Attempting a James Charles x Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Attempting a James Charles x Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup Tutorial


OOOO GIRL, I don’t know why I do this to myself again and again LOL. Someone plz just yell at me and tell me makeup is never gonna happen HAHA. Anyways, had a ton of fun (outside of the stress) giving this sister james look my best shot!
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hey guys it's Lauren and welcome back to my channel so because Halloween is only a few days away I'm so so I feel like you guys know it's about me but by time the Halloween series is done for my own costume I really just enjoy being something super super basic so stay tuned on my Instagram to see what basic 2019 costume Jeremy and I are doing it's like probably the most basic one I've ever done but I made a ton of cute cautions for you guys and I can't wait to see your photos so make sure to tweet me or tag me on instagram if you do any of the costumes from the how their wean series there's three full episodes in the series so I'll leave those all linked down below and like I was so on the fence on if I should do another DIY costume for this weekend but I figure it might be more entertaining to put myself through the ringer I don't know why I do this every year and try a James Charles Halloween makeup tutorial we did this last year and I did this like crazy concealer melted drip wax face situation you guys really enjoyed that so maybe this will just be a thing we do every year where we attempt a sister James makeup tutorials the video I'm going to be following today is actually the clap he did when Kylie Jenner launched her makeup palette last year which I don't have so I just have every palette that I basically own out in front of me to try to make up the colors that I don't specifically have as you guys know I say this every makeup video DIY does not translate over to makeup and I don't know why I would love more than anything to be makeup talented but it's just something that I don't know can I glue things together yes can i freehand paint yes can I cut things out in a straight line yes can I put eyeshadow on my own face No so anyways uh buckle up this is probably gonna be super entertaining I've watched the tutorial a few times so I like kind of have an idea what I'm doing but like I don't I really just don't let's be honest I just never do it when it's making videos I don't know why I keep doing this to myself I feel like makeup would just be so much easier if I only had to do one eye then there's not like a matching component to everything this is a scary color no no blue never use which I should share was first everything so stressful okay and I feel like I should have prime my eyelid again please stand by while I open up all my 14 makeup palettes okay orange pink color Angie actually maybe yeah there we go okay here we go so this whole situation with like not having to Kylie palette is really killing me mostly because they're chatting a lot of the video so James doesn't walk through exactly what kind of shade he's using so not only do I not know what I'm doing I don't know that killer I'm using so it looks like a Bernie almost purpley brown color on the outer corner and then he goes in with like a gold cut crease with some like purple on the lash line so these are close I've never used before I can't wait to see how bruised I look busted and bruised James thing is like hot and fresh whatever used to be mine's busted and bruised Wow dare I say that doesn't look the worst okay next up who's good fun fact we just learned that Matt is partially colorblind because all these colors like the same came in the palette these look the same no not exactly these two look the same that's why they put the white around it so they look different is that why yeah those are different colors here we go my eyelids are more wrinkly than people's eyelids are supposed to be I think why that's so wrinkly okay yeah I'm 26 but why do my eyelids feel 85 oh this doesn't look the worst I just saw myself guys in the viewfinder and I was like not breathing honestly on a busted – Bruce scale 10 being the most busted I would say I'm only sitting at a 3 or 4 also this next step happens so subtly that like if you weren't watching exactly what he's doing which I'm sure most of you guys are because you know we're so good at makeup he likes squirts his brush I feel like that was maybe too much so what's it was something that is probably not water but it looks like water to me so we're gonna go with that to like pack on the glitter oh this nice size this is one of the products that I've sat in my makeup drawer for so long so I've been too scared to use it yeah okay turn ICU wow so shimmery Wow Wow okay left guy looking a little stronger than right eye but it's okay okay so purple is another one of those scary colors that I like just don't use because scary okay here we go here we go this is lashline oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god mm-hmm it's it my ball it's in my balls busted in bruges levels quickly increasing okay I need a bus I need a plane I know what brush to use this is all so overwhelming I feel like I have like a part of I look they just like doesn't accept color feel like that probably is just absolutely an excuse for me not being good at makeup that's how it feels please let me know if anyone else experiences this hmm know what kinda looks like I don't know where to go from here okay