we're going to pause so we can open our first hair durables pet oh it says here that there's 24 pets for us to collect and each of them have eight surprises let's take a quick look at the box who could it be oh look at their room they can take a bath or relax here and they can get their hair cut or brushed here we have Lucky lemon twirling tango twisted toffee primary Picasso curious comet musical melody Jet Set journey pepe piper zany zip glimmer gemma happy Harlow and spectacular Sarah surprise number one it has stickers to decorate the hair and a plate of course a super basic needs so we can feed the pet number two a hairbrush of course basic things that we need for a pet guys Oh a hair comb that looks like a tiara stop helpin me laughs well good news we already opened everything else so now we can open the pet will it be a dog will it be a cat will it be a bunny what will it be and our first pet is melody and it says her best friend is harmony but we don't have harmony yet so we're going to need to take good care of melody until we get harmony for now I'll put on her tiara so she can feel right at home friends we still have two more pets but we're going to open them later because I want to get back to opening baby born surprise we still need eight more to complete the set and let's see the next baby dun dun we don't have it yet it's the mermaid blanket it's shiny just like a mermaid tail temporary crib because we're going to see if we got a boy or a girl and it's a girl and she's fast asleep and I'm really sorry but we have to wake her up because we have to be able to identify her and see what her name is so I'm going to uncover her eyes really quickly oh I can already see her face it's this one I think she has light brown hair let's see light brown hair with blue eyes her name is Sawyer it's time to eat Sawyer Oh Sawyer's hungry whoo let's see what appeared on her diaper some shells and here it says that her favorite food is pineapple and since we haven't gotten Sawyer yet we'll fill out her birth certificate the mermaid is here in November and since she's number 4 we'll say she was born November 4th oh the girls room is starting to get full really quickly I love the presentation of these babies wrapped in the storks bag it's so cute we don't have any gay it comes in this butterfly blanket and it's a girl we're going to find out what her name is immediately and we'll wake her up oh she has super pretty eyes and I found her it's this one right here her name is Addison how are you Addison I bet you're hungry let's give her her bottle and some hearts appear just like Peyton's that means her favorite food is strawberry as well now we just have to figure out what month she was born in now we just have to figure out what month she was born in her blanket is the butterflies so she was born in March Addison was born in March we'll say she was born on the 8th girls good news it's another girl for the nursery how about we call her Addie another baby another baby we've only gotten one boy so far oh we haven't gotten this one yet it's a chick or is it actually a duck I think it is a duck let's see if the girls keep winning or if we'll get to add another boy for the nursery it's another girl what color eyes do you think she has brown blue green it's a little hard to decide let's see if we find her face and it'll point us on the right track well if her hair is light brown and her eyes are brown no it couldn't be Riley or maybe Riley actually has green eyes friends I'm so confused could it be that this baby is actually Jamie but that can't be because this is Jamie and you can clearly see that her eyes are green unless this baby is blonde I think she is blonde then her name is Quinn how confusing what we do know for sure is that she was born in January we have Quinn who was born in January and will say that she was born on the 23rd of January poor Quinn I was forgetting to give her her milk and some bananas appear on her diaper that means that her favorite food is bananas how about we open another hair dorable pet let's see if it has a different background or if it's always the same it could mean that this is a duplicate and maybe we'll get a different one next time so we won't confirm that it's always the same background yet the accessories are hair accessories and some apples oh I feel like it could be a horse next drummer it's a sticker and also a brush to call them and a horseshoe that's another clue that it is a horse we're ready to meet the pet confirmed it is a horse and its name is Harlow we'll put it in its luxurious house and we'll put these apples here in case it gets hungry I forgot to mark off last time that we got melody with brown fur and now we got Harlow with the green apples we'll continue with the baby born surprise babies boys and girls we have a little problem and it is that we only have six babies left oh we still need to get five that means that we can't get any more duplicates well we can only get one more and that's it oh no here's the duplicate and now friends if we get another duplicate that means we're not going to be able to complete the collection of the twelve babies I hope it's the unicorn I hope it's the unicorn let's see who it is it's the bumblebee yay we don't have it yet awesome is it a girl or is it a boy it's a girl and now it's time to wake her up let's see what color her hair is she's blond oh she's a queen bee what color are her eyes they are done better done green now we have enough information to identify her and it's the face that is right here she's blonde and has green eyes her name is Harper oh that's one of my favorite names we'll cut out the birth certificate because we're going to see when she was born it says if it's Abby she was born in July then Harper was born in July we'll make her a very patriotic baby and say that she was born on the 4th of July independence day here in America let's see what appears on her diaper bees also of course her blanket is a bee so it had to be bees that means her favorite food is the same as Skylar's yay we got heartburn and now it's time to open another hair durables pet mystery solved the backgrounds aren't all the same we just happened to get a duplicate background last time number one numero uno decorations a brush and a hat number two numero dos we have a sticker and the plate and now it's time to see the pet and it is a doggy how cute friends I have to admit that my favorite kind of pet is a dog I love them I think they're super sweet her name is Pepe Piper and we got the one that has a white hat and now we only have three babies left and we still need to get four time to do our math calculations friends if we need four and we have three what does that mean that means we're going to be missing one for sure and that's if we don't get any more duplicates otherwise we'll be missing more oh no we got another duplicate the good thing is now we have another boy bad news is that we're going to be missing at least two babies and the worst part is we haven't gotten the Unicorn yet but I'm going to say optimistic because we have two chances to get the Unicorn so let's remain positive and we don't have this one yeah it's a poodle at least I think it looks like the poodle I'm going to compare it to the paper confirmed it is the baby in the poodle blanket could it be a boy or a girl it is a girl wahoo girl power girl power let's see what her name is she's blonde and let's see what color her eyes are [Applause] they're blue so let's see if we can identify the face it's this one friends we have a little confusion here I think the light brown hair is actually this baby so this is Sawyer and the baby that I thought was Sawyer is actually Jordan these names can be a little confusing and some purple grapes appear that means that her favorite food is the same as Jamie's which are grapes so Sawyer is actually the baby that stressed as a poodle and she was born in February and will say she was born on Valentine's Day oh my favorite holiday because I love heart shapes we only have one more baby let it be the unicorn let it be the unicorn this is our last chance will it be the unicorn or not it's not it's another duplicate and we're still missing the hot dog the unicorn and the bunny [Applause]

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