so eyes are done this ended up being a much heavier look than Kylie has on but you know what it's really good for me if I'm being honest for like the rest of the makeup world it's like a – but for me this is like an 8.5 I'd say so I'm just going to some highlighter on the brow bone and then I am ready to restore this get reduced pull which is the face highlighter but my nose be looking plastic that ish is shiny [Applause] my god okay here we go the first swoop is like wow this is a really good eyeliner in white wow this is like she opaque is so scary okay let's start the teeth also I feel like I've dyed this thing with massive not amounts of foundation started off as a great product is slowly turning into mac and c30 currently okay here we go teeth okay okay and maybe we just try the other one how many teeth do we have I have a really small mouth so I have for less than everyone else well how many units for tonight yeah okay I got two less here in here I gots my mouth is this a bad joke for me to be like I'm starving I'm so hungry not bad though I have teeth on my face okay so next I think I have to start adding black with like eyeliner and the whole thing where things start getting is kind of scary I always say this every time do victorial I know things could go very very wrong at any moment but I feel like I did the hardest part already but like obviously I'm not gonna put it past me to like mess this up big time yo showed up Kat Von D a locket concealer is freaking next level okay so I look terrifying uh and also we had a quick Renault lebar right because I was starving and I was like also upon listening to the video a little closer it's setting spray that were just like dusting the brush with and also I don't have this whole X on my ex I shadow so I'm just gonna use straight up black and just paint in the rest of it I have like a dual chrome purple to add on top of the highlight but this is just gonna have to be like good old black eyeshadow also I just feel as if there should never be this much eyeliner on your face so can't wait for the massive breakout that will be upon me after this video I'm so scary I'm afraid of so scary this is currently the situation hey yo guys also I feel like I accidentally made my face a little skin here because I went not all the way down to my jaw I'm like kind of here for this face shape okay so I'm gonna go in and like do an iridescent dusting of like the duochrome oh it's like very a la Shane Dawson like very like alien shifty alien cheekbones is that you oh my guys want to put it everywhere I don't even want to just like put it on one spot I want to put it everywhere oh no I Louise would be like and we're done we're done you I literally hate watching my mouth move so much okay well uh okay now what do I do with my face I [Laughter] look nuts also guys look at the funny faces that I can make when I move my face with my teeth on the outside of my face ready so that's fun let me know how you guys think I did if I improve from last year I've definitely done more makeup in the past year then I had the previous year so let me know if you guys think I improved a little bit since last Halloween I hope you guys enjoyed watching me struggle through this you know what I think it came together on the busted and bruise scale of me being terrible at makeup so for like general makeup artists it's better like a – oh yeah like a – unlike the real makeup artist skill but like on my scale I think I might stick with an 8.5 I don't think it's not that it's kind of bothered me a little bit that I wasn't able to match my lower lashline purple down to this purple because purple plus black down here just like didn't equal the same color but I mean it's okay we did it we here we look crazy it's like 2:00 in the afternoon right now like I don't really know what I'm gonna do now aside from like maybe make a tick-tock and then use 16 makeup wipes to get this off my face and then probably do a face mask and then really really moisturize my skin how does special effects makeup people do they were even just makeup people in general like always I have so much respect for you guys this is crazy but I did have a lot of fun just like playing with all this makeup and like actually finally using the palettes diet you know like sister James has given me this is a zoella one this is a BH medic Swan I had so much fun playing with the makeup that I'm always too scared to touch so let me know if there's any other makeup looks you want me to attempt and struggle through for your entertainment because I do actually have fun doing this I feel like there's a general pattern where it like goes bad bad bad bad bad and then it it kind of goes back up and then we plateau at like a very mediocre level after that but it's okay one day I will get better also why does that my hand look like this I feel like I didn't even realize how bad it is until right now I love this abstract art for me on my hand anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it if you haven't seen the other three episodes of Halloween I'll have those like the down bar below all my socials will also be in the down bar along with my merch store let me know in the comments how you think I did and what you're gonna be for Halloween this year again can't wait to be my super basic costume hope you guys enjoyed it I will see you guys on Wednesday for a believe on instead of another Sunday oh wow okay bye guys love you yeah you know what

